Sunday, September 20, 2020

September 19, 2020

 Someone asked me to check something in Newbury Street in the Back Bay. As  hard as it is to patrol that area, I still had a duty to help the people of Boston.  Finding the usual garage thru the South End wasn't as easy as I thought.  My usual route to the garage was possibly blocked due to the blockade4 done for the dining for the restaurants during the COVID situation.  I had to find another garage, but I manage to find one immediately.  I decided to change my route from walking straight to Massachusetts Avenue towards Back Bay.  Even if I could do Methadone Mile, there was a heavy presence from State Police. I have a good relations with Boston Police, however State Police might be a different issue.  My plan was going to go to Newbury Street first then Boylsrton Street, more on that later.  As I hit Newbury, I managed to see that most of the restaurants had outside dining.  As the cold of fall comes thru, I would worry that the servers would need heavier attire to go the outdoor area.  Otherwise, COVID would be the least of the worries.  I managed to make good responses to some of the people around Newbury Street as well as Boylston Street.  I managed to run into a man carrying a plastic bag, POSSIBLY heading home.  I explained who I was.  He laughed as if said he never saw someone like me before.  He felt safe.  However, I had to adjust my walk speed slower so not as to startle him.  I soon managed to get to the area where I promised.  However there was nothing suspicious, but I didn't see anywhere I could get a better look, so I had to pass by.

My walk into Boylston Street went well.  But I did see a car managing to get reckless again.  Yes, they called Batman, but there is a line you never cross and that is being reckless on the road.  I tried to get heir attention.  However, they didn't care. Bu t I had to be very commanding by knocking on the window.  I had to yell at them to start being more mature.  They really didn't car.  However as the light turned green and there was another car behind it, I had to let it go.  I was very frustrated and very nervous.  I could've tried another way, however riskier.  But I chose not to.  I made a mistake and I was damn frustrated, but I had to move on nevertheless.  I soon spotted some people in a park opposite the Boston Public Library.  Since there wasn't any cars, I came up to the location.  I asked what was going on.  They were thrilled to see me.  They answered my question and I asked them to be careful.  I met some more people and they were very interested in me.  I soon left as I saw a car parked on the other side on the way heading out.  I thought I could try to help them get out of a parallel parking.  As I soon came up I had a damn good reason, it was a BMW.  As I approached, for the first time the lady and her friends screamed as if I was Jason Vorhees.  I calmed them down and explained who I was. After I apologized, I asked if they need help to get out for he spot.  But they were fine.  well, that was my facepalming moment.  D'Oh!

IU decided to travel down to Fenway-Kenmore for the first time.  It wasn't;'t as interesting as I traveled a short distance, with the only thing interesting was seeing three guys in an alley around the area.  I called them out and asked them if everything is okay.  They were so I told them to be safe and to behave.  That was a very interesting patrol.  

Sunday, September 13, 2020

September 12, 2020

 Upon request of a citizen, I had to do a patrol during the daytime, which was rare at the time in the last few years.  I di the area of Washington Street.  As I went down Bailey Street.  As a man passed by, he asked if it was Halloween.  I explained who I am.  In response, he was so amazed by who I was, he even doing a video call to his friend via cell phone.  As I went down Ashmont Street, I even redid the path of the classic ride when I was a little boy.  It was blast from the past.  I even saw a woman bending on the ground with a paper bag.  When I asked if she needed help.  She replied she was taking care of weeds.  When I explained who I was to reassure why I asked in the first time.  She was appreciative of what I did. As I walked down a church I noticed a homeless man who was sleeping on the steps.  I checked to see if he was coinscious or in need of going to the hospital, but it turned out as he turned his head, he was actually asleep.  I left, I knew he is alright.  As I saw the two witnesses who saw me, I came up to them to assure them who I was.  They feel very appreciative.  As I passed by Four Corners/Geneva community rail stop, I noticed a car parked in an odd place, but I also noticed the white car, with tinted windows.  They were very tinted windows, way passed the legal limit.  I kept checking around.  The only visible part, was the November inspection sticker, which was rarely seen.  But all of a sudden, a man called me and escorted me to the barber shop and the owner of the car.  It was man who looked like DJ Khaled only with less facial hair and with cornhole haircut. In which he was dressed in jeans and work boots (I know they call it urban,  so much for my knowledge of fashion styles).  When I explained to him why I was there.  He left immediately without having his haircut finished and the apron on.  I chased after him and told him even thou I couldn't arrest him, I advised him to get those windows de-tinted, I also advised him to return the apron to the barber shop.  Even thou he left in a hurry, it was till suspicious, so I thought of going to the police station after the patrol to report this.  As I kept walking I met more people who felt very grateful for my work.  Even meeting those who are willing to stand by my side.  Where I finished, I went to the police station, I explained everything. the officer didn't know me, so she felt odd about me.  I told her what I saw with the car, but she said there was little to be done.  But I explained I knew what I was doing.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Spetember 11, 2020

