Sunday, October 14, 2018

October 13, 2018

On my patrol to South Boston, I tried something new, I was trying a longer cape.  A little more controllable than the last one.  I managed to try it on a baptism of fire, or in this case, the wind.  I was going to South Boston.  I was trying the longer route, only because going the expressway was confusing.  So I went at a local McDonald's to go for a real what they don't have, something with nature (I joke, they do have apples.  no sick jokes!)  I ordered a lemonade in which my body was doing a riot like in the episode of Batman '66 where the Riddler was into silent movies & everyone was drinking poisoned lemonade.  Imagine in Batman today had the responsibility of West & controlled a riot like that.  Not that good.  Anyway, I managed to head there no worse for wear.  Still have to work on the cape.  I noticed an area I used to pass now transformed into a neuvo-night club.  The love of Southie!  Once again, no action.  Worries me.  But I had enough on my mind.  One of the negatives about being a real life superhero at night is that there is no bathrooms.  You can't always ask a business or a residence to let them use theirs.  First, I'm a freak! what do you expect?  Second, it's unconstitutional.  If a soldier can't go into another person's home and forces hospitality, then what business does a real life superhero have?  At least, that's what I think.  I can tell you you can always see a person true colors when they see great joy or great pain.  I was lucky.  I was prepared.  But it is something to look out for.  Damn my age!  Anyway, the silence is still unsettling.  I know the Red Sox are playing the American League Championship against the Houston Astros.  Very unsettling.  Anyway, work has to be done.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

October 12, 2018

After a hiatus, I went back on the field.  Due to the recent violence last week, I covered Dorchester.  I managed to cover more of an area this late at night.  It started relatively quiet.  I always get funny feelings about places that are apparently bare.  When I passed Ashmont Station, there was a person hiding in the corner.  It would've been hard to see, until I saw him puff a cigarette.  Observation is one of the real life superheroes' most important assets.  Something to look at one the way back.  I managed to nod at one of the people hanging around the station.  I also managed to dip my toe deeper in the side streets.  One of which, I saw a person ran outside.  I made a mistake of walking on the same side.  Which lead to one of them saying, "Yo!"  I turned around & he asked if I had a light.  I was too basic when I said, "Don't smoke." & left.  I noticed a lot of people were wearing hoodies, hiding their head.  Except one person, who was wearing a hat that was very furry.  Whoever being in the inner city fashion is key.  As I passed a strip mall, I saw a lady with something on the ground.  She was frantic & yelled, "Por Favor" which, even if you don't know Spanish, you had an idea what she wanted.  So I walked to the area, only for a car to come by & talk to her, which I had to go back.  As I approached a turn I saw a father with his baby child.  I also noticed a police car riding while on patrol.  I had to approach it with the upmost caution.  If I went too fast, it would've been ultimate chaos.  Fortunately, he crossed by the time I was going in the opposite direction.  A breath of fresh hair.  On the way back, I managed to go to check another parking lot.  I heard some music that was very loud.  However, it was from a check cashing place.  I do admire the fact that work even in the late hours.  But something to watch out for just in case there's a robbery.  As I headed back.  I noticed a parent bringing a car seat with a baby & a small child running in him.  I saw somebody that might be a grandmother watching outside, so I'd feared I'd be burned, so I walked immediately back.  I also noticed what I believed to be a "Community Watch" van, probably Social Services.  When I managed to pass Ashmont Station again, I didn't see the guy.  I maybe wrong, but with the way I was observing, a ninja wouldn't hide from me.  AND NINJAS DON'T SMOKE!  I did notice a lot more people.  They always come out when you least expect it.  But empty patrols worry me.  Especially, with Red Sox in the playoffs (if you know me, you'd know what I'm talking about.  And I won't get more into that.). Something to watch out for next time.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

