Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20, 2016

On the first day of summer, I had an unexpected late patrol.  As I was on the train, I noticed a black man with what seems to be a "Corona" Malt Liquor (I may not get it correct.) As he was asking for money from another passenger & slurring a lot of his words (in other words he was drunk.)  I kept an eye on him until I got to my stop as I appeared in a soundful meditative pose.  As I approached I knew my path.  As I approached new territory, there was a sense of fear going thru my veins, but I made it turn into adrenaline so I can be better focused.  My eyes were like a tennis fan watching Wimbleton from Center Court, always moving, always vigilant.  I passed to couples as they were standing out of a bar greeting each other.  One in neon shirts as if they were doing some night bicycling & another in casual clothes.  They were very cordial to each other.  I soon saw a man in shorts & a bare feet standing outside at night.  I walked but looked cautious preparing for anything but trying not to be paranoid, as if it might make things worse.  As it turned out, it looked like a resident taking a picture of a full moon.  He appeared shocked about it, as I said, "At least there are no werewolves."  Sorry, Twilight fans, Taylor isn't coming to Boston, at least not as a werewolf.  I managed to get to the street I wanted to approach, but as it turned out a tale of two sides; one old neighborhood, another modern chic.  As I was walking, I noticed a homeless man pushing a Home Depot shopping cart as he crossed the street.  I stayed & watched to make sure no cars hit him.  Fortunately, the bus coming that way came to a stop.  As I walked, I managed to pass a division of a police station.  Something to be cautious of for next time, if ones get paranoid.  I soon spotted a man talking another in a white pick-up, but I was too far to take a better look, & couldn't make any assumptions otherwise.  It was hard to lose, but better that than report or follow up on windmills that look like giants.  Last, I approached a couple when I was going to another train station, a woman in a white flowy dress kissing a man wearing white.  I watched as both appeared drunk & I feared the worse.  When I heard someone say the word, "whore," I turned quickly fearing something real bad.  It turned out to be the woman, & she apologized.  All I can say in finishing, I got to be prepared for Red Sox home games.  Trains get crowded after a night in Fenway, or the Garden, if you're a Celtics, Bruins, or any events fan.