 As I cro the ssed thru Mattapan, I had to make it shorter for on oncoming patrol. As  you can see it's a wee smaller.  As I passed the night club (or restaurant.  God, it's strange how many ways clubs are said), they do remember me, which is pretty good.  As I heard some noise on the other side of River Street, I heard some odd noises.  Like a banshee (did you expect mew to say Bat Out of Hell?), I saw a group of young men hanging around a parking lot.  I had to use a flashlight, since the area looked mostly dark.  The guys were fooling, but were put off by the light (which can be understandable) but as well as my helmet, the cape, and the mouth mask with COVID going around, says the idiots who weren't wearing masks. I  asked why they were parking here, which looked like a commercial parking lot, but they said they were parking going to the club.  Life is full of questions, and then there's Mastercard.  Nothing much happened. Just some block parties.  But as I got a little higher up Blue Hill Avenue, there were people who were really grateful to see me.  Some neighbors really felt safe with me there.  IU managed to pass up to Chey Voix.  It felt like my version of Crime Alley, as I heard the voice in head being a statement a young girl made after the shooting in 1994 on the ten o'clock news.  "We do everything our parents tell us, we do everything our teachers tell us, we do everything our leaders tell us.  Why?"  That same speech over my head countless times.  However it felt better as I was greeted warmly by the Boston Police from Mattapan passing by. It felt like a spiritual blessing.  ]I tried to walk up Morton Street, but it was the wrong side, as there was a hill immediately, best not to cross it.  However, there was a lady who came up asking for a couple of dollars.  I didn't have it but I offered a cereal bar, but she refused.  As I headed back, I n noticed the same SUV at Blue Hill Sounds.  The first time the lights were on and I came to investigate.  The driver was anxious and refused to communicate.  The xsecond time the lights were off.  But as I came to check out, the driver spotted me and s was still very beligerant.  I tried to get a conversation,  but refused and drove away, but only to come back when I was gone.  I'm a little concerned about.  For better or worse for all involved in a civil manner, I'll figure out how to look at this.  As I passed by a snack stand, one of my friends in security spotted.  We talked about the Cletics and the Patriots.  He was very grateful for me being here.  So I gave him my card.  A pretty good paTROL.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Spetember 4, 2020

 I was doing Downtown.  Since college was getting started again, that means there are some college students partying around in the hotspots for the weekend.  As I first I got out of a garage, a couple asked me if I knew anyplace that sells cigarettes. I  thought it was odd to ask a superhero (expect Wolverine and The Thing), and especially since I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs (no, I'm not CM Punk).  However, I told them there might be some 7-Elevens, possibly open, close by.  I passed by a srestaurant.  I thought night clubs wouldn't be open with the recent crisis.  However, one of the patrons told me it wasn't a night club, but a restaurant.  It was odd to say, but as I pass by The Greatest Bar and Sissy K's, even thou they both have club settings, they do serve food and drinks in those areas. As  I passed by the Black Rose Pub, there was a group, a guy came up to me and said that I was making his work harder.  I found it odd.  What I found harder that he felt I made it harder for his Tinder account, especially as some of the ladies took a liking to me.  Which makes me wonder, is the suit that some real life superheroes and most real life supervillains make me the best dressed superhero in Boston?  I decided to change my usual path and go thru the North End.  I avoided that area at first because I thought the lighting would be so bad for my tinted goggles that I would barely see. H however, I was able to see perfectly.  It was even odder as some of the ladies around there are actually feel a heart a flutter.  Even thou I should feel good about it, it's also sad that the suit I wear to fight crime, help others, and be someone who is seen as a role model and protector, is seen as the more attractive side than then who don't wear the uniform.  Although this should be great, it makes me feel kind of uncomfortable.  With or without The Code, I never liked taking advantage of those I help and those I serve.  I want to serve a tiger standard, not somebody who feels fake and acts like a hypocrite.  I have experienced others to where I hoped at one time who would help me, since it was either their job or someone who I knew that can do it or I can trust them doing it completely.  And mostly, I've been disappointed.  Like I keep saying, when I'm in the uniform being that superhero, I really holds mysel;f to that higher standard because betraying the people who are relying on me is a lot worst than a criminal destroying a victim's body, spirit, and soul.