September 29, 2018

A silent patrol can mean many things.  No crime, no activity.  It feels like a brisk walk.  But a level of complacency can a lead to somewhat of a disaster that no one expects.  That patrol was a quiet one.  Even thou it was fall, there was a full crescent moon, something that reminds that anything can happen.  As I crossed one street, someone called "Batman."  If I keep hearing that, I'll start thinking I'm my personal hero.  I passed Ashmont Station, & I saw a gathering.  However the T Inspector was handling it.  What add too much cooks.  I decided to try different routes.  A street I never been on, stuff like that.  As I crossed an area, I was about to cross the street, however I saw a young man walking hastily.  Knowing his body language I knew he was very nervous.  If I crossed I would've continued down, but at the same time I would make that person so uncomfortable he'd do something reckless.  And the way I'm dressed, I would spook Luke Skywalker (or the Joker, depending on Mark Hamill's wishes.)  So I cut it off.  I managed to go down a side street besides the park at Fields Corner.  My previous patrols in that area showed some kind of activity, I thought I'd give it a better look.  Fortunately, nothing happened, it was as silent as Royals Stadium during the postseason.  I managed to pass a man who heavily smoking a cigarette as an older man wearing noise proof headphones was heading out.  He said, I wasn't that scary.  I said, "Maybe I should try harder."  He said thou, "You look cool thou." As I passed Ashmont Station I saw a Table Talk box on the bench.  I picked it up & put it in the trash.  The first thing I thought, was Spongebob Squarepants impressing the Jellyfishers saying, "Everybody like pie." (God! that was awful.). I looked at areas where I could improve & I feel stronger that I can be better.  I hope next time I don't fall into a false sense of security.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

September 21, 2018

I was supposed to meet with Dirty Water TV for an interview we agreed to.  More on that later.  As I approached & passed the Haymarket MBTA station, I noticed a couple spotting me (it's amazing how many times I'm compared to my favorite hero Batman.)  I explained who I was & it was a good start.  But when I went to the Greatest Bar, after confusion with bouncer (in which I think he did an excellent job.  Guys give that man a raise!) I found out there was no set.  It turned out it was more sports fare than Dirty Water.  Undeterred, I'd make the most of it by doing what I do best, doing a patrol.  As I crossed, I met this lovely homeless woman named Olive.  She was sweet as I explained who I was.  I wish I still had the granola bars that I could give her, but I am glad that I made her day.  As I crossed towards Downtown in Boston Common, a lot happened.  I was lucky since when I cross it, it's usually closed, but to take advantage of the opportunity was golden.  First ones to pot me was a couple doing a moonlight serenade.  The woman spotted me.  I explained who I was & I apologized for interrupting their romance.  But they didn't mind, they wanted to know more about me.  It felt good that people don't feel weird with me there.  A touching moment came as a woman named Stormy came up to me & asked for a hug.  I hugged her & she asked me to promise her that every time I see her that I give her a hug.  It was touching & made me feel good.  A scary moment came when I was passing a group of youths & they were asking me questions.  Some standard, but they soon asked me what I would do in a knife & gun attack.  It even went so far as he showed a knife in the conversation.  I told the boy to put the knife away or else there would be legal trouble.  They soon asked me to leave, saying I was "Strange as f**k."  I covered new areas, as I soon found out for a bad situation I made good on it.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

September 15, 2018

It was a while since I covered that area, but the first with an area of confidence.  As I exited my car from the garage.  I felt more confident than usual.  The interactions with people were starting to get easier.  First person I saw was a bouncer who reminded me of Bowzer from Sha Na Na only more mature and more put together (God I missed when he tried to put his fist into his mouth.)  We nodded then we gave a fist bump wishing each other well.  Next I came upon a group of kids.  One noticed me, "BATMAN!"  As I was introducing myself, he said, "Not now.  I'm texting."  THE FUTURE GENERATION LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!  A real life superhero right there and he's still typing on his phone at night.  I was going to continue on Broadway, but I felt burned when a bouncer at one of the clubs looked at me with suspicion.  Continuing to go down the other side would bring unwanted attention.  So I went the usual turn.  One of the girls who was with her friends came up and said, "Love your outfit."  I said, "Yours isn't bad either."  I soon met two gentlemen, salt of the earth fellows.  One said, "Who are you supposed to be?"  I explained who I was.  The guy was rambling as if he was drunk.  The sober one told him to move.  Too bad it was close to another bar.  Speaking of which, there was a man who with an intoxicated lady holding a bag.  I was concerned, not knowing if there was foul play.  I came and asked if everything was alright.  He said, "I wish."  Now, I could intervene.  But if it was worse, there was no cause for citizen's arrest as the case would be thrown out and he would sue for false arrest.  But no foul play.  But even if I did help him, it would look like I would be tripping over him making things worse.  Begrudgingly, I had to leave it.  I hope all is well.  As I walked there were two men one who looked like one of the current cast members from Saturday Night Live looking like he was camping at Fenway Park.  Even with the confidence asking questions I still felt awkward, something I have to work on.  But a non call I was proud of was there were three boys who was new this nice new sports car, one who was without a shirt.  I have never seen the Fast & the Furious movies, & I don't intend to, but I know Vin Diesel wouldn't be so stupid to invite three passengers into a vehicle to steal to drag race.  Like I said, I never saw those movies so I wouldn't know.  I hope all is well.  This was the first time thou I actual made the full route, which felt refreshing.  As I made it back I made an observation of what is open and what isn't, besides bars & clubs.  One thing that was something I'll work on is going on another side of the street.  There was more activity, & it would make for sense to patrol there.  Otherwise, an excellent patrol.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

