Saturday, August 17, 2019

August 16, 2019

I had to make a strong comeback from this past Tuesday.  I did Downtown Boston again.  I got my game face ready for the patrol.  As I crossed near a section of Faneuil Hall, a bunch of guys spotted me. It was real thrill that they basically felt great that they saw a superhero.  Already I was on a good start.  I saw a homeless man between the clubs, so I gave him a cereal bar.  I walked down Haymarket.  As I past by a bar in the back, some people spotted me.  It even feels odd that even when you past a double date, that girls look at you more than their dates.  One, who looked like Olivia Newton-John's Sandra Dee in the last scene of the movie Grease, was concerned about my cape.  I will tell you she gave a more logical explanation than Edna Mode, being that I would be caught in a bicycle, motorcycle, or scooter.  I told her I didn't own those, as well as why I decided to go with the cape.  She understood, but they left quickly.  There were a couple of ladies who were very interested in me.  I remembered professional, but I appreciated the care.  I did give them my card in case there was ever a time they needed me.  I will tell, the club was much more active than I perceived.  There were times I had to find a way around than just the sidewalk.  I passed by a couple of salesman that were selling Shawn Mendes concert T-shirts.  I looked at one of the shirts, but it was hard to tell if it was authentic or counterfeit.  All I could do was warn that they have to be real.  Unfortunate, but still something to work on in the. future.  As well, there was a guy who looked like Lil' John (the rapper) laughing about me.  I kept a solid face & tried to make sure he didn't take me as a joke.  Ehh, so-so, but he was no harm.  I did run into a couple of guys.  They did ask a lot of questions.  They were very good questions making sure I was on the up & up.  I assured them, & I did give a card so they can see my work & know I'm for real.  As I passed a building near Cambridge Street, I saw a security guard.  We talked.  He was Southie, reminding me of the old times & how his family was connected to Boston.  He told me about an old gang, the Mustangs.  He was real a great guy to talk to, & he felt good I was doing my job as real life superhero.  It felt great.  I passed by a homeless man I met at my last patrol Downtown.  We walked together & talked.  He needed something so we went to a 7-Eleven.  He got what he needed.  He was asking for money at first until he got to the shelter.  I was nervous.  But after I paid, I gave him ten dollars.  He was joyous, saying, "You really are a superhero."  The clerks looked at me proud.  I know, it's against real life super hero code to give money to the homeless, because of some of the vices they might spend on.  But sometimes always being strict about the rules & losing your heart, doesn't make you much of hero either.  If I'm going to prove that I will but my life & soul into this, I have to back it.  And that means not giving a damn of what's PC.  As I walked down one of the side streets.  I passed a couple kissing.  No need to worry.  But when I heard the lady say no, it was very concerning.  It could've date rape or a sexual assault, I might go back to it later.  As I passed Scholars there was a group that was mostly girls & one guy (no, he wasn't Jack Tripper).  As "Jack" felt very awkward & very afraid, the girls really wanted to talk to me.  I even said to him, "I think the girls are braver than you."  I did give them a card if they need to reach me, & I left.  As I walked up the same side street the couple.  I did act.  All I said is, if everything is all right.  The guy said, "I'm her boyfriend."  I di explain, but the lady was very understanding, saying they were just having a fight.  Since her demeanor was calm & happy, I left knowing everything was alright.  I knew it was risk & it may've made me look foolish.  But like the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  As I passed a movie theater there a couple who were really thrilled of seeing me.  They asked if I would help in the Boston schools due to incidences of sexual assault.  I said yes & gave them mu card for them to reach me.  I also told them to ask their boss to set things up so I can help.  That was amazing!  I went down that side street with gentleman's club there.  No police car, but I did see a man lurking in the shadows smoking a cigarette.  Knowing it probably might be a set up to a mugging, all I did was ask, "Is everything alright?"  He was infuriated, but he did say yes & I left.  At least his cover was temporarily blow.  I told an officer who was patrolling about what I spotted earlier & what.  He was appreciative of both, as we gave each other a fist bump.  I'm feeling more comfortable with Boston Police.  As I passed High Street, there was a moment where I told some guys rot calm down.  Later on as I approached a 7-Eleven near Arch Street.  They asked if I would help in certain occasion, as long as I'm not a vigilante.  I assured them that I wasn't & I gave them my card.  They even introduced me to their ride.  It felt good.  At 7-Eleven I got a couple of juices.  One for me, & one for a homeless man I saw at the corner.  As I brought the juice to the homeless, unfortunately, it was no good because he had diabetes.  I later put that juice on top of a lid of a trash can.  It may not look PC, but ever anyone needed it, it would be there.  My second go-round was told.  At Faneuil Hall, there was a young black man, who looked unconscious holding a cigarette.  I asked if he was okay several times.  I didn't get much of an answer.  I saw two men on the other side, so I went to them to ask about that.  The following was a real insult.  One of the men, laughed very immaturely & took me like a joke, even so much as asking me aside questions in a dire problem.  One of them, which had more maturity than the other guy, told me that they were over there for over thirty minutes but they were fine.  As I left,. the laughter was getting louder.  The people before who talked to mew ere much mature & treated me with respect.  That guy, I think he's a member of the Rolling Eye of Doom.  As I passed the other side, there was a lady who sounded like she was hurt.  I asked if everything was alright.  One of them, basically asked me to do some waving with my hands.  I think she was drunk.  Like last time, the police were around Haymarket.  I was more confident this time, knowing that I was really there to help ion the last occasion, so I was ready.  Immediately, there was a guy acknowledging me, & he was drunk.  He had friend with him, so I told him to call Uber & send him home.  I did see the app at work, so I left.  As I was in the back, there a bunch of workers for a club outside goofing off.  I lectured them to stay professional, this is an important time.  I told at the guy at the door. All he said, "Who the f**k are you?"  Yeah, & I pass by there a lot.  As I crossed to the West End, there was a lady in black dress as well as her friends.  She spotted me, & said, "I love superheroes."  I was going to giver her my card, but she wanted to catch up to her friends I which they were gone.  DAMN!  As I passed the Greatest Bar, the bouncers were real appreciative of what I do.  They even asked about Shadowwolf, who patrolled with me once, I felt good for him.  I did give my card, as I feel more confident than ever.  I did passed another club, no problems.  But one of either a worker or patron came up to me & said they were appreciative.  A friend told me he was drunk, but I asked if he could tell him I said thank you.  Soon as I was in Haymarket, I heard a scream, I ran immediately, only to find out one of my equipment dropped.  Thank God nobody was there, because that would've been a mess.  It'll be something I will have to work on.  Otherwise, a better patrol.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

