Sunday, March 17, 2019

March 17, 2019

The second part of the St. Patrick's week-end patrols went better than yesterday.  First, I decided to grab a meal early before the traffic.  I went to the local Hooters restaurant in Dedham for a bite to eat.  The ladies there were great, especially for the beautiful lady behind the bar.  The manager was also understanding.  I had a buffalo chicken sandwich (of course).  After the meal, I hit traffic (so Plan A failed).  It was however easier than yesterday.  However, I went earlier than yesterday & it showed.  There were few people.  I had to do a couple of rounds just to make up for it.  Once again, I started to feel like a celebrity.  A couple of men asked for a picture with me.  I went to the North End for the second or third time, ever!  It showed as I passed a Pizzeria Regina, there was somebody who yelled as if I was trouble.  I left immediately.  I managed to pass by Quincy Market a few times.  A couple of men saw me & asked questions about what I do & my name.  They asked if I take mugshots?  I said I wear a cup.  They were grateful.  As I went to Downtown, I saw a police presence over at Boston Common due to the recent attacks in New Zealand.   I avoided the area.  I helped the homeless with cereal bars.  It was a very sobering moment.  While everyone else is having celebrations on holidays, there are those who can't afford to celebrate.  Two of the people I helped were grateful that I was the first to acknowledge them.  One of them was a veteran who was trying to take care of very ill woodpecker.  All the more reason we should be grateful for what we have.  The kids always give me a reason to love my job.  I could only imagine if I was their age & I saw Batman for the first time.  All the more reason this is rewarding.  Also as rewarding was when I went by a club called the 2Twenty2.  The bouncer was grateful & introduced me to his fellow security & staff.  For the first time, I felt like one of the fellow protectors in Boston officially.  I even high fives someone who rode in a Lyft.  This was for me, a great reason to be alive.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

March 16, 2019

Part one of my two-part St. Patrick's week-end patrol started well.  All throughout I was referred as Batman.  It started at the bars of Haymarket, as some young adults spotted me.  I managed to give some pictures.  This was the norm all throughout the patrol.  For someone not dressed in green, I certainly know how to make the holiday interesting.  It was quite the norm as I had the club hoppers looking at me rather than causing trouble.  I am starting as well to develop a keen eye at spotting what's out of the norm, which is a good thing.  I managed to give some cereal bars as well to some homeless people as well.  I had a break taking advantage of Dunkin's Iced Coffee deal as well as the restroom, in which I for got to zip my fly afterward (awkward!). I covered the Common as well as Chinatown and the Leather District.  My first run-in to duty came in as I started on South Boston.  I spotted a car with the trunk open in the Post Office parking lot.  I was concerned.  Not only for a battery life but the possibility of a disaster.  I called the police.  The windy weather didn't help with communication.  They came later on & took care of the incident, thank God!  As I passed the bars on Broadway, it was very interesting.  One lady even tried to give me her number, but I had a feeling she had a boyfriend with her.  Also a guy yelled "H**y S**t!" as he ran away.  I found out from someone in Southie that the parade tomorrow will take up until evening, which means that tonight will be the only night I will cover South Boston.  But a touching moment came when a boy spotted me, as I talked to him, it gave me new meaning & purpose why I do a job that I love.

Monday, March 11, 2019

March 10, 2019

I did my first patrol in about two months & I showed no rust.  I worked with fellow real life superhero Shadowolf.  We covered a very conservative set bas I looked all around Dorchester.  The snow made it hard to walk thru, I might think about getting a smaller cape for situations like those in the future.  As well, I covered a large amount of territory, which was for me an amazement.  We talked a little bit but at the same time looked at the patrol.  There was little going on, especially for a Sunday night, fortunately the weather wasn't a problem, as it was bad earlier.  We managed to get some acknowledgement from some people hanging around, even thou they asked for a dollar or a light.  It was quiet, but a good patrol.  Looking forward to this weekend for St. Patrick's Day.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

January 11, 2019

The first patrol of 2019 was one of those patrols, however short, had its purpose of people knowing me.  It started ask I was walking out in the freezing weather.  As my chest was nice & warm, my arms felt frozen.  I remember Baby Fozzie's joke on Muppet Babies, when he saids he had rights, "The Right to 'Bear Arms.'"  (I know, awful pun.  But believe me it fit the situation.).   As I walked I ran into some people & a lady stopped me, & asked me where the bar & tavern, "The Intermission" was.  You know you feel stupid, when you maybe the protector of Boston, but you don't know where all the eateries are in the area.  The group pulled her out, but she thanked me anyways.  Yes, it was one of those nights.  As I walked, I felt like, "What part of me thought it was a good idea to patrol when not many people go out in this weather?"  But later on I think as I approached more people, gave cereal bars to homeless people, being a hero, as it was best said by "The Rock," "IT DOESN'T MATTER IF IT'S COLD!"  As I passed Haymarket T stop two kids saw me.  You know there's a magic when children see superheroes.  That magic very much warmed my heart on that cold night.  We gave fist bumps, high fives.  I even included the mother, not to make anyone jealous.  I passed Park Street.  And I noticed on the side street where cars were blocking passages by the garage on both sides.  As I was going to question either, one of them moved.  Probably for a parking space.  I even went past Downtown Crossing.  One person spotted me, & was impressed with my uniform (he called it a costume, but why be PC, even if you are a real life superhero?). As I was going down I heard the sound of a siren as a paddy wagon pulled by.  I turned around, but it turned out they were heading for the bank nearby. Lucky me.  I passed by another area where three guys spotted me.  And for the first time, ever, I was referenced by the movie "Kick-Ass."  Another huge support.  It was a day where there wasn't much action, but huge incentive for being a real life superhero.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

