Sunday, February 18, 2018

On the Parkland shooting

When I first heard the Parkland shooting, I was beyond words, beyond thought.  Looking at how a teenager got an AR-15, brought into a school on Valentine' Day for God's sakes, & shoot & kill people.  It breaks my heart.  As real life superheroes, we try to make sure we help the community.  But this is no comic book, this is no movie, this hell of no CW show, this is reality.  I always believe that you can be part of the problem or part of the solution, & I also believe that evil triumphs when good people do nothing.  Which hardens me when I see people argue over whose truly to blame, what they feel can be done.  Dammit!  When is the Arguments going to stop & we are going to work together like adults.
For me this strikes personally.  I heard that the shooter had emotional problems, and that there were times to help, but nobody came.  I remember when I was in high school., being bullied and felt alone.  There were cries for help, there moments of action I took, but nobody came.  I remembered how comic books helped me out tremendously.  Reading Batman gave me hope of the person I can be, but there was something else.  I remember going thru tough times, teachers told me to just be quiet.  Not everyone was assholes, mind you, but took away my coping devices, said I was too weird, & that made me feel more isolated.  I remember crying in a guidance counselor's office, & guidance counselor came, & said be quiet.  But I also remember after a practice I had in wrestling, of being bullied by JVs on my senior year.  I cried & prayed to God for miracle, I got a "spirit."  The cheerleading coach at the time, one of the few good people that I can count was there, comforted me until my mother got me & drove me home.  That helped me tremendously.  I thought about it a lot, especial after the Aurora shooting, the what if if it wasn't her but Sue Sylvestor from Glee, what if?  I could never find a way to thank her & all cheerleaders everywhere for that one moment where I felt like I was a human being.  We need heroes, like me & her, to help other people, those in mental distress & those who need help in that situation.  So the arguers, grow up!  Stop saying you're right, & find a way to work together to end this war.  I don't want to patrol a war zone, but everybody is closing in on making that we are in one.

Monday, December 25, 2017

December 24, 2017

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  In my early years, I gave toys to under-privileged children knowing blessed my Christmases was, to make sure I sure I spread the love.  But this is the first Christmas patrol I ever spent as a real life superhero.  I almost was questioning my sanity, why I would do this, when everyone would be asleep to wait for Santa.  But remember, the good boys & girls wait for Santa, while the bad ones just don't care.  And anyway, the holidays have always proven to be the most worked, because of arguments, ER visits, & fights done by people who never grew up.  Oh Stevie Wonder, "Someday at Christmas..."  First thing I noticed was what sounded like a small dogs yelping outside.  Of all nights to see that, it broke my heart.  Yes, I could've reported or knocked on the door.  But at the time, letting that be known would've been a big mistake in a legal aspect.  The most heart-breaking thing about this, there are those you can't save not because you won't, but you can't.  I've encountered people like that before.  Those that want to help, but aren't in the position to do anything.  Those you can't sin, only those who say they help, but choose to ignore.  As I crossed one street, there were small signs that almost seem like an omen.  An ambulance was parked next to where I was waiting for the lights, a bus having the words "Rest in Peace," on its sign.  It was comforted by a man in his car honking and waving, at least you know you're doing your job.  Then I passed a convenience store (I will be vague only because of what comes next)  Two homeless men looked at me & asked for a smoke.  I had some granola bars I usually give homeless people and I use for energy.  He wasn't appreciative of the granola, since he can't smoke it (True, but if crushed with yogurt and fruit it makes a damn good parfait)  Then he said, "Do you have dope?"  I had to listen to be clear.  Everything was vague in whether they were looking for dope or if the had it.  Knowing that dope is marijuana, a Class D drug, it did raise some eyebrows.  As I walked away, I remember the Halloween patrol a couple of years ago, where I let a potential burglar get away because I felt I wasn't worthy to confront or call 911.  Knowing that I dialed 911 to be certain.  Since my mask made it hard to hear the phone, I had to put it on speaker.  The guy soon came up in my face accusing me of placing fake charges.  Crying out saying I was falsely accusing him & about my mask.  I can tell you at that moment, even thou no weapons were used, no physical contact was done, I felt I was about to die.  But I remained totally calm.  I didn't attack, 911 was still on & recording, & the ladder of violence that all real life superheroes & police officers have to abide by; all he did was verbal threats, not physical.  I had to remain calm, & look at the threat straight in the eye.  They soon left and I explained to 911 what happened.  The police who were there I explained everything.  And I will say this right now, the 911 operator did an excellent job on the call.  She remained calm & professional, knowing my life was in danger, & knowing whose voice is which.  The police were professional & respectable.  They even asked about my uniform.  All involved were very understanding.  I know I have to keep this vague, but if their bosses would see this blog right now, all I can say please give them an extra Christmas bonus.  I ended early thou, first if I would've ran into them again, I would've been dead, or if I was on such a high, I would've been reckless.  But for the first time in my career, I felt I honestly had my Gotham City.  Merry Christmas!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 28, 2017