I did communicate with some of the other residents.  They all felt more comfortable with me there and they felt good that someone was there to protect the city.  Now I know I was there when most of the restaurants and businesses were closed for the evening, but I'm not here to be a celebrity, I'm here to help the city.  I would definitely see myself patrolling the North End in the future.

As I made it to the West End.  However, the first thing I saw as I hit Causeway Street was a homeless running crazy.  I asked him to stop and find out what was happening.  He said there was a lady being raped.  He was hiding something in his jacket.  I( asked him to reveal it.  It was an orange covered knife.  I was a little nervous.  This was a situation worthy of a citizen's arrest.  A man was running but hiding an orange knife in his jacket.  But my lack of confidence was debilitating.  I felt I was fearing of a Goerge Zimmerman/Trevon Martin incident.  But I don't have nor will ever use a gun.  And the man wasn't holding Skittles and a bottle of Iced Tea.  The knife was in clear view and I did ask to see it since it looked like he was holding it.  I told him to not use that knife in the future, but he insisted on keeping and using it in the future with no possibility to. see reason.  My confidence really does need work.  I do know right and wrong, and I know how to handle certain situations; but the feelings to trust my instincts are getting hampered, as you will see later, it did happen again and why I'm very unhappy with it.  I di make it to the "scene" it was a restaurant with some people hanging out.  They were all yelling, "Batman!" "Batman!" "Batman!"  I tried to focus out of the fanfare and get to the point at hand.  I managed to ask one of the people there and who was the one who pointed it out.  They said it was just some crazy man who didn't know better.  However they really felt appreciative that I went so quickly and checked on the situation.  The thanked me.  I posed for a picture and gave one of them my card.  As I was passing by near the BostonCommon.  I saw some police stationing in the area.  I came up to them and asked if there was anything suspicious or what to look for in the meantime.  They didn't say much, but they really felt good that I was patrolling the area.  Getting better with police relations.  However as I went down a side street, there was a couple of men hanging around near a dark area and a closed business.  I asked aid anything was wrong, saying I was concerned.  The black man (I know it's sound out but hear me out fully) was relatively calm, but the older white man was very apprehensive.  Normally it might be common, but I had a strong feeling he was ready to fight.  As I deescalated the situation, the only insult he said is that I was too old to wear a cape.  And from earlier, some people thought it should be the latest fashion.  But back to the earlier point, it goes to confidence again.  I didn't start a fight and my approach was professional.  But there is a feeling that I started the trouble or I wouldn't understand.  It might go into other reasons, but for the sake of privacy, I feel it's wise not to discuss them here.  But I will also in private try to find a way to work on this problem.  As I was waiting on the other side of the street, I did see a possible scuffle between a young man and a young woman.  Without concern for safety, I ran across quickly to encounter it.  Fortunately, there were no problems.  But I did tell the guy to behave properly.  As I was crossing Downtown Crossing there was a man yelling and screaming.  I asked what was going on, but he told me to leave him alone.  But his behavior was erratic and was causing disrupting.  His attitude was even shown to be volatile and not within his senses.  He even sat in the middle of a busy road and a car was coming.  I had to act as a traffic officer in front of him trying to divert or stop the car.  He managed to walk off.  But I did call 911, since he might not listen to me.  As the operator was so focused on structure of a description that its made it harder to give an actual one.  Eventually a car did arrive, about TEN MINUTES LATER.   I know you guys were busy, but I a squad ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET!  I did give a description, and they did give chase.  My last encounter was Amanis looking in there trash can for his debit card.  I couldn't do much, but I did tell him what to do if he doesn't find it.  Call the card company, have the card cancelled and get a new card.  To decribe the patrol, I would say an ugly victory.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

