Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 17, 2018

As I wanted to go later, a severe guilt of conscience I wanted to go early.  After all it's St. PAtrick's Day, a day where bar chaos reigns supreme.  I felt awkward.  It was the first time I ever did a day patrol in over four years, so the goosebumps were there.  But already felt right at home.  As I left, a girl came up to me & said, "Cool helmet!"  I looked at her & said thanks.  ALready then I felt at home.  I decided to walk by the outside of the bars, inside would've been harder.  And anyway bouncers usually send the overly rowdy ones outside.  Already everybody said cool costume.  They shook my hand, gave me fist bumps, I even had conversations with them.  There were these three guys who were asking who I was.  All was well.  But one man let out a Fruedian slip, they pushed me away.  Should I have pushed a little into what he was saying?  Probably, but it would've looked more awkward.  Anyway, what might have been criminal could've just been admitting an embarrassing moment for the people involved, so why push it.  A strange moment happened.  There was this a guy in a bright green T-shirt, yelling at somebody on the other side.  From the way he was point to his body language, non-verbal communication, & words said, I knew it was going to start trouble.  So, Like the argument between the two ladies months ago, I decided to calmly intervene.  But this didn't end in a handshake, & I could tell you, both were really at it.  It started with me asking, "Is there a problem?"  He replied angrily, "Is there a problem?"  The started was like an argument with Joe Pesci in Goodfellas, only he was more casual dress & he was taller.  He then said that I had no right asking him because I was dressed in a "Batman costume."  I was calm, & continued asking him, fearing for someone to be hurt."  We ended in a so-so answer, but he got the last laugh by saying, "Good luck holding up that black trench coat in court!"  A@****e!  Later I looked on how I woould've ended it differently.  I would've remained calm but I would've been firmer.  My problem at the time was I didn't embrace who I was & I felt I didn't belong.  There was no why, there was a feeling I was soft, which is what you shouldn't be.  Like Mrs. Roper in Three's Company, Bea Auther's Maude, & Cher during the Sonny & Cher Show, I should embrace who I am with =out belittling anyone else.  It should've been like this:
B: Is there a problem?
S: Is there a problem?
B: You were yelling at that man as if you were starting a fight?  So once again, is there a problem?
S: You have no right asking me in a Batman costume!
B: Maybe, but do you have a right in possibly starting a fight that could end up with both of you in trouble?
That technique was assertive, but respectful & not in anyway hostile.  It's pointing out the reason why, without looking stupid in asking the question.  Now I felt a little awkward afterwards, but I remained professional.  There praise & critics, & I dealt with a care.  I was going to pass one of the places, but there were fire engines in that area.  Why make a situation even worse?  I made the right choice but I felt guilty because if I was there sooner I might've helped in some way.  Yes, it maybe unrealistic, but as football is a game of inches, being a hero is a job of seconds.  There was an occasion were I saw a  couple arguing.  From the body language on the argument, the male seemed overpowering & dominant, almost as if belittling the spouse.  I would've intervened, but there were three people heading by the door they were beside.  An action would've ended messy.  Once again, I had to leave.  There was a moment, where a man was passed out, probably sick.  I ran up to try to help him, but the group with him, that was a hard time helping decided & told me to stop, because he was too sick to be helped normally.  I asked if anyone called 911?  They said an officer was arriving, so I had to leave.  I did have to cross that area again.  But I had to go the long away, not crossing paths with the aggressor, fearing he might call the police.  I managed to meet with another hero, Shadow Wolf, who was doing his patrol.  We talked, exchanged notes.  It went well.  He's a great RLSH, & a better person.  After I went to a cafe to order a sandwich & an iced coffee, a homeless man came up to me & said, "Thank you for your service."  That felt pretty good.  I managed to walk to South Boston.  I got some critics & some praise.  However it was shortened.  I noticed blue lights down the street, so I had to do a short one, without causing trouble.  I went back feeling proud.  Like Belichek, I knew I did good, but I can do better.  There was one thing thou that felt pretty good.  I managed to give a homeless man in a wheelchair a cereal bar.  Yes, it wasn't much, but heroism isn't always about the big battles, it's helping in the smaller ones.