December 24, 2018

Managing a last minute change, I decided to patrol Dorchester.  I t was late but seeing the lights on Christmas Eve night was real beautiful.  I managed to get into a lot more detail with my patrols, starting to feel comfortable in my work.  My first encounter was with a gypsy cabbie near Ashmont station who thought I was Dracula.  I also heard some yelling from a corner, as I walked back I noticed a guy by the door talking on a cell phone.  Knowing how hard it is to get service, I walked on.  As I walked down I noticed four young men horsing around, one even hiding behind a lightest. As I came by, & asked them what they were doing out this late at night, they couldn't give me a clear answer.   As I walked, a casually tailed them with giving much suspicion, but knowing them they'd make a big deal anyway. I noticed they were heading down to the 7-Eleven over at Fields Corner. I looked by the parking lot.  Thank God it wasn't a robbery.  But to be sure I backtracked.  Fortunately, another man exited the area.  If there was any real trouble, that man wouldn't have walked out in a casual manner.  So I went back.  With that good use of observation, surveillance without being spotted, & discipline in knowing when & when not to act.  Either way, I think those guys might get coal in their stocking.  I managed to walk farther, but when I passed another 7-Eleven, there was a guy who dressed like Sue Sylvester from Glee asking me to buy them a cigarette, followed by another man who peeked out of the window.  Do they know the cigarette laws?  Anytime you have to buy tobacco products, you have to show identification.  Imagine me having to buy smokes, removing my mask, & giving my ID.  Not smart!  I encountered another lady, who was a good friend.  She appreciated my work, but alas also asked for smokes.  I talked about the situation earlier, but she was so sweet.  We even did a secret handshake, which felt cool.  I headed back when I saw siren lights over at the other end, best not make my situation worse.  As I walked a guy, probably one of the same guys began yelling, which was weird.  Also I noticed a man walking out of the alley.  I watched as he left, & decided to check to make sure if everything was okay.  However I was diverted when an SUV came out of the alley.  Fortunately I managed to see when I was on one of the side streets.  Fortunately no problems.  There was also a mother & son walking out late.  I figure the man was holding a bag, & a woman was walking with a cane.  Knowing they would be easily panicked,  I managed to go one the side streets to make sure they don't feel like they aren't being followed.  As it turned out they were heading to midnight mass over at a local church.  I watched a girl getting a gate open to make sure her friend would be able to get home after what seems to be a party.  I offered to help but she didn't need it.  As I also walked back I noticed some people with packages.  I offered to help, but they were okay, but I had a huge kick of one of the kids calling me Batman.  I think the biggest scare was after I crossed the street on Gallivan Boulevard a Jeep came speeding as a bat out of hell.  I was lucky I was already to the curb.  And speaking of immature, as I walked past the hospital, I noticed three men dancing like a joke with a hip-hop song while getting in a car.  And they say me getting dressed as a superhero was immature.  It was an interesting patrol, but one where I am starting to feel more comfortable with each step.