August 29, 2020

 The patrol was very long, but a tst I was willing to prove.  As I walked I heard some loud music.  Of course knowing parties, that is the norm.  But music and noises, those aren't the problem.  It's the people that might be drunk and would do things they would regret later.  As I would pass by, I would take a look from a distance.  Usually when you see no one outside, it sometimes maybe a good sign.  Now even thou I can't go into a residence, since that would be trespassing, sometimes people outside could probably be me reckless and do some very dangerous and/or violent actions.  Thankfully, those things didn't happen.  As I walked, I made sure of things that are out of the norm.  One things was at a Dunkin Donuts parking lot.  Normally, no big deal, It's a small area, more so inside.  But questions can easily be raised for those hanging around.  To go there with immediate and/or rash suspicion would immediately do more harm than good.  So I walked by and asked if everything is alright.  Thankfully it is.  Unfortunately thou, even thou I appreciate the fanfare, the immaturity of being fascinated with what's on my belt (no sick jokes) would do more harm.  The tools a superhero keeps on the belt is very vital and very important.  It's never meant to be seen as toys.  Today, some young adults, whop should no better, still might not figure it out.  However one the other side, I saw a lady waiting by the 7-Eleven for a ride.  I checked if she was okay.  She said she was and was waiting for an Uber.  However she was very grateful for my concern.  I did pass some officers along the way.  But as the firefighters had to go for an emergency, I had to be traffic cop and made sure they got out easily.  Being a hero, whether cape or not, always ha to know that doing the job is but a matter of seconds.  A couple of officers came by and saw.  They were very appeciative of what I do.  One of them even posed with me in a picture.  Before they had to go to a call.  I asked one day if I would come by and ask if there is anything they want me to do on my end.  They were very honored, as was I.  I did hear some yelling for a parking lot outside.  I usually try to calm the crowd down because the alternative maybe a whole worse for them, as well as everybody.  Some of the people were grateful as I came to check.  However, one person yelled, "Black Lives Matter."  At least I came before there would really be a worry and lives would be altered in a negative way. As I passed a door around the Fields Corner area, I heard what possibly might be a rave party in the area (please note I might not fully know what that might means.  Yes, I am that lame.).  I kept notes of it for future knowledge.   It felt at times that I was going all over the place as emergency came around, be ready to jump if ready.  I did however go to the Expressway gas station to get a drink.  I ordered a Arizona Arnold Palmer (it's Iced Tea plus lemonade).  It wasn't that, but I was grateful.  I was planning to go all the way to Washington Street, near Codman Square.  I didn't know it was this long.  But as I went, I heard a noise, around a side street opposite the gas station.  Thankfully, it was a gated community, just a lot of new, recently built homes that look nice.  However as I saw at the corner, there was a possible gated community.  As I had to remind myself, I couldn't go in, so I walked on.  I  walked down Columbia Road for what seemed to be a while.  However, as IO passed a Santander Bank, I noticed some people hanging around in the parking lot while they were closed.  I came up to them ,asking for an explanation.  I will say they were pretty disrespectful.  But I also noticed people coming out of a building.  But I didn't know if it was a residence.  If it was then its just might be a party.  So I tried ask if it was so.  However, a lot of the party goers walked away, ignoring me.  I even tried walking in front of them, demanding answers, no dice.  It wasn't until someone told me it was a residence, that I walked my way.  This was something that I had to stand as a authority, but people looked at me as an idiot.  I wouldn't say it mattered what I wore, but I need to show some more confidence and authority.  Now, they did nothing wrong, but from experience I learned a residence near a business, if going on and being more reckless can really do major, unwelcome consequences in the future.  Understanding that can go a long way to preventing problems.  As I walked I noticed a car, with the engine running with two boys inside.  Knowing there were two girls I walked by earlier.  I stood a distance away from the car to make sure that they wouldn't do anything stupid.  Thankfully they didn't, but I still checked to see if there wasn't any funny business.  So I came by and asked some questions.  I noticed they had an extra large homemade cigarette.  There was a brown substance on it.  I asked if it was tobacco.  They said it was.  Knowing tobacco isn't illegal, since some smokers make their own cigarettes to save money, I moved on.  I however realized that the paper they used to make the giant cigarette was something with the RMV setting on it.  It might have been a possible violation to be reported.  I can't arrest them, I'm not there to look at motor vehicle violations.  But however, so they wouldn't be charged if an officer did come them. I would rather warn them to go home and work on fixing the violation so no future problems would happen.  I did manage to walk down Washington Street, which was pretty active, even at this late at night.  I was originally planning to go ups to Ashmont Street for a full patrol of the area.  But when I went down Bowdoin St, I figure it would be a change of plans and save the other one for another time.  I heard so glass clanging as I went down a residential area.  I narrowed down to an area.  Since I couldn't go inside, I went around to a side street to get a different look.  As it tuned out hit ws from the side street as it was a housewarmings with people having a party.  All was well.  I managed to make it back to Geneva Avenue.  But soon I saw police out around the area.  I will note that I wouldn't interfere with their work, they are doing there job.  However, as I slowly walked by, I only acted an if I was sitting on the bench, being ready if anything goes out of hand.  However the police were handling it well, so I walked by.  Kudos to the Dorchester Divison or Boston Police, true professionals and true role models.  I passed by the shopping area in Fields Corner.  All the businesses were closed, e xcept a check cashing place.  However there were a group fo cars there with people hanging out.  I did come by to check.  One of them really admired to see me.  I told them, that this situation they were in. may look suspicious and I do know they have security there to take care of any trespassers in the area at that time of night.  They did leave and thanked me for helping make sure they wouldn't get into future trouble.  Lastly, I went by a man who was fixing a shoe over around the parking lot of closed 7-Eleven.  It soon turned into a great intellectual conversation.. We developed a l.ot of metal respect.  He did tell me however that not everybody would like me.  Preaching to the choir my friend.  We did on mutual terms, and I gave him a card to know what I am, and if he or someone else needs help to call me.  An amazing patrol that lasted until the wee morning.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

