Sunday, November 18, 2018

November 18, 2018

As I first stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a quick bite & a restroom stop, a man spotted me.  He thought I was one of the people that works with a ghost tour in the area.  As I explained who I was, he was more welcome to it.  There are days you are reminded that anything outside the norm can still be seen the same was as a witch in Salem during the city's Witch Trials (not offending witches or warlocks, but I'm sure you know what I mean by what I'm talking about).  As I exited the garage putting on the mask (let's face it.  A masked man in a parking garage can scare a lot of people, especially today), some people were laughing.  Better chuckles, then 911.  As I exited I saw two old ladies in an SUV spotting me saying, "Hey!  That's Batman!"  I explained who I was & what I was doing & they were excited & proud for seeing me.  The walk, again shortened due to injury, but like the smallest grape in the bunch it packs a lot of flavor.  I did the patrol earlier because the Patriots were on a bye week, & with the second half of football, you can say fantasy players can get a bit rough, as well as drinkers & football fans.  I managed to pass by a certain area, & there were more people.  I can tell people were a lot more open to a real life superhero in the area.  There was a father & daughter, the father was singing, "Na-na-na-na, Batman!"  It made me feel real good as I explained who I was & they said thank you.  As I passed by the turn, I noticed a dog in a pick-up truck left out.  The weather was cold, the dog was big.  But asking myself if I would do anything laid to rest as I heard the owner yelling as if he was acting like an animal (& if you heard him you surely know I can attest to that).  I was feeling a little sore I had to stick to the opposite street again.  This was a little more fruitful as I heard those loud groans again from the opposite side of the street.  Granted I was on the other side, the person was moving fast & drunk, & I had the cane again so no pushing my legs, I had no choice but to be methodical.  As I followed after the Walk sign went on, I soon lost him, as I mistake the bench for the dog that the guys were with.  But I managed to hold a door for a little girl along with her mother.  Two old men came up & asked who I was.  Very salt of the earth, we had a great conversation as I explained who I was.  They were kind in general, the other, well, he couldn't give a damn.  The man gave me a Reese's miniature, one I felt I didn't deserve, but a welcome reward.  Unfortunately, candies like those you can save for later, because they melt rather quickly & they make a mess.  I soon discarded it regretfully, but I can say not only sorry to that kind man, but thank you for making me feel more at peace with being in Boston.  I passed by another bar, & there were these college kids that were spotting "Darth Vader."  In other words, they were thrilled to see me.  It was one of those days where I am starting to feel more hopeful about patrolling my area.

November 17, 2018

On a cold November night, it felt like St. Patrick's Day as a sea of green was coasting Downtown.  The Boston Celtics were playing the Utah Jazz on a Saturday night. T hat of course means rowdy fans.  As I saw a young man standing on a sign post as if the Celtics were World Champions.  First thing I thought, "Yeah, it'll be one of those nights."  It also meant the clubs were going to be more rowdy.  I was having my Triple H face, in which I was acting as if I was marching to Motorhead.  A lady waiting in line spotted me, & called me Batman.  I explained who I was & I told her to be safe.  There was this guy that asked who I was supposed to be.  I started the second verse like the first verse, but then came a swerve.  He didn't think I was who I said I was.  He thought I was an idiot dressed with a stupid mask.  There's always one in every crowd.  It didn't matter as when I crossed by, I helped a lady parallel park, a hell common to Boston drivers, especially on a Saturday night.  She gave a thumbs up as a thank you.  It's as close to a "my hero" moment as you can get, so take what you can.  I knew the Greatest Bar was advertising a10-foot robot.  I had a look at him, & it definitely fit the bit.  The neon glow made not so hard to miss.  We gave each other a nod & a thumbs up.  There was a guy yelling a storm.  At first I thought it was a vendor from the Garden, but it turned out it was a guy who was supposedly drunk acting as if he was the big wig.  One look at me, & he toned down real quick.  But when I went past Causeway, even television couldn't find a way to write this, probably Jackass thou.  A young man was so drunk calling me dad.  First I thought complete stranger calling me dad?  Is Maury Povich going to come out & say, "You are the father."  He soon gave me a Milk-Bone asking if I was hungry.  I refused & told his friend to take him home.  From his mannerisms the guy was drunk.  The next guy was a dozy.  He was wearing a Red Sox cap, he should worn a clock necklace because he was acting like Flava Flav.  I asked the girl next to him, if he's been to any rap concerts.  For a short patrol, all I can say is who needs television?  I had my sitcom.

