Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 31, 2015

After a hiatus, I was ready to go back to patrolling.  Halloween has always been my test start for being an Real Life Super Hero, from rookie to today.  This was the first I did in Boston.  It was a shaky start as the train had problems at some stops, so I had to take a shuttle bus.  Fortunately with a cornucopia of costumes (no pun intended) I managed to fit in.  As I got off it was like one huge trick or treat for adults,as I saw costumes all over.  It started with a couple getting into an argument, but I dismissed it as drunk & sober mixture.  As I crossed it was easy to interact.  I kept my focus through-out the work.  I wanted to go to a certain section, but with the pub crawls going on, discretion had to be the better part of valor.  A weird moment came when a guy dressed like a security guard from the Walking Dead, which almost looked like he was already a zombie being drunk approached me to ask questions.  I was cautious.  Fortunately, unlike "The Injury," there was a sober best friend & plenty of witnesses.  I soon saw a homeless guy holding the doors for everyone.  it was late & I had one more granola bar to use.  I decided to give it to hik anyway, since he needed it more than I do.  He was very thankful, but I had to leave soon.  The later it got the more high-risk it was be for lack of focus.  As I head for the train station, I noticed a beggar selling a Wal-Mart give card.  I saw two men in costumes, one in a kilt, have a devious thought.  I stayed & watched.  There was no action so I moved on.  As I was in the station, as the conductor called me sir, I said he deserved the honor more than me because he worked at tat job at night on holiday when he could be asleep, having fun, or be with his family.  He said that someone understood him, & I felt proud of myself.  I won't give the last part due to if it is still ongoing.  But all I can say is when there was suspicious activity, I did report it.  A fantastic patrol!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15, 2015

Not much on this patrol.  I was trying a new area, but noticed a huge presence with security after the recent crimes in Boston.  As much as I tried to compensate, I didn't want to get into too much risk.  I was also trying new head gear used by athletes.  After that my head felt waxed.  Something for future consideration thou.  A huge advancement was as that I covered much more of an area as well as knowing how many roads I could travel.  A huge laugh came when I saw a lady wearing a hat & scarf you would see from the granny of the old Combat Zone.  As much as I tried, I had to cut it short.  But facing myself under pressure & surmounting to it shows huge promise in future patrols, & shows that I have my head in the game.

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 2, 2015

As I was feeling draining I was pondering whether to grab something.  Worried I would basically get unwanted attention.  I went to the same stand that was near where I saved a life.  I grabbed an apple and gave the man an extra dollar.  He kept calling me sir & I replied, "I am no sir, you are more sir than I.  Call me friend."  The apple was the best apple I ever had in a while.  Generosity always makes food better.  I was going to do a certain section, but there was a festival.  Once again, I backtracked to avoid unwanted attention.  I noticed a lot of new areas, as I was getting more and more acquainted As I crossed an area, I heard some Hispanic kids walking around going in my direction.  They crossed the street, and IU as I saw the passing car I screamed "Vamanos!"   As I crossed section & the park, I heard a town play.  I passed on the back side.  I heard some kids acting fresh so all I did was walked across them,  No trouble.  As I went back, and this is important.  Always be as if the whole area is under your protection.  I noticed a man with two bags.  He slipped inside his jacket like Napoleon.  So I made the ultimate chess match.  I kept my on him, knowing any move too soon could cause bigger legal problems.  I noticed his body language.  I even saw him leave the bag  my eyes were fixed. Getting a description and setting a plan, if he left the bag as he got off.  One was jumping as I got off the final stop and tell an officer, I don't have the expertise in possible bomb disposal.  He got off with the bag at another stop & I felt sure victory.  Always act as if you are always on patrol.