August 28, 2020

 As I started my patrol around Dudley Street, I walked past a side street and some guys started calling me. They  were some people living around the area that reminded me of those who had a party in the area last time I patrolled the areas.  They talked to me a little bt as well as introducing me to someone else.  I soon walked down the area.  As I walked down, I heard some noises around the area and I heard some noises in the area.  I came up, and there were some people who were hanging out.  Nothing bad happened, but there were some conversations.  They were conversing with me. We  both showed concerned as I explained who I am band who I have.  They were very welcome towards me and wished me safe journeys.  I kept my eyes open in the sense like Robocop, following levels of victimology and levels of danger.  As I walked down as I hit the corner of Blue Hill and Dudley, I saw an abandoned car with the lights on and the engine was running.  It was parked in an empty parking lot in a closed commercial building.  Very concerning.  I was going to call the Boston Police-Roxbury Division.  However, I didn't know what the other street name, I tried to look on it.  And I gave up, I saw the park being the Dudley Square Common.  As I was going to use it as a starting point and called the police, the car was gone.  Darn!  As I walked down, I saw a group of three people in front of the car.  I walked across the street.  As I approached them I asked what was the person was holding.  He said it was tobacco.  It's odd since it looked like a giant spoiled form of a rolling fruit roll-up.  I still had suspicion, but I was unaware if it might be a different kind of drug, possibly something of a more.  I couldn't go on suspicion, so I had to walk away.  I will have to look up different drugs in the future so I can learn what to look for the next something like that happens again.  I soon passed some ladies in "seductive" outfits. She was going to offer me five dollars to do something with my cape.  I refused but I told her that she is loved no matter what and to be proud of who you are.  I said it to give hope and to see note what she is on the outside but who she is as a person.  I how she puts that in mind and to feel pride of who she is and see beyond the streets and hope to find a life better where she can be a person, not an object.  As you can see, I care about everyone and see people as people, not on what is on the outside.  As I walked far, I greeted others and started to be more confident being who I am.  I now know I am the city's protector. T he King of Dragons who helps the kingdom, not steals its wealth for thy own spoils.  I am Basilisk!

Friday, August 28, 2020

August 22, 2020

As I was going into Mattapan,. I noticed some music and chatter.  There was a party way down in another street.  I wasn't going to party crash, but if you know how some parties go, the possibility of drunks, immaturity, and rowdiness; I just took a peek from a distance to make sure nothing goes too crazy.  I walked up Blue Hill Avenue.  there was a lot of gathering going on across the area.  But there was some concern.  Not saying that there was problems, I just had to make sure nothing went wrong.  Did I start throwing blame or accusations?  No.  Sometimes the best tool for a superhero is asking questions and listening.  Thankfully, there were no problems.  Also, the people were really great towards me, which is a huge blessing.  I managed to go for a long distance all the way to Roxbury.  A huge boost to how far I can go.  It made a huge boost.  As I came back, I went to the Mobil station, I noticed an argument, I came by to diffuse it.  However, instantly the argument stopped and became admiration of me.  The only one who was speculative was the old man.  A very understanding situation, myself with a questionably outfit coming to someone who is close.  There was another person in another car who greeted me.  I came by and said hello.  Also, I noticed a car running late at the night in a parking lot of a closed convenience store.  I came by to check, since it fell on probable cause.  However the person was texting, and didn't want to talk.  I did leave to not cause more trouble.  Something I have to work on in the future.  I managed to pass a snack stand where there people in line as well as security,.  All greeted me well, but told me that the stand was cash only.  A pretty good, but quiet patrol.