Saturday, July 21, 2018

July 20, 2018

This was going to be my first team up in Boston.  One mental note, always anticipate that public transportation isn't foolproof, it maybe done by fools.  As was stated that my bus was twenty minutes late.  I was fortunate that my fellow hero, Shadow Wolf was very understanding.  As I managed to get to him on time, with what little time we had we made the most of it.  He managed to keep himself busy with homeless outreach, public interactions, &helping where he can.  We managed to meet at Park Street.  Even thou, I had more years on him, he showed wisdom, helpfulness, and teamwork; the markings of a great leader and a great real life superhero.  We kept focused on the area, as he even ehlped me thru some tough spots.  We exchanged ideas, stories, and map directions as he gave me some great ideas for future patrols.  As he had to leave due to the train, I managed to do a little on my own.  I was discovered by a couple of people.  One did a Snapchat interview (I'm on social media and I didn't expect it.)  And a group of girls spotted me, as one took my picture.  I am feeling more confident being in this.  I look forward to future team ups as I am feeling more confident as a real life superhero.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 15, 2018

It was a few days a go I saw a poster of missing person.  She was about my age, maybe less.  But she had so many people concerned about her.  There were three phone numbers.  I knew the area, as well as the area concerned.  I thought I could help.  In so many ways, I had so many plans.  But by the time I called one of the numbers.  I soon found out she died.  I was too late.  I still keep kept the photo I took on cell phone as a reminder.  Yes, the pain of failure is normal in the real life superhero community.  We are superheroes, not gods.  Yet I prefer being the former, rather than the latter.
Bring on today.  With all the hells I've been thru, & the ones that I am facing now.  This was my first Sunday patrol in Boston at night.  I felt a load on my shoulders.  Then I looked at that photo.  She, and the people like her, the victims; why I have to fight, why I have my soul on the line.  And I went the same area.  And I felt confident.  Every fear I had was gone.  It was silent.  Rarely did I meet people, the closest someone called me Count Dracula, at least it wasn't Team Edward or Team Jacob.  But I got smarter, I got braver, I got wiser.  For the first time, I faced the devil's mighty men, & won.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

July 7, 2018

I did the same area because the last patrol, however fruitful, was very short.  I felt I didn't give it enough quality.  However, to spice it up, I tried a different direction by trying a different street.  It was a baptism of fire.  As I walked down the new air, I felt an air that I never felt before.  The smell of barbecue of hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken filled the air from the holiday weekend cookouts.  I even saw something beautiful, a subway train sleeping when it's not at work.  It was a thing of beauty and silence that words can't describe.  As I made it down the end, I passed an area with some bars.  Already, I had a feeling of an old fifties art deco painting come to life.  I would go down further but it was my first time.  For personal reasons, I decided to head back.  As I did I saw a man drunk yelling at his cell phone.  He crossed the street recklessly, as a car almost hit him because of it.  He got angry back.  I would help but I remember one time I did, let's say I was lucky he was coherent enough to see.  Would I go down that route of a street again?  Sadly, no.  For "personal reasons."

Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 4, 2018

This was ironically a short patrol on the big day.  The day was surrounded by the sound of fireworks.  It was hardly a time for people to be around especially with rockets blazing.  I soon saw the fireworks for the distance as I passed the train station, so I decided to stop early.  I remember Halloween 2009 too well.  However, I introduced myself to the firefighters hanging around outside & I' say we have good relations.  My progression is going slowly, but surely.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 30, 2018

As I started my stretch out, I thought I felt more confidant in who I am.  This was something where I will say yes AND no.  I managed to cover more of the area of Mattapan, which gave the confidence to be in my own skin.  But when I passed by a church, in the parking lot, there was a car with their lights on, looked like sports car.  There were five to seven people around it hanging around but here was no service.  I couldn't approach for two reason.  If there was nothing wrong, then I would be seen as a threat.  But if they were up to no good,  that's five to seven people against one.  I would get my ass kicked.  So I walked to a safer area and called 911.  The operator felt there was no reason to worry, which basically got egg on my face.  I complied & moved on.  I managed to cross two more groups of people within a block.  The first ones were too stoned to figure anything out.  The second was more concerning.  They were talking about being oppressed, then they looked at me & wanted to know who I was.  I explained, & they felt that I wasn't fit to patrol there.  They asked if I had weapons, I was nervous in saying anything, feeling less is more.  That turned out to be a mistake, because now I felt I went out of Fenway Park with them.  I left instead of stayed, feeling like I was in the way.  The next group was some bouncers & patrons near a dive bar.  I explained who I was & at first things went well, then as heard behind my back, they felt I was a freak.  As I went back, an unmarked cruiser stopped, rolled their window & asked some questions.  I explained who I was & we both told each other to be careful.  My compliments to the two police officers in Boston for being professional & treating me with respect.  But in many ways, as there have been some good moments, I have to get my A game on, before I get to the big situations coming up.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 16, 2018