September 14, 2018

Working a little later than usual.  Felt like I left in a rush as I left one of my phones behind.  I was lucky I had one, as you see later, I really needed it.  I was starting to develop more of a Triple H vibe to myself, which helped.  As I passed Ashmont Station with smell of barbecue, I almost felt like having a rack of baby back ribs.  It didn't help that someone screamed, "Monster!" as I walked.  "Boogeyman in Boston.  More at 11."  As I walked I noticed an ambulance turn down a side street with sirens, I think it was Dix Street.  The was an a police car there which meant a crime scene.  I may look like Batman, but I don't have pull like the Dark Knight.  I passed by some young men having drinks outside a business.  They said I was Batman.  I explained who I really was and what I do.  I feel like I developed a little bit of street cred, especially when they say they know where to turn when there's trouble.  As well, as I passed another street, I noticed a lot of honking in which people cried, "SUPERHERO!"  I waved like the Adam West Batman in the start of the Batman '66 movie.  I decided to turn back when I saw a pizza man and others looking at me oddly.  Last thing I want to do is be burned.  A couple of mistakes soon followed.  One as a pitbull came up to me as I was walking, he tried to sniff me.  I had a feeling he knew I was friendly, but I couldn't stop.  I wasn't worried about Mr. 305, I was more worried about Ms. 911.  As I passed a park on Fields Corner, I noticed some serious screaming.  One person was extremely agitated.  The other was trying to calm him down.  But from what I noticed it wasn't working too well, as the angry one was yelling obscenities.  I noticed the non-verbal communication, & I knew it was close to dangerous.  I soon had to intervene.  I didn't like the way I started as I went in like Mr. Rogers.  I felt like I lost control from the get-go, as the non-aggressor told me to back off as the violent one started spewing barks.  I soon left as I knew I lost control.  But unlike the last time as I let it be, this time I walked a distance as I heard more violent yelling and called 911.  I hope that the handling by the police would be a lot better than the way I did.  But this was something I knew I could handle.  I have to develop a bad-ass attitude if I am to be taken truly seriously.  Crap like what I did almost put me out 8 years ago.  A repeat would've been a lot closer.  I know the next time, I have to do better than settling for field goals.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

September 8, 2018

As I managed to pump myself up with P Diddy Come with Me, I managed to unleash my inner Triple H.  As I patrolled, I felt more in tune.  As well, I noticed less people in shock.  That's when you feel like one in the crowd.  I managed to get into more detail, more bars on the border to cover, more streets to check on.  It felt like I knew exactly what I was doing.  I was going to do Chinatown, but I found out Friday there was an event as told by the flags.  As I noticed parked cars as I was crossing the common, but they were ride-sharing cars like Uber, I still have butterflies.  As I was crossing one corner, a homeless man came up to me.  It doesn't matter if you are a civilian or Darth Vader, a person in need is always welcome help from anyone.  He asked for a sweater, due to the weather becoming increasingly colder.  I wish could've helped him.  Even removing a mask I would stand out in the stores, but nevertheless, they would be closed.  I told him to go to St. Anthony's Shrine.  It was a hunch, but I thought they would take in homeless people.  I pray I was right, as he crossed St. Francis House, it was closed.  I told him he had worth.  It gave him hope, but unfortunately it was very little.  I saw it was hard for him to cheer up.  I doubt a granola bar would make him feel better.  I did what I could, but I wasn't satisfied.  That man needed help.  I remember a comic book, Heroes For Hunger.  It talked about people in Ethiopia who were starving, and even the combined forces of Superman, Batman, & Lex Luthor couldn't help.  There are some things superheroes can't do, an unfortunate reality, but we should always strive to better.  That's the true super.  I am pushing harder and I feel more confident.  I feel like my time will soon come.  Hopefully, it won't be like last week.