Managed to do something new.  Patrol for the first time in the new mask.  I can tell you from all the negatives I heard, it was misproven.  Sight wasn't an issue, hearing was perfect, & since the lenses were removed, it was easy to take care of the sweat around my eyes.  The only thing, remember in an old Avengers comic when Daredevil & Iron Man were turned to stone, Iron Man was cognizant but couldn't scratch his nose because his armor was stone, that's how I felt.  So far it went well.  I managed to help a couple of tourists with directions twice & a couple of guys interacted with me as if I was one of the boys.  I even gave a granola bar to a homeless lady.  But even with Halloween, where adults dress up in costumes as well, let's just say my mask worked TOO WELL in putting the fear in the hearts of people.  I got a lot of remarks like, "Scary as fuck," "That's creepy.  Keep walking fast."  From the start things went well, but all of a sudden, I felt so out of place.  One of the things I got to work on is feeling comfortable in my own skin.  I had this problem even before Day 1.  To any real life superheroes, rookies, middle, or veterans, never feel scared about laughing about yourself.  Think Joan Rivers.  I managed to do a driving patrol of another part of Boston.  I felt more calm as I got a better perspective of what to look for the second time.  More to fuel in.  All in all, a very informative patrol.  I am debating whether to use the helmet again, but I don't have long to figure out as I hope my next patrol is soon.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

October 14, 2017

My first official solo drive to a patrol (I think.)  I had to park on a side street not to arouse suspicion.  I was going to wear my new helmet, but I felt I need to wait until I got used to treating it like second skin, even with the new modifications.  I was wearing my duster, which proved to be a mistake in a balmy sixty-three-degree October night.  I should've wore the sleeveless trench-coat, more fitting to the warm temperatures.  It felt like Labor Day 2009 in my old uniform.  I managed to walk the side streets, or at least "dip my toes in the water."  It got easier as it progressed.  As I walked passed a side street, I noticed a pick-up truck closely blocking a driveway.  One of the websites I follow would call this illegal parking."  I didn't have the app for the phone to take a picture.  All it would've come down to is a ticket.  It's a pain in the ass, but it isn't a felony which is mandatory for our patrol work.  I don;t think RLSH gets involved in traffic matters, but I will check for future reference.  As I passed a barber shop, I noticed for young men, possibly Latino, hanging around in the parking lot.  It looked suspicious to have that much outside at night & no cigarettes, but I had little to prove other than mere suspicion.  I still fear that I have a feeling of being a freak.  I was going to check on the way back if they were still there.  Another thing, was a young African-American man was leaning to the car talking to the driver while the ignition was on.  Once again suspicious, especially since they looked at me as if they had guilty feelings.  But once again, only a hunch, nothing to prove probable cause.  As I was going farther I passed a strip mall near a traffic light where I was going to cross.  I heard yelling at me, but when a man came up to me, asking if he would take a selfie with me, how can I refuse.  He made me feel comfortable as we talked.  He said he was heading to Burlington to see his girl.  As the light came on, I said my good byes.  As I was walking, I noticed it was getting hotter & hotter, so I turned back, damn!  A couple saw me, & thought I was a mix between Dracula & Batman.  I explained myself, & we left on good terms.  I felt more comfortable in my own skin, no matter how hot I felt.  As I came back, there was none of my suspicions.  At least I didn't make a fool out of myself.  The patrol felt longer, & even thou there was no conflict, I felt more comfortable in my own self.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 16, 2017

On Tuesday seven years ago, I faced a major change in my change in my life as Basilisk.  I was injured severely after a mugging from what I found out to be a drug dealer.  I ended with fifteen staples to my skull, with one and a half inches close to death.  Supermom, who & a good samaritan saved my life, with Supermom ending with a heart attack & being on life support.  When she came to, she ended up losing the ability to drive, work, & walk normally.  My family finds "Basilisk" as the black sheep of myself.  I never forgot that moment & I still live it to this day.
Which shows that this patrol is especially important.  I did a new area, I recently "re-toured."  Parking was surprisingly easy.  Coming out, a lady looked at me & said my coat looked like the one from Lawrence Fishburne from "The Matrix."  The patrol was short, especially doing a new area at night, but it was productive.  I looked at a few people standing around, it was hard to tell whether there was evil afoot, as to say.  That's where observation & alertness has to reach the next level.  I did watch as an old man was walking back with groceries & looked as a man who was very dazed was walking towards him.  I kept looking until the dazed man passed the elderly man.  I noticed I was extremely calm throughout the whole thing.   Noticing I had a short patrol, I decided to a car patrol.  Big mistake!
As I drove, I felt more alien in the new area.   I wanted to end the patrol.  I unwittingly turned the wrong way on a one way street.  I was more scared, but I had to chin up.  I was lucky, the worst thing was I was scolded by a driver as I passed him by.  I didn't feel as bad, as I knew it was a teachable moment.  But I felt more revved up for the next patrol.  BUt I still have a lot to learn.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