Monday, November 12, 2018

November 11, 2018

On the day in which on which we honor those who serve our country, I had one of my most important patrols.  Earlier in the day, I was having knee pain which was lasting for the past weeks.  Thru all the aids, it couldn't go away.  While I was at a restaurant watching the Patriots game, in which I was wondering which one was more painful, the pain was getting worse (I guess that was the answer).  Someone noticed & asked if I was okay.  Try holding a brave face with a bad knee is worthy of an Oscar I think or at least the world's bravest soldier.  The waitress told me that she dealt with knee pain.  I knew this waitress, & her optimism & hard work inspired me to fight.  And as well I remembered, the brave soldiers who fight for our country time after time, & thru the toll still defend our country with honor, the cheerleaders, from Pop Warner, High School, College, Pro; one sports more get injured.  And thru the branches, bandages, & ACL, they still cheer.  If all of them can, then I sure damn well I can, & no bad knee can ever stop me!  So afterward, I managed to get a brace to work with.  I brought the cane I used previously in my patrols.
I did South Boston as a testing mark.  Other areas would be a lot harder, whether in travel or situation, Southie is middle ground.  Since this would be done again next week, if possible, I would try new ground I normally wouldn't try.  And with a cold weather & the knee I had to play conservative.  Which meant a shorter patrol.  But quality always beat quantity.  So I tried new areas.  I kept going on my original path but instead, I went straight.  I was going to keep going, but it looked residential, something I wouldn't take a chance on fearing scrutiny from the neighbors.  So I turned back.  But to be smart I actually covered side streets, & boy were there many.  It gave me new ideas to work with that I'll look at in the future.
I would tell you it was pretty quiet, not many people for a Sunday night.  I believed there was Sunday Night Football, a good one.  The Eagles playing the Cowboys.  But let's face it, do you want to see a team that beat us in the Super Bowl playing?  Not many people would, especially if they have work tomorrow.  So not many people, which always was a danger sign to me of what might happen & worry that you will be in a situation where you will rest on your laurels.  The only this that was interesting is when at the corner of West Third & A Streets, that there was a man changing his black jacket, showing his white shirt.  Odd, but the shirt looked more like a chef's jacket & there were restaurants, pubs, bars, & taverns around the area (Of course!  It's Southie!). So I let it go at that.  I hope it wasn't a danger sign.
As I head, I promised myself I'd go to the doctor about the knee.  But before I do, I hope that waitress looks at this blog.  I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.  With her determination, she determined to be a better hero.  She was a cheerleader & a hero to me.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  You made Boston a little more safer tonight.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

November 3, 2018

After the windy day we had earlier, I patrolled Dorchester.  I started earlier than usual, which would be odd but something I'd get used to.  First person who spotted me was a lady who thought I was Batman, but when I tried to explain myself, she immediately told me of a fashion faux pax.  At least she wasn't Edna Mode from the Incredibles, no way I'm giving up my cape.  There were more people around, probably due to earlier hour at night.  But I also noticed a lot of cars idle with their lights on. It would be odd, but we have to remember, this is the beginning of November.  I passed by a restaurants with some people.  I notice they were talking Vietnamese.  I didn't get what they were saying but when the trace of Halloween in the dialect came up, I can tell it wasn't admiration.  Next, as I passed a closed bank, before that I saw an old man exiting with a limp.  As I passed, I noticed a man dressed in black, with an uncanny resemblance to Martial Arts star Jet Li, outside smoking a cigarette.  He nodded.  I passed and I thought it was odd.  After a few blocks, I doubled back to check it out.  As I returned, it turned out it was part of security, which MIGHT be a huge sigh of relief, only to see others hanging around in the ATM room of the bank.  I looked at the same time, watching to the light.  Fortunately, one in which I thought was a cigarette, turned out to be a lollipop.  But I was parallel from them as they left.  I remained calm.  Further suspicion would indicate racial profiling AND assumed stalking.  So I let it go.  I soon encountered group of men out on a good time.  They spotted me and asked about me.  I almost fell for a cheap joke that brought me back to my times being bullied at high school.  I have to be better than that!  When I told them they had to hurry before the light changes, they thought I was an idiot & left.  OUR FUTURE ROLE MODELS LADIES & GENTLEMEN!  I did pass what seemed to be a tool case near a brand new car.  It looked too odd, & to sell it off or drop it off without hiding would seem a bad place to put it.  I called the police on a cautionary note.  The operator was nice & treated me well.  I told what I saw & she said she would bring a police car over.  I did remember there was a situation there a few months ago about someone vandalizing tires in the area.  A good patrol, however ugly.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