On the heels of trying new safety equipment & the news about the situation with the attack of a pervert on the T (the kind that was really that) and the arrest of a good samaritan in that area, I knew I would have a lot on the line.  As I was driving down a major street, rather slow since it was a hot Saturday night summer in Boston, I noticed a light that said "O/D off."  I thought, "oh, s**t!  Another problem?"  As I found when I got back, it was the overdrive was off because I was going so slow on the street.  Thanks new law, which said 25 miles per hour is now the major speed limit in Boston.  I made it to a new garage, which was quite different from the last one, but also cheaper (no offense guys.)  You know you feel awkward when the door felt like a back alley (Trust a guy in a do-rag!)  As I walked I managed to made it the street I wanted to cross to continue the patrol, but I noticed I was in back of a group of guys acting like they were ready for a night out on the town.  I thought, "No problem.  They weren't high risk.  They were in a large group.  They WERE AWARE OF THEIR SURROUNDINGS;  but the last one, THEY WERE AWARE OF THEIR SURROUNDINGS.  That cost me.  As I passed by they were like Statler & Waldorf on the Muppets.  They were heckling me on my patrol.  I managed to cross opposite the street.  It made me nervous, especially for earlier.  I even made the mistake of missing an opportunity to help, fortunately someone came to pick up the slack.  As I walked I felt more awkward, especially with new equipment acting funny.  As I managed to go down the street, I noticed I was behind someone.  I tried walking slow or even going down side streets.  The sirens did n't make things easier.  I managed to go down one side street.  From the start it looked like I was walking down an alley.  I spent time observing every side alley, every small parking lot for any trouble.  Then I was in trouble.  What that side street led to was a housing area in that section of the city.  I just pulled a Bee Sting! a hero who was in trouble for an encounter in an area like that in Michigan.  Fortunately I knew that that street was going to lead me to the main road, so all I had to do was walk down & hope for the best.  It almost didn't.  A paddy wagon came up & was flashing their lights as I was there.  I stopped so not to cause trouble.  Fortunately, the wagon didn't stop.  I was relieved.  It turned out it was at a house, possibly a house party gone wrong.  As I made it the main street, I noticed how much the mistake it was as the donut shop that I passed was to my left, as last time I was passing it.  In other words, I panicked too soon for nothing.  I managed to walk back to the car.  As I headed back, I put the A/C on as a precaution.  This was a learnable patrol where the next time I would have to study my routes a little more carefully, as well as not panic way too easily.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 8, 2018

I am growing more confident with each step I take in Boston.  I was in Dorchester.  I am thinking of losing the horn.  It does nothing but look like a hood ornament.  I also didn't bring any granola bars.  I thought I could live without giving myself more gas (no sick jokes, please.)  I played Triple H's music "The Game" to get me in beast mode.  That song always gets me in beast mode.  As I walked past a street.  Three guys in an SUV yelled noticing me.  They said, "Are you going to save the universe?"  They said as if they were either drunk or in awe, I'll take the latter.  I said, "No, I'm saving Dorchester."  They said they saluted me & took cell phone video of me.  That's when you made the big time, when amateur paparazzi take pictures of you while you work.  I did pass the train station.  And three more men, who were hanging around, looked at me.  A scary moment came when one of the men, who was either drunk, high, or both, demanded that I kill him.  This was like when Geroge Reeves was Superman, & he was doing an event.  A young boy wanted to prove Superman was bulletproof, so he brought a gun to prove that theory.  As was stated Reeves had to talk the child down from doing so (he had a gun!) but at the same time stilL be in character.  That is very tough for anybody.  He did so, Thank God!  I had to do the same thing.  I told him his life was worth living.  However, unlike the boy, he was yelling more & more irrattically.  "Kill me!  Kill me, n*****r!"  This demanded my attention.  Whether or not he really meant it, this man asked to die.  He didn't do a crime or threaten anyone, he asked to die.  I tried talking him out of it, saying he has worth, but he was being more irrational.  His friends were busy a shooting a video of this as it was nothing, & a man came up & separated us.  He asked where I was from, & if I had a cigarette.  He soon took the man I was concerned of in.  The other two talked, I was more concerned about the suicidal man.  But they said he was alright.  They looked at my belt, & asked about the air horn.  I told them it was for emergencies, but they told me to use it to show them.  They were about my age or older, & they were acting less than their shoe size.  Our teachers for the next generation, ladies & gentleman!  They took a cell phone video of me (gosh I'm getting famous)  I think the mask needed work.  They could barely hear me.  Need to work on it.  But I felt more confident.  I went deeper into side streets feeling I can do this!  I am more confident now that this job is for me!