August 12, 2019

On a day I don't normally patrol, I decided to patrol the South End for the first time.  There were concerns about the area of Methadone Mile.  However since I don't know where that is (I even tried Google & couldn't find it), I felt like it had to be like trial & error.  Anyway, I felt like asking anyone in the area was like the boys in the movie, Milk Money before they found Melanie Griffith (take it for what it's worth).  So I felt asking was out of the question.  I was very nervous because there was a lot of residential streets, almost feeling like a stuck out thumb.  As I went towards areas where there were homes & businesses I noticed something by Union United Methodist Church.  There were bags & I think papers left there with rocks holding them in place.  I looked down at the stairs outside going down, no one was there.  I had to leave it, because I felt it was like a marker for something.  I checked on a few people that were outside late at night.  They were okay but some couldn't care less. As I passed something I saw a man entering the area the back way.  It did caught my interest, but when I heard a noise, I looked & saw what was someone doing something to a car I went there first, which was a mistake.   Because by the time I went there, there was no one, a total illusion of the eye at night.  I checked the other area, but there was no one, the only thing was a parking garage.  I will tell you going around was a little tougher.  In one area, what I thought was a different street, turned out to be an area I shouldn't go.  It could've been a business like a community college, but it looked like a private housing area, so went out of there quickly.  I even went all the way down to Albany Street, a little near I-93.  I did see the buses sleep.  Compared to the trains in Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester, the trains have it better.  I will say from what I heard about the garbage from sources, they were right.  I do seee it as a concern.  I do hope elected officials will find a way to take care of that.  Another sad thing there two areas I did see some homeless people sleeping.  One by a park over by baseball bench.  The person even looked like an athlete.  The other was on the other side of a church by a door.  Normally, if they were awake, I would give them a cereal bar.  But asleep, but I'd be more like the boogeyman.  I did cross a Housing area.  Since I was on the sidewalk & not on property, I wouldn't be breaking rules.  But people can still see me over a fence.  A group outside, said WTF?  I told them who I was, & I wouldn't cross.  They appreciated it so I moved on.  I passed Blackstone Park where a couple was waiting for a bus.  A lady spotted me & we had a great conversation.  She took my picture, asked questions, & I gave her my card.  She was even helpful with some information.  As I went to a 7-Eleven, a man outside said it was closed.  All of a sudden a woman who looked a mix of being high & hurt came up to us.  She wanted a drink, but the store was closed.  She was very depressed.  Both me & the man were concerned, as we both tried to comfort her.  She soon left, but came up immediately later calling for her.  I had a bad feeling about this, so I went to make sure there wax no trouble.  As I took chase, there was an alley, I was going to go down there but I looked & once again saw a shadow.  I didn't know if it was them so I went towards the area.  I was immediately diverted by a man looking with a flashlight, seeing if he would find "diamonds."  As I checked doing double duty, it turned out it was very small rocks from the pavement that shined.  I warned him to stay with those & not anything else on the residential property.  Her denied doing that but better safe than sorry.  My chase ended when I was near the Boston Medical Center, there was no way, I could spot them in the crowd.  Disappointed, I headed back.  I told the man at 7-Eleven the news.  He told me they were probably going somewhere to get high & I did my best.  The consolation was that I made a friend.  As I was on Massachusetts Avenue, I heard some yelling, heavy yelling.  I checked it out, but they said everything was okay, so I moved on.  I did help some homeless people near the closed Pru with giving them some cereal bars.  One guy wished it was candy, but I said that this was probably better for him than that.  I passed by some tourist who enthralled to see me.  Another very active patrol.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