October 26, 2018

It's that time of year, the Halloween patrols.  This is the one day I love as a real life superhero.  Everybody dresses in costumes, so you don't feel odd.  Best of all, this the best time, the only time, you can feel free trying new routes & not worry.  And right off the bat (no pun intended, as you will see) it was fantastic.  As I left the garage, there was a guy wearing a Batman costume.  He spotted me, & loved what I wore.  I thought I'd do him a favor & tell him & his friends to take a picture for his social media of me & him, with me kneeling towards him.  He got a real kick out of it.  I told him & friends what I really was & how Batman was my hero.  They all got a real kick out of it.  That's when you know it was going to be that kind of night.
The funny thing of Halloween, it has its own full moon to it, & this night was no exception.  A man was standing in the middle of the street with on-coming traffic late at night.  This was textbook accident.  Worst part, the man was totally oblivious to what was going on.  I managed to yell at him to get at the corner.  Fortunately my presence got him to go to the sidewalks.
I was trying a different route with two guys actually talking about getting their girls about black being a fashion choice.  All of a sudden, a couple came by spotting me, asking for my picture.  Fortunately a couple girls came up, & helped them with it.  With watching the World Series & seeing a super hero, it was a day they would never forget.  I felt better being in different areas, knowing what would work & what wouldn't.  As I managed to cross past Haymarket.  A couple of ladies spotted me, & I told them I was a real life superhero.  They sighed a breath of relief, & asked if I could fly them.  I'm a real life superhero, not a real life Superman.  I passed by the bars & nightclubs to make sure all was in order.  One bar, some guys & a bouncer hanging out, spotted me & said, "Yes!!!  I knew there was a Batman!"  I explained who I was & what my gear was.  They were impressed.  Their only wish, I had a Batmobile.  What's the Powerball jackpot?  Maybe I should get a "Bas-mobile" (yes, I know it was bad.). I saw some people watching from outside the bars, watching the Red Sox play Game 3 of the World Series.  Odd, but it's one of those days.
Reality soon set in thou.  As I pass I know there are homeless still out in the cold night.  For we should never forget that while we can dress in costumes as ghosts & ghouls, there are those who face a horror, no one should face.  It's also humbling for me as well, knowing for everything I can do, there is little I could to help.  I might in the future have a separate pouch in my utility belt to carry noting but granola bars.  It may not be much, but it is something.
As I passed Downtown Crossing, there was a lady "dressed like a bat."  She looked at me as if I was an old friend.  Got to be the cape.  There was even a young muscular black man, red varsity jacket with a B on it, & a mask covering his mouth, spotted me & said, "Nice cape."  I wondered if should've been nervous.
There was a creepy moment.  As I passed a bar, there was a bouncer who spotted a lady wearing a little black dress.  He said, "Are you sure you can dance in that?" With things like the #MeToo movement going on, I knew that was a form of harassment that was unacceptable.  How to handle it should be looked into for future reference.  He may've said me, but with those outcomes, either would be unacceptable, due to poor timing & an immature attitude.
There were other spotters.  A couple guys past me, saying, "We should be scared of that?"  If you do something stupid, you should be.  A security guard, going home after a long night, spotted me.  Said nice costume.  I told him who I was.  After a brief talk we both wished each other safe.  This was the best Halloween patrol I had ever.  Now it's home watching the Red Sox & the World Series.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

October 19, 2018

Today was the day I went to Dirty Water Media at the Greatest Bar for my television debut.  As I was greeted by the producer very kindly.  After some soda water (I am on duty), the interviewer introduced herself to me.  I knew I was in good hands.  As I met others from Dirty Water Media, I felt more comfortable.  The interview went well, but I had to take off the helmet & face mask to make myself more clearer.  It went very well, everyone did an excellent job.  I hope to show you the interview in a future blog.  I left immediately afterward, with all new confidence.  As I walked I noticed things looked a lot brighter.  Yes, I was still called Batman, but it felt like I had weight of my back.  I managed to get thru more areas.  One person, I think European, asked about what I had on me, it was odd.  Not as odd as considered as Dracula.  It was odd.  But the odder thing was when I passed some college boys, one asked iff I was part of the Proud Boys, whatever that was.  As I crossed different areas.  I felt more confident in my work, even doing something I never thought I ever did in my career, went for a second lap.  It wasn't a full lap but it was a significant step.  Getting a pat on the head was a sure help.  However, as I passed a food stand, a homeless man came up to me & asked, "Can you help a homeless man Batman?"  Unfortunately I couldn't.  I had little money, & no granola bars.  I said I'm sorry.  He said, "Hey Batman!  Even Robins need help!"  I was upset at myself.  But even the best real life superhero can't save everyone.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

October 13, 2018

On my patrol to South Boston, I tried something new, I was trying a longer cape.  A little more controllable than the last one.  I managed to try it on a baptism of fire, or in this case, the wind.  I was going to South Boston.  I was trying the longer route, only because going the expressway was confusing.  So I went at a local McDonald's to go for a real what they don't have, something with nature (I joke, they do have apples.  no sick jokes!)  I ordered a lemonade in which my body was doing a riot like in the episode of Batman '66 where the Riddler was into silent movies & everyone was drinking poisoned lemonade.  Imagine in Batman today had the responsibility of West & controlled a riot like that.  Not that good.  Anyway, I managed to head there no worse for wear.  Still have to work on the cape.  I noticed an area I used to pass now transformed into a neuvo-night club.  The love of Southie!  Once again, no action.  Worries me.  But I had enough on my mind.  One of the negatives about being a real life superhero at night is that there is no bathrooms.  You can't always ask a business or a residence to let them use theirs.  First, I'm a freak! what do you expect?  Second, it's unconstitutional.  If a soldier can't go into another person's home and forces hospitality, then what business does a real life superhero have?  At least, that's what I think.  I can tell you you can always see a person true colors when they see great joy or great pain.  I was lucky.  I was prepared.  But it is something to look out for.  Damn my age!  Anyway, the silence is still unsettling.  I know the Red Sox are playing the American League Championship against the Houston Astros.  Very unsettling.  Anyway, work has to be done.