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 12, 2015

To define heroism nowadays feels like the ultimate taboo.  Nobody wants to be called a hero, but when they're on the 6 o'clock news, they just have the press say it for them.  Even things like calling 911 or asking people to jump out a window of a burning building instead of going inside makes it look heroic.  One is the norm & the other is from the Jackass Manual of Heroism.  As for me, I am proud to be a real life super hero, an RLSH, but that goes to name only.  For me, I look at myself as a public servant, the kind that doesn't get paid.  A hero, yes that's what I do, but don't expect me to want giant statues.  If we do it for every hero, all it would is a planet of stone.  In other words, anyone can be a hero, they just got to have the heart to do it. Tonight I patrolled Boston for the second time.  Same area, but covering some of the Back Bay as well.  Covering new areas always has a magic to it, like a child going to DIsneyland for the first time.  I know I'm going to get a lot of gruff from some of the other RLSH, but I happy with outlay of my uniform.  Known that I'm seen as dangerous keeps me honest & humble, which makes me keep focus & never have myself corrupted.  I was able to cross some risky territory, & feel no ill wills at it.  Then as I was rounding up, I crossed a fruit stand that was open at night, & there was a homeless man holding a trash bag wearing those modern earphones.  I noticed a tractor trailer coming in.  Of course it was the corner, but at the speed it was going, even slow, no action would've hit the man, probably fatally.  In my patrols, I kept solemn but focused, not talking to anyone, concentrating on my work.  But then all I did was jumped grabbed his arm to move him out of the way.  He resisted, which is a natural action, but I also pointed why I did it.  Even when I explained to him afterward, he said thank you and shaken my hand.  My first life saved as Basilisk, no big deal.
Now I know I'm putting this in my blog & you're asking isn't doing this showing that you think it's a big deal.  That's not the reason I'm doing this blog.  This is supposed to be a teacher, a way to teach others looking at this work as unique perspective & how to be in certain situations./  Actually, it really is no big deal.  Anybody can do it, or at least should.  I think basically it takes hero to show that taking an extra step shows that people should care, rather than taking a picture of a person drowning & send it to the police.  If we need to show love, we have to prove we can love.

Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015

I was back at Plymouth patrolling, perhaps for the last week-end.  Not much happened.  As I walked past the park again, it felt like a parade.  The only thing noticeable was picking up a discarded can in the garbage, & fixing a "No Parking" sign.  But as I passed & let others go by, not all were receptive.  Actually, only one group.  I cut early to prevent suspicion.  A quiet patrol, but very heartfelt.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 13, 2015

This was my first scheduled Boston patrol.  So to make this as broad as possible, I looked into the center of the city.  I meditated along the way, so I wouldn't be so nervous.  As I was walking I noticed that even thou the tempo was up, as well as my focus.  I soon felt comfortable in the area.  I managed to get down streets I never suspected I'd go.  I was well coordinated with m bearings.  Nobody flinched when they saw me, which makes my work easier.  As I went back, I noticed a man, resembling that of Ron Pearlman of Hellboy fame, who was wearing new florescent sneakers that look like the colors of professional football team the Denver Broncos.  He was wandering aimlessly on the train.  I couldn't confront him, because that would be make things worse because all was based on  suspicion.  A citizen's arrest wasn't possible because even thou it was suspicious, there was no witness of a crime.  911 would be a waste of time as well, since all it would look like was needless worrying.  I focused my eyes, but not looking at him directly, because he changed his shirt mid-way, showing a campfire tattoo on his left bicep.   A couple soon talked to this guy.  Which comforted me a little bit, until the man in the group left for a stop, leaving the lady with this guy.  I hoped they would get off at different stops, as they continued to talk seemingly knowing each other but yet a little green.  They get off at the same stop as well as another witness, in which I pray that this whole thing is really nothing but circumstance.  Other than that, a great patrol for future times.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

I did a shortened fill-up patrol to cover the other half I missed last night.  I was much more focused than last time.  As I passed a karaoke-lip-sync battle at the sports bar.  Something I might want to try in the future.  I noticed a conversation, as it turned out it was a bunch of kids hanging out.  As I walked down a path, a couple of girls was going for a run in fun, & stated that they were going to be pooped when climbing the stairs.  As I let them passed, they asked what I was doing with sunglasses on?  I said I was at work, & moved on.  I managed to cross much soon.  As I went for the second half I noticed a hooded man walking & swearing.  The minute he spotted me, he apologized.  Another sign of respect.  I was going to the park, I heard sirens.  SAo I re-routed back.  As I went back, listening to "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra, I noticed some screams.  I walked towards the danger, but as I saw nothing I heard, I went back.  Another sign of progress, by being alert to the situation.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6, 2015

Not much happened on tonight's patrol.  As I walked down a street, I noticed three young men in black shirts walking down a sidewalk (I know.  I should talk.)  As it turned out they were just heading home. As I was walking I noticed some kids, knowing its graduation weekend, one of them jumping foolishly like he was high.  I was lucky I didn't say anything either way, because knowing that situation it could get especially worse.  The rest was relatively quiet.  Daydreaming while patrolling can mean two things, it's getting way too easy & I'm getting reckless.  Something I have to focus on.  Had to end the patrol early.

Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015

I tried a couple of new techniques with my uniform.  For my feet, I put socks inside my boots & under my feet for some cheap comfort (still needs work).  As well, I had one glove that was my padded glove and another that was the glove I come use with handheld devices on either hand.  At least they are the same color.  I meet a lady that I met since the first time I patrolled since Supermom's passing.  She was glad to see me, & asked why I had the cane.  I told her it was for protection & anything else would look foolish.  She saw my article in Wicked Local & was impressed.  What's better, even much more than pronouncing my name right, she's no longer homeless!!!  She has a place to live with her family & a job.  That was welcome news with a fist bump.  As I walked, I noticed a man walking with his T-shirt covering his mouth as I passed a couple.  I stopped & looked at the man with a glance.  He crossed the street away from the couple.  I was able top use diversions to show that I wasn't a threat to slow me down.  A funny moment came when walked by a house & the sprinklers went off automatically.  I didn't get wet, but that was a laugh.  I managed to do a second look when I saw a car with the engine running near a closed business with no lights around.  By the time I came back it was gone.  Probably a coincidence.  As well, as I passed a bar, a big man who looked at me just walked out of my way.  It felt l like it was a sign of respect.  If I use it as confidence but don't let it go to my head, it'll boost my self-esteem in the long run.  I did the longer route again.  It felt more at home this time.  As I passed an area I heard a long bang.  I turned to investigate but saw nothing suspicious, so I moved on.  One way I check was the two probable eyewitnesses at a nearby restaurant not flinching.  I managed to make a new route back which'll help in the long run.
It was a huge boost to my work tonight.  Still need to work out a few kinks, so I don't stand out as just a hood ornament.  But otherwise, I am finally earning my name.  Next, my title.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30, 2015

It was my first patrol in the hot weather and I was psyched.  I noticed some lights up by the street.  I knew a route to go around and investigate.  When I asked witnesses, they responded with that it was a medical issue.  The reason for the concern was there was an event I found out earlier in the day.  Next, I walked by & I managed to get more comfortable with my surroundings & my own skin.  I managed to get more of my toes in the park area.  I made a mistake of run with my cane in the down position, but it was due to not scare someone next to me.  Irony.  As well, i noticed some bicycles up by a liquor store parked as if they were cars.  i crossed to investigate.  i turned out it was some kids with an iPod, nothing to investigate further.  As I crossed, a rottweiler came up & jumped at the fence near the same sidewalk I was at.  i jumped but remained calm.  Fortunately, the owners came and control the dog; me, I was just embarrassed.  Especially when the three kids from earlier came up again on their bicycles.  i managed to talk to the fellow citizens.  I am getting better.,  i noticed a traffic stop, but it turned out to be for a down headlight.  Nothing so far.  I also noticed a gathering upon by a business.  Nothing to hold much to, especially when I don't want to jump to conclusions if I was wrong.  I maybe getting comfortable, but I am not crazy.  But I am getting better at this fast.  Only a matter of time.