August 10, 2019

I was hope for a couple of laps with my patrol of South Boston.  Things started well with a family smiling as the spotted me walking.  As I passed a restaurant I heard a lady wishing & laughing that they weren't playing the game corn hole.  I saw the sport played on television, & believe me I can understand.  I passed a man hanging by a mailbox.  He told me not to go to that street because it was dangerous.  I looked at that street, & it looked like it was private housing.  As what Bee Sting experienced with an arrest years ago, I had no choice but to respect that.  Right now, I'm having a good relationship with the Boston Police.  I don't want to ruin it by letting my ego take over.  As I approached the clubs, people were calling me Batman, which I can tell you at this point that might as well be my second name.  I passed a lady who asked about me.  I explained & I gave her my card if she ever needs help.  As I went in a 7-Eleven getting my drink, there was a man who was complaining that, & please forgive me if I get it wrong, the vaping device he was looking for wasn't available.  Even thou I don't vape, I told him don't be afraid to shop around & find areas that might have it.  He thanked me & I moved on.  I soon saw a police SUV waiting at a stoplight.  Likewise, I was nervous.  Nevertheless I saluted the officers.  From what I see thru the window, they acknowledged.  As I passed a bar, I saw a lady waiting outside, then looking back.  I asked her if everything was okay.  She said yes, she was waiting for her friend to get out of the bathroom.  I went down West Third Street, I was covering a large area, best to conserve.  As I wen thru the bridge, there was a lady taking a picture.  Her boyfriend spotted & asked me questions.  One of them was, "How many criminals did you stop?"  I told him I didn't care about the statistics that I just do my job.  He liked my answer, showing that he thought I acted like a professional.  As I passed Lucky's, the bouncer spotted me.  We asked each other how things are going, he even asked about my route.  He was very interested about me.  I gave him my card, telling him if he needs my help, I'm right there.  The route was a little different, as I went down another street.  This one would be a dead end for cars, but I thought it was worth a look.  I could tell you as I went thru the Seaport, there were some people asking for my picture, one of which was a group of young adults.  They asked me a lot of questions like what to do for self-defense.  They really did like me & appreciate me.  I gave a couple of the girls my last two cards, which they showed by their camera phones while I explained like game show models.  I think they did very good as so.  As I passed another group, a lady said, "I love you.  Don't ever change."That brighten my day.  As I went up Sleeper Street, there was a guy by a barbecue place spotting me, & asking questions.  He said he really appreciated what I do.  As I went for my second lap, I spotted a lady having trouble, however she had everything under control.  I let her be only for a driver to asked, "Is it comic-con yet?"  I said it wasn't I'm just a real life superhero.  He was appreciative.  I asked if she was alright, & he said she was.  We wished each other well.  I soon passed a couple.  The lady asked me questions about the helmet, while the man came up & hugged me, for a long time.  I have to sa, it felt good to have the city of Boston show me such love.  I smiled as he said, "It's not everyday you hug a superhero." As I walked there was a couple walking faster.  I didn't notice any fear in their non-verbal communication, until they told me as they asked me to escort them.  They crossed the street as they reached Burger  King.  As I passed by, I soon saw an argument near Capo's its what seemed to be a manager & a disgruntled customer.  I tried to watch just in case it went out of control.  But I was spotted by someone, so I left. I went down East Broadway for the first time.  There were people I checked on, most of them very understand.  The last one I turned back, was a couple of girls sitting down.  Funny thing, they started asking if was.a magician.  As they left, I decided to turn back.  But I will admit, I did cover a large distance.  I di encounter some problems on the last corner.  There was a yuppie fixing his shoe.  I asked if everything was okay, he said yes.  But as checked on a couple who was waiting by a restaurant, he tried to kick me out.  Fortunately, the couple was more understanding, much more, than he was.  I passed a bus stop, & I noticed a lady in trouble.  Her friends said, that that she threw up.  I asked if she was going to the hospital.  But they said they had everything under control.  Remember the thing at Capo's?  As I turned out there was a police car there as I returned.  As I passed my final club, there were a group acting as if they were ready to be arrested, key word is acting.  They asked me about me being a superhero.  They complained about my helmet, my cape, my past.  They soon said they don't think I was really a superhero.  I've dealt with idiots like those in the past, but I will be careful when they will get touchy, even threatening to break fingers if they try to treat me like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  Sad thing one of them looks like Owen Wilson.  No more Cars trilogy & the Wedding Crashers for me.  A good patrol.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

August 9, 2019

I started on Mattapan tonight.  As I passed by a dive bar, I heard some yelling.  As I slowly walked, I came to check it out.  The security guard spotted me & asked about me.  I told him.  I saw a lady with a big man behind her, hugging her neck, saying, "Thank you for your service." I was originally concerned but since security was pretty casual, I walked by.  I began becoming a little more bold as I saw a car parked near some closed businesses.  I came up & checked it out.  Fortunately there was no problems.  I heard some conversations.  One of the people spotted me, & I talked with the whole group.  They were pretty welcome & glad that I was doing my job.  I walked down a side street, then I heard some noise.  I walked closely, there was party music.  As I was back, the a little child yelling hello at me.  I waved back, feeling good that my work is doing a lot of good.  It felt like more of a connection was getting better as I was talking with some of the residents along the way.  I even went past an area where some remembered me.  He asked me for money for a beff patty.  I was nervous, but after I researched the area where he was, I might feel more inclined to do so in the future.  As well, I tried a new area, by Edgewater.  This felt close to Hyde Park, WHICH I DID FOR THE FIRST TIME.  Nothing but residential, but pretty silent.  But as I passed a car carrier, I heard a noise. I shined my flashlight in the area, & called it out.  There was nothing.  As I walked back, I saw three people there.  All looked either possibly stoned & drunk.  I asked some questions.  They were apprehensive but they seemed alright.  I passed by a man in an orange shirt, asked me, "Capeman!  How are doing?"  I said I was fine, but I hope he wasn't thinking I was Inspector Gadget's sidekick.  As I walked back I saw an old friend, who asked me for another card.  He told me he was going for a job interview.  Please pray that this great person gets that job & he will be successful & treated with respect there.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

