Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