May 29, 2015

As I started I noticed a lady who was taking out the trash.  I decided to help her.  First, I held the trash can steady.  But as I noticed she was having a harder time still picking it up.  So I decided to to pick it up  help put it in the bigger trash barrel.  J*** was so enthused by what I did she shook my hand and asked my name.  I told it to her.  She had a hard time pronouncing it thou.  I wonder if it would go against anyone to go for name change because of hard pronunciation by others.  Works for Cher.   Naaaah!!!'  I noticed four men dressed very preppy possibly doing trouble.  All I did was give a quick stare at them.  After all, I'm Basilisk.  It was getting easy doing my patrols as I walked down & people were starting to get comfortable with me being there.  I noticed a lady cold with her date where a hoodie worrying if she looked like a hoodlum.  I told her not to worry.  Her date said I looked like a hoodlum.  So much for gratitude!  I walked down another area as I was looking at dates sitting on the bench.  I felt like I was in awkward place, looking like I was very out of place in the situation.  But two words soon came to mind reaffirming my presence there: DATE RAPE!  I managed to check the park a little deeper.  MAking more progress.  I walked down as I looked at a few hanging around.  Might be looking for trouble.  But I don't want to end up making myself look like a fool with a false citizen's arrest, or them calling me a stalker.  So I walked.  I will be wary for them on the next patrol.  I managed to walk the new route.  As I crossed a pass, I heard i a loud voice, "GET OUT OF THE FUCKIN' WAY YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!"  I immediately stopped, not knowing if it was meant for me or a victim.  As it turned out it was three young men acting very immature.  As I crossed the new area I noticed some of the obscenities were getting louder.  Definite possibility for a patrol area.  As I crossed the park, I had a sense of wonder and confidence as I passed it without fear.  As I crossed the threshold, I stopped and walked thru, imagining if I was surround by soldiers as I marched.  It was a very successful patrol.  No crime fighting, but my help as public servant made it sure that my presence was felt.  And for that I am proud!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015

I managed to muster up something to do the patrol tonight.  I was trying to go another route, but declined to use it for focus reasons.  As the Memorial Day crowds came alive with music, I managed to walk by unseen (not literally).  There was a night tour in which I might've thought I was part of the exhibit (I was spooky enough.)  I was just not thrilled they did it in the center of town.  I once again tipped my toes to a nearby park, knowing the summer is coming and activity is bound to happen.  I noticed a car parked funny with their lights on, but it turned out the driver was just going to run in the house for a short while.  Ironically, one side was quieter than another, which should go topsy-turvy.  I noticed three young men walking in a group as they passed a parked car along the way, but it turned out the car was for sale at the station.  I was going to go the alternate route, but right now I'm not focused.  That has got to shape up soon, or I will lose sight while I am deflected by the clouds.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 16, 2015

My first encounter came when I saw a dog inside an SUV in the night.  Looking at the dog it looked like it was alright.  I looked at the license plate number.  I called 911, knowing that knocking a window would make the situation worse.  Fortunately, as I called, the owners came as I heard a car alarm  start (don't worry.  I didn't touch the car.  It was a key trigger.)  I hung up & told them my concern.  They said they were out for a few moments.  As I felt fortunate for their sakes that I didn't fully reach the call, I felt that they were lucky it was a cool day in May & not a hot day in July.  Later, I noticed a car parked on the sidewalk.  I thought that the car was in need of repairs.  But it turns out the person had to move the car quickly.  As seen, myself in situations that were handled well.  I think longer patrols would provide better results.  In time, I know I can get to top notch.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 6, 2015

I started my patrol late.  I noticed a man with the blinkers on parked on the side of a building.  I asked if everything was okay.  He was, he was loading for the night.  As I walked past the water, I noticed a couple walking out of a tavern.  I also noticed a guy in a hoodie pass me by.  He also walked past the couple.  In many ways, it could've been a prevention of a crime.  No time, to loolygag, time to move on.  I walked a little bit farther farther a while.   I managed to work with the cane, so it wouldn't appear as a threat.  I started stopping and asking if someone is alright, not the negative with are you in trouble.  As I went back more ideas came into me, on how I can make more of my patrols.  A very good patrol!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015

As I walked, I noticed a couple of men talking.  As I turned out they had a large, friendly husky which made them safe.  As well, I passed some people on the outside of a Mexican restaurant, with one of them drunk.  I took a look, to make myself aware upon return.  When I did, I noticed a neon-garbed man looking like a Pauly Shore fan from MTV was drunk with two men smoking cigarettes, and a woman,  The woman was close to the neon man and there was no threat, just a guy acting as if he was macho.  I walked down the street.  I was going to extend it, but inside I felt I had to make it short.  So I walked as far as the park.  Along, the way, I noticed a car in the nearly abandon for the time industrial park with lights on.  It was safe since it was at the door, but I looked to see if there was anyone else waiting and there wasn't.  So I walked on.  My patrol techniques are improving.  For a shortened patrol, I improved by leaps & bounds.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015