August 3, 2019

Even thou I went to Dorchester, I decided to try a different area for a change.  Finding a parking space was surprisingly easy, & so was spotting my first activity.  I heard what seemed to be a domestic argument.  I tried to find the source of the noise.  I had a strong feeling that it might be inside.  With that there might be something I'm nervous about.  Going in, even with best intentions might be more of a legal mess.  The perp might charge me for breaking & entering, which would be a huge problem.  The only way it could work is if it was in plain view, where the situation was in plain sight with any obstructions.  If any real life superhero or public servant has any idea I could go around it, please comment below or on my Facebook page.  Then it went for a dark turn.  I heard some yelling & a weird laughter.  I went down to investigate.  Fortunately it was plain view, unfortunately it was the only good thing.  Immediately as they spotted me they were laughing at me as if I was a joke.  Repeated use of the n-word on me, taking my picture as if it was a joke, & mocking that there was a superhero in the hood.  I told them I used to live there & one of my best memories where they thought it was joke.  One of them, the most mature of them all, said that everything was alright.  I left, but I have a strong feeling that I will meet with them again, & I'm afraid jokes, insults, & racial slurs will be the least of my worries.  But it wasn't all bad.  As I approached a convince store, some of the residents had a high respect for me.  One girl, who had a button used to show those murdered by violence in the streets of Boston, asked how they can reach me.  I gave them my card to show how.  I managed to make it to Codman Square, where there was more activity, the neighbors were a bit nicer.  As I went on the other side, I saw a man in what I believe was a Brooklyn Dodgers hat on the hood of a car.  I asked if everything was alright, he said yes & thank you.  I passed by three guys, one who spoke little English, & another who saw the documentary Superheroes.  I told them who I was & he was fascinated.  I gave him my card, & shook everyone's hand.  My sort of activity came, when I passed a car with engine running & the door open.  No big deal, unless you see it was near a business that closed & locked.  I went by & asked if everything was alight.  A lady came out, a blue outfit, with beige knee-high boots, & make-up that was overdone, surprising for a woman her age.  She said everything was alright, as her & her friend stepped out & heading somewhere.  Second time I see a lady wearing makeup poorly.  Even thou there wasn't much, I did show I can expand myself in positive, more effective way.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