September 9, 2017

There is a story I want to start of with that is totally different, but has an eire similarity.  Years ago, a few months after the injury, I was supposed to go to the Boston Comic-con.  I got tickets, I was in uniform.  But the sad thing was there was no parking spaces in the area.  Frustrated, we cancelled the trip.  I was to suggest with my family, that I can still make a mini-patrol, since I was in uniform.  Remembering the injury, my relative was livid, banging on the steering wheel saying another injury WILL occur.  I decided to nix the idea.
Come to today.  I was going to do an area, but I couldn't find an parking garages in the area, since they were full.  Disappointed I stopped that area patrol.  But as I head back, I remembered that I had another area in mind.  So I went to the other area.  Driving there was tricky, but thru the seat of my pants, I made it.  Find a parking space in that situation was hard, but I soon managed.  I was nervous being in it.  I managed to do about a half an hour, quality not quantity.  Nervous about the car was making me edgy.  I passed by lights at a house that was blarring loud hip-hop music.  I head fire engines, or it might be ambulances going past.  I cut off when I approached the restaurant, but then things got interesting.  As two girls were walking, I noticed to boys walking with an aggressive body language.  All I did was give an evil stare, & they went into the house.  I think I might've prevented a mugging or worse because hooking up at this hour was fool hardy.  I noticed a group of kids laughing as I past.  What would've been a great opportunity at networking was missed.  A learnable moment.   I feel the body language learning when it comes to knowing suspicious behavior mixed with my confidence has to be taken up a notch in order to be effective.   As I went back, I found more ways to better.  This is a teachable moment, as tomorrow I will do some more exploring to get to know the area next.  "Are you ready for some RLSH?"

Thursday, September 7, 2017

World War Tothian

I know this is going to get me in trouble with the real life superhero community, but with the current situation with Tothian, I couldn't stand by the sidelines anymore.  But first I want to give my observances of comic book history in the nineties.  In especially Marvel Comics, there were heroes like Punisher, Ghost Rider, Palidin, & especially Wolverine.  These were heroes who took their crime fighting to extreme.  All the status quo heroes found them to be freaks & disgraces.  I always found it frustrating when heroes like Spider-Man scolded heroes like Punisher for taking to the next level.  Of course, DC had their fair share, especially my hero Batman with Huntress.  Even with their history pre-Crisis, everything changed.  It was depressing.  Granted I will never take that level, & the world we live in nowadays, I hope any RLSH will never take it the fatal level.
My point, there has been reports that people want Tothian to step down as a real life superhero.  Hell, there was a petition for it.  I remember one Facebook post, one of the sad many, that in summary his methods are no longer welcome.  First, remember our times when we go on patrol in our uniforms.  One of the things we always worry about police, when they feel that we are "threatening" the status quo.  It is one of scariest feeling any real life superhero goes thru.  To have fellow heroes face that same judgment is blasphomous.  Looking at shows like CW's Arrow or Flash, for example, we see how the heroes each season goes down a peg because their "friends" feel like the heroes are embarrassing themselves, when they really feel the embarrassment that never hit them.  Quality suffer, as well as self confidence.  I believe that's one reason that super heroes do get the same aurora like they used to & how we, as real life super heroes, have to step up to keep that drive going.
Now I know some of the criticisms of Tothian, and some of them are correct.  But even thou he may have belamouses, but I'm not perfect, & neither are all of you.  We're human, we're superheroes, but we're human.  If it gets to point where we get rid of someone we disagree with, we maybe just as much next.  After all Tothian did some great things as well.  He got us a focus in our community as real life superheroes as he found the Heroes Network, where we would have our own community of acceptance.  He was thru it all.  Destroying that, would be destroying our history of who we are.  And we could be next.  And what's left.  The bald Superman before the one in Action Comics #1 (look up your comic book history)
You guys are my family.  I think being a real life superhero is the best, even better than in the comics, cartoons, television, & movies.  We need to keep thing going so the next generation can be inspire & aspire to greatness.  And to those who don't like what I say, don't blog it, don't post it on social media.  Say it to my face.  I'll give you more respect for that.  Let's not have another Marvel Civil War.  If we don't, it could be a lot worse than in the mini-series.  How's that for "One More Day?"