I started my patrol with a learning experience.  Normally, for the last few, I walked in a quick motion without stopping.  As I heard a noise, I managed to stop, think, access.  Stopping, nuff' said; thinking & accessing, listening to the situation to see if it warrants my attention.  I heard a noise.  I stopped to see if help is needed.  But the car passed and it was silent.  No need for work, even thou the technique might need a bit of tightening.  I did a different route.  Once again I heard a noise, I stopped.  But I heard kids laughing and hanging out.  No danger problem, no need to work.  I walked on the opposite side of the street, with few people around.  It felt like the eyes of a hawk.  As I passed kids doing tricks on their bike, possibly the only time to do so in the area this time of year.  I noticed a dead end on my route.  I thought to stop the patrol, but I remembered the question on how many times to defeat an opponent.  So I walked another route.  I was going to continue, but I noticed nature calls.  I am starting to think about an hour fasting before patrols.  As I passed a store, I looked at a window as a car was running at the door.  I noticed the cashier calm as I stop on the other side of street.  A calm cashier, no hints of danger.  It was learning patrol that leapt by bounds, even thou I wished it was longer.
I thought of was Hero Man said about uniforms not looking suspicious, like a hoodie and sunglasses.  But I remembered if it wasn't for my sunglasses, I would be more suspicious.  So I'm proud of my uniform, even in my uniqueness.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015

Managed to do a patrol for the first time in the warmer weather.  Wore a lighter hoodie, with the hood down.  I tried some alternative routes.  With all the concern, & second looks, it turned out better than I thought.  As I walked by a park, I heard some noise.  Turned out to be laughter and having fun.  Might be a future checkout thou.  As I walked by I notice a man hanging with a man in the car.  Too soon and premature to jump to any conclusions.  They were gone by the time I returned.  I also saw a car engine running in a pizzeria.  Turned out to be nothing.,  I passed an event at the Hall.  Fortunately no problems.  I managed to make the most of my patrol.  As it turned out, it turned into a great patrol.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 31, 2015

On the late patrol, it was mostly quiet.  The air was more comfortable than recent days, which made it easier.  I tried a few new routes.  One of the things I noticed was as I passed by one area there was a smell of a dead skunk in the air.  Fortunately, I was no where near the animal.  As well, a few spotters, none of them was suspicious as they were going out, smoking a cigarette, or going some where quieter to make a call.  All in all, nothing much.  But I should be careful what I wish for...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 17, 2015

On my St. Patrick's Day patrol, I wanted to cover a large area.  Twice I went around a partial area to get an idea of where to patrol.  I was a cold night, not that I wouldn't stop the green party-goers.  As I walked, I knew that I would blend in with everyone wearing green, even thou I was black & blue.  I passed a couple of men hanging around Kiskadde's Coffee Shop.  I would've asked but didn't want to arouse suspicion.  As I crossed the street, I let some people walk on by.  So far, no suspicion.  I wished them a Happy St. Patrick's Day and moved on.  I passed Main Street Sports and a couple of men, one of whom wore Boston Celtic Rajon Rondo jersey, talked to me as if they knew me.  I acted natural as one of them gave me a "bro-hug."  I soon passed by know that so far, things were going well.  I walked down North Street.  I noticed the wind getting bitter as I crossed Water Street.  There wasn't people there, but at least there was sidewalks.  As I passed by the Governor Bradford Hotel, I spotted a man smoking a cigarette wear a bluish grey shirt see me.  I acted natural and moved on.,  Then I saw a car with their back lights on.  Immediate concern filled my head, mostly thoughts of date rape might be happening.  But with the man at the hotel, and knowing that an assumption can easily be disproven, I decided to err on the side of caution.  I was going to go passed the mini-rotary, but soon decided to go up Memorial Drive,l which proved to be the wiser.  I soon increased the patrol by crossing Court & Samoset Streets.  My next part, as thou it maybe boring, it was exhilarating.  I walked and noticed there wasn't as many street lights in the area.  A note of concern for anyone traveling here at night, especially with a New Moon.  As I walked I noticed there wasn't as much activity as there was in the other part.  There was a man entering a Liquor Store.  I figure next time, I'll Google, "How to Spot Signs of a Robber,"  Might be more helpful.  Crossing back was tough.  Especially with the remaining snow, but it was like Styrofoam.  I managed to help pick up a down trash barrel.  I even tried to cover a possible high area corner I made a promise of doing.  All and all, an excellent patrol.  One of the best!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14, 2015