August 2, 2019

You know how they say, the minute you walk out of the door everything changes?  Consider my door from the elevator.  The minute I got out to the lobby a couple was heading out to leave when they spotted me.  The lady, who was wearing a nice, black evening dress, asked for a picture which her husband took.  I assured the husband, "No jealousy."  Even when she said, "Love you." to me, I assured him again, "No jealousy."  I will tell you I started very late.  Boston traffic after all.  As I left the garage area, I saw something suspicious nearby.  I went to investigate.  It was a bunch of kids have fun, with one of them being way too excited.  I told him to stay cool, & all of them to be safe.  As I was at Faneuil Hall area again, there was a slight relief that the jackass dirt bikers were not there, just a giant tow truck hauling a massive truck that broken down.  Let's say popularity got quick right away.  There was this group of young adults spotting me quoting references from the Dark Knight trilogy.  They asked to do a Batman imitation.  I did the iconic quote from the Animated Series when the villain Scarecrow debuted, "I am vengeance.  I am the night!   I AM BATMAN!!!"  They said mine needed work.  I was however worried about a paddy wagon passing by.  I asked the bouncer at Sissy K what was going on. H e insisted that I go & help.  I would've loved to, but I remembered a situation in South Carolina during a domestic dispute when a man in an actual Batman costume (I belief the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy version), & the police pushed him away as a joke.  As much as I want to help, basically being foolish at this point would do me more harm than good.  But I told him, pray that it get's to the point where they will actually have a Bat-signal for me.  As I was heading to Haymarket, I heard some screaming, I went to investigate, but a homeless man quickly distracted me, asking for money.  Hastily, unfortunately, I gave him a cereal bar, & head off to the investigation.  Fortunate, it was some girls having way too much fun.  I will tell you as I checked the club areas.  There were people who basically got excited seeing "Batman," even making up some funny emergencies.  As I was meeting one of the employees in the area, checking if everything was okay, he asked what job I have that I make money in.  TMI JERK, TMI!  As I was passing near the area near the Government Center garage.  A guy asked that if I stared into him long enough, will he turn to stone?  We all know that's Medusa that does that.  I told him a basilisk dragon, one look can kill.  He was spooked, but I told him I don't kill, but if he does something wrong, the look will still intimidate. He promised he'll be good.  As I was heading down, there were three ladies cheering me.  One of them pointed out it was her birthday.  I wished her a happy birthday, went over, & kneeled before her.  The girls thanked me as I walked off.  There was a man who was placing a radio near an area.  When he placed it in different area, I came up to him & asked why he did that.  He said wanted to spread music for the sake of peace.  It was a beautiful gesture, but I wondered if Highway to Hell would basically help in that?  As I went to Dunkin Donuts for my coffee, some people were banging the windows when they spotted me.  Not to create a problem.  I apologized to cashier, & left with my coffee.  As I was by Cambridge Street, there was an old man who was not aware of his senses, crossing the street haphazardly.  I immediately jumped over, & when I made it to an island I yelled, "STOP!"  He did, & awe waited together until it was safe to cross.  I felt good that prevented something that could've been a disaster.  I actually went down a street I was very concerned about when I passed it one time as a civilian.  There was a gentleman's club nearby.  I spotted a police car at the end of another street, but there was something suspicious.  There was a black SUV with tinted windows all around with engine running & the back passenger window open slightly halfway.  Nearby the was a Hispanic woman who had her make-up look so weird, it almost felt like it was done by a first-timer.  It suspicious, but she was on the phone.  I was more worried about the car, but as I looked behind, it had Massachusetts plates.  Yes, it was in an odd position, but there was no way to check it.  Unfortunately I had to leave it be.  As I went on, there a couple of ladies who spotted, s aid hello, & thanked me for what I do.  