Sunday, May 6, 2018

May 5, 2018

I did a beat on Cinco de Mayo.  I was covering a main corner, knowing bars have a tendency to have rowdy customers during drinking holidays.  I was barely noticed in the first half, one being that it was night, and two, there were a lot of evil eyes.  I managed to avoid them.  I was exact on patrols, even more than my rookie year, covering side streets and alleys.  Ironically, in an alley I lost my bluetooth earpiece.  Not necessary, knowing I have a mouth and an ear to use.  I walked down & noticed a bike officer listening to a local street performer.  Who knew community policing would save my life?  As well, as I came at certain section.  One of the kids looked at me with my new mask & said I looked like a motorbiker.  We became friends.  However, when I walked down however I heard, "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!"  I looked nothing.  Then I heard it again, "PUT YOU HANDS UP M****RF*****R!"  I turned around agin, nothing.  A police officer would be so brazen as to say that with so much space afar, especially with people watching, & all I've done so far is walked on a patrol.  I managed to go down a side street & a homeless man came up to me, "Do you have some money so I can get something to eat?"  I replied, "No, but I have a granola bar..."  He denied immediately & walked away.   What I wouldn't understand, is that the food is there but to deny it, ironic.  I soon saw two people.  And old man pulled an envelope out of his waistband.  I thought it was a drug deal, & asked what was in the envelope.  The old man showed that it was a passport.  He wanted no trouble & thought I was the police.  I calmed his fears & picked up his dropped sunglasses.  There were some people who even called me a stormtrooper.  "May the Fourth Be With You."  As I walked back, I asked who would someone be sneaking a passport as if it was considered unlawful?  These will be considerations I will look at for future patrols.  I did improve my route which made me more confident.  I feel more at home with my patrol & look forward to doing another one soon.  But there will be improvements.