Monday, December 24, 2018

December 23, 2018

The second night of my Christmas patrols took me to Southie.  It was more silent since we were close to the holidays.  The only that might've been was probably some bar fights or people imitating the Grinch (& if you've seen the number of movies with him, I wouldn't be surprised if he went for his own comic book.  Yeah, I think Marvel will do that!  The mouse has a way with words, just watch the Disney Channel).  (Anyone who loves Disney, I apologize.). One person gave me my first compliment, "You're crushing it with the cape."  That was the first time I ever heard that. I think Joan Rivers would get me best dressed (God!  I miss her!). I managed to do more side streets.  It felt like such a rush.  I'm feeling more comfortable in my work.  As I passed a bunch of guys, some made a vague Darth Vader reference.  I think I might need to see Obi-Wan about that, I hope he knows I'm not the one from Episode IV, or III.  I passed someone near the Lincoln Pub calling for a friend.  I tried getting his attention, but no go.  She asked about me, & I introduced myself.  Then she didn't care & either texted or smoked a cigarette.  As I was crossing from West to East Broadway, I didn't realize there was a hill there.  I almost felt like it was take the wind out me.  So I changed direction & went down my first side street.  It was a residential, one I haven't done fully since Plymouth in 2012, when an officer kicked me off my patrol & made a group home reference (YES I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT THAT!). However this was different.  As I kept walking I felt I made every child & adult feel safe to have dreams of sugarplums dancing their heads.  And as I walked & passed a police car, I felt more confident.  This made me feel like I can go anywhere & not feel like a freak.  However learning new spots can be challenging & scary.  I managed to keep my cool.  I soon found where I was when I remember a funeral home I passed several times when I patrolled South Boston, named Casper Funeral Home (Make you own reference.  I'm not touching that one.). But I can say is thank you to that friendly ghost.  Which suddenly a crack happened.  It was plastic run over by a large SUV.  As I made it past.  I felt I made huge advancement in my patrolling.  Christmas Eve is a night off due to weather.  But I am definitely looking forward to Christmas Day.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

December 22, 2018

What is probably the start of a Christmas run full of patrols, something I haven't been doing in a while.  It started rather decently.  Getting to know different areas are always helpful & this was the first time I ever went to different areas.  One of the first good deeds came, when I spotted a homeless man.  I remembered my past mistakes & brought some cereal bars with me.  The man thanked me, & we became good friends.  A funny thing happened to me thou when I crossed to the West End.  There were three guys hanging around in the cold December weather (depending on how you look at it) & they were amazed to see me.  They were like a child meeting a celebrity or their biggest hero.  They asked me questions,  thanked me up & down.  They introduced me to people who were walking around the street, even stopping a car to tell them I am here.  It was a big thrill but I was nervous as hell.  They said they wanted me on their podcast (Guys, if you're reading this I am holding you up to it).  It felt good as I walked.  But there were times it was humbling.  One placed I passed there was a woman who looked sickly.  I was going to give her a cereal bar, but she said she needed something to drink.  I asked if there is anything I could do, call for hell, ask for a friend or family member to pick her up, but she said there was nobody.  All she could do at that moment was try to vomit.  I felt bad, but there was nothing I could do.  One of the most humbling things about this is for all the powers you can have, they are times you can't help that person.  And the last thing you want to do is make it worse.  Although, one person asked if I had weed or another asking if I had a beer, both awkward.  Speaking of which, there was a blind homeless man trying to cross a street.  A good samaritian was trying to help, but I figured she had more trouble get thru with the traffic & I noticed he was moving slowly.  I ran over trying to help.  One thing the man asked do you have any money, & here is where thing get stupid.  I said, "I have a cereal bar."  Now this is a blind man in the middle of traffic.  He pushed me off & yelled don't touch me.  I noticed he was still in the middle of traffic & I tried to get him to safety but he would have none of it.  Thank God, another Good Samaritan came to help get him to safety.  I felt like crap, but the samaritan actually thanked me, & said I was a good hero,  However I didn't feel like I really did any good.  I damaged to get to Chinatown for the first time, & I can tell you it was amazing.  I was almost at the area where the Combat Zone used to be.  Which shows how amazing it felt.  I managed to get to a new section of Boston, close to South Station.  But I was careful not to get into he area, or it would be big trouble.  I helped some homeless guys, as well I passed a closed diner, which there was a throne for Santa Claus.  I was tempted to sit on that throne, but I didn't.  I figured it would be sacrilege.  However as I went on my second lap, there were a lot of good deeds done.  For one thing, I actually passed by a car that was stuck over near a sausage stand near the Black Rose.  I knew if it kept moving it would more problems.  So I told the guy that I would put my foot on the cone so the car would go in reverse to make the car freed form the cone.  It worked, but the sausage stand told the driver it couldn't park there, it belonged to someone else.  Stayed to make sure everything was alright.  Afterwards, I passed an area near Haymarket, in which I did about three times, & heard some yelling.  Whenever you hear yelling & a racial slur, you know the feces is going to hit the fan.  I checked if everything was okay.  But I found out they were talking about an old Disney show, "Lizzy Maguire."  I always knew today's kids shows were getting worse & it started in the 90s.  Our future generations ladies & gentlemen.  I left, telling them to be careful, & they said likewise.  I will tell you a funny thing that happened.  As I passed the clubs, one bouncer actually nodded towards me, while two at the other laughed as if they heard a real dirty joke.  The irony of life.  I actually went to a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts, a lifesaver for any real life super hero, night club patrons, & public servants.  The service was great but for small iced coffee, thank God I have DD Perks.  I also helped move some boxes on a one way side street.  A driver spotted me, & I told them the reason.  He thanked me & that helped.  This was the most active patrol I ever had in a while.  I felt like I did a lot of good, with things to learn, & people noticing me more.  I look for to the next few days.