Then as I reached the corner, there were these two guys, who asked me to get "Robin".  They asked for a picture, then they went a little touchy-feely.  Had to leave.  As I crossed one of the streets, there was a fire engine racing.  One of the people said to me, "Hey Batman!  There's a fire over there why don't you go over & help."  It's amazing how the city of Boston, is developing faith in me, probably more than I deserved.  I went down Otis Street again, & I saw the same suspicious car.  I also saw a security car.  I went to the security officer to explain everything.  For someone who has the job of protection she didn't do a good job.  She was timid, made assumptions, & was very wary when I came up to her, asking for space, even thou I was reasonable distance.  I told about the number of times I spotted it, & I asked her to call the police.  Alexa Bliss can definitely be a better a security guard then the one there (she was also probably about five feet.  Hey, I had to make everything accurate!). As I went for a second mini-lap, I heard a noise down the street.  I went to investigate.  I waited patiently but a passing car distracted me.  As I went she, called, but when I turned around, she said mistakenly thought I was someone else.  The crowd disperse & I went on.  As I went back, a trio spotted me.  We talked & exchanged business cards.    I went to the bouncer & asked what went on earlier.  They said there was someone with a shiv.  He was worried, but I told I knew what I was doing.  As I passed there was a guy calling names, I turned around & he said sorry.  But then he yelled, "Pussy."  It didn't matter who the insult was meant for.  Charged up immediately but as soon as his friends were defensive.  I immediately took control, & warned him to be more respectful to others.  I passed by lady vaping asking her if everything was alright.  She said it was.  As I crossed Haymarket, I noticed there were police cars present.  I had to professional, no time for foolishness.  There were people calling me out & some thanking me.  But I soon saw three people lying on the ground.  I asked if they were alright.  Even thou said he was, I noticed his eyes looked bloodshot.  Knowing there was a policeman there, I went up to him & told him what happened.  He said he would check it out.  As I went up to the other area, I saw it was getting volatile.  As soon as I heard a woman screaming, "HE HIT ME!!!"  I ran immediately like a bat out of hell.  The bouncers had control & did a good job.  I just stood by just to be ready if I was necessary.  As everything went under control, I noticed one of the antagonists, was standing by alone.  Yes, they had everything under control, they had the right amount in the right area, but leaving one person outside the area sight would have the possibility of retaliation, especially when there were others who were still there during the situation.  I did leave in respect, knowing they had it under control, but asked to probably stand by that person, JUST TO WATCH so there's no trouble, would probably have been wise idea.  Something to look at especially in the future.  But otherwise I handled it well, went to the emergency quickly, let the proper procedures kick in, waited in preparation when necessary, & left when things were in control.  The same thing over at another club.  Watching & waiting.  The thing is not let ego step in.  You're not in the lineup yet, you're the pinch hitter, the relief pitcher.  When the time comes, wait & pick your spot.  The bouncers can do the job, you're there just in case things go out of hand.  Patience is key!  Now as I went, there was a fight that was going on in an area.  The police officer I told earlier was handling the situation.  Yes, the police were there.  But since it was one officer & the other one was way on the other side, I had to stay in stand-by.  It wasn't about ego, with the amount of the crowd there, I was more the look out.  But as soon as I heard some screaming, with one officer breaking up a fight, another on the other, there was nobody covering that area.  I had no choice but to step in.  Fortunately, it was just some people being rowdy.  They took a picture with me, & I was off.  I checked on the officer, & I told him I had his back.  The last one there was a group of people being drunk.  I soon asked if there was anyone sober.  There was.  We had a conversation, one being from New Zealand.  They thanked me & I was on my way.  Damn good patrol!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