I decided to go for trial run with the cane, even thou the weather was anything but.  I had to work on rhythm, so as to not inhabit suspicion.  When I heard a group of rowdy kids passed by, all I did was let them pass by, then move on.  That is if it was they were suspicious, I would know.  Luckily they weren't as they were too busy having a good time.
Even thou there was rain, there was plenty of activity.  People walking on a Saturday night, joking and cuddling with a loved one.  I played calm as to not inhibit that I was paranoid.  Admit-tingly, I was a little nervous.  I noticed a man in a Bruin cap in a spot up by T-Bones hanging around.  Looked like Morgan Freeman, only shorter.  Looked suspicious as he was watching the action at the adjacent roadhouse.  An approach would've been possible.  But since nothing happened, the only thing that would do is make myself look like a fool, especially with bouncers and patrons lining up.  "A guy dressed strangely looking suspicious with an old man?"  Not something you can explain, even if you had inhibitions.  I cut across North Street, down to Water.  This time, no distractions.  As I walked with the cane, I felt a sense of comfort.  I had adequate protection, yet I didn't look threatening.  As I crossed by the Bradford Inn.  I noticed a car with its lights on.  Looked like a smart car.  Not anything anyone suspicious might use, especially with the miles per gallon.  Then again, when you a drug dealer in a Corvette, some people like to go for looks rather than performance.  All in all, even short, a good patrol.  Hopefully ready for St. Patrick's Day, in which my horizon would be larger, since the cane passed the test.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 6, 2015

My first late night patrol I worked on Plymouth Center again.  The warmer weather brought out more activities, but the snow & ice was still slippery.  There was a little more action in the short patrol, but not much.  As I passed a pub, I noticed some friends helping a young lady who was intoxicated.  I asked to see if assistance was needed, but all was somewhat stable.  Even thou little happened, it was sure victory for myself to show how I would handle myself in a situation.  I went down Water Street, thinking of that child who was hit by a plow in Quincy as the sidewalks were still covered with a hard snow & I had to walk on the streets.  Fortunately, I was walking towards traffic so I could see the vehicles coming.  As a change of pace, I went up North Street.  A man dressed in all-black & a leather jacket saw me.  He asked why I wore sunglasses at this time.  I just replied I have good night vision, as I saw a car heading down.  We engaged in conversation in which I showed I was friendly.  We exited wishing each other to stay safe.  However, I didn't get to cover the parking lot in the area, something I will focus on, in the next patrol.  A short patrol, but a good & ACTIVE one.
It's not quantity, but quality.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 21, 2015

On my first patrol of 2015, I patrolled Plymouth Center.  It was snowy but not enough to cause a major storm, lucky for us.  I walked with minimal gear, for I felt it was mostly for pushing cars or helping others in the snow.  All was relatively quiet.  I managed to make a turn near the Old Post Office and went down a street.  A girl in an old-school New England Patriots wool hat walked by.  I was going to head back and turn around, but since she was going in that direction, I continued to walk down so not to arouse suspicion.  A couple of young men looked at me, but I wasn't sure if they were suspicious.  I played indifference so not to over think it.  I walked down North Street.  I passed some adults as they were walking with their heads down and hoods of their jackets up.  I got out of their way, probably not used to the weather, or way too tired for it.  I also walked down Memorial Drive.  I passed a bus stop where IU noticed a piece of cardboard and a bus ticket.  I was going to return it, but I noticed it expired on the 18th, a few days before today's date.  So I discarded the ticket.  I noticed the parking lot at the Chinese Restaurant, "The Sun Dynasty" was relatively blank.  I managed to get back on the path left abandoned by snow, with the drops tasted of salt.
I know it wasn't Boston but I want to let you know something.  I love being a real life super hero and any experience I have is always a great one, ready for action.  I look forward to my next action.  I really do love my job!!!