July 27, 2019

As I was walking down B Street in South Boston, I saw a lady outside a car with the ignition on.  Nothing out of the ordinary, except from the looks on the alley it looked very thin & very small.  I went to investigate.  I asked if everything is okay.  She said it is, but asked if I was with the Neighborhood Watch.  I told her I wasn't, that I was a real life superhero.  She thanked me for what I was doing.  It was pretty quiet for a long end.  People playing cornhole inside a restaurant, even people on their phones.  As I crossed to the nightlife people were noticing me. One guy asked what was my powers, I just went with observation.  The other guy also played along.  I have to ask, why just because I am a superhero, I have powers?  Batman doesn't have that (being rich doesn't count), Green Arrow doesn't have it; people should read comic books a little bit better.  There was a lady who asked for my card to ask how she can be a real life superhero.  Seeing the fact that people want to do good, because they see someone does good makes me feel proud.  I tried to go to the Seaport again.  I managed to go down another street.  As I walked there were some ladies on the other side.  I watched by a walk light as an SUV that came down to make sure there was no problems.  As soon as it left I went on my way.  I went down Sleeper Street but along the way, I posed with a picture with a great citizen.  I saw the Seaport.  It was simply, some people waiting for an Uber ride.  Ironically there was a lady in a gown sitting on a bench.  I asked if everything was okay.  She said yes, waiting for an Uber.  But she asked what is with the cape.  I told her I was a real life superhero.  As I passed Lucky's some of the people said hello.  I even talked to the bouncer to ask if everything was okay.  He told me it was fine & saluted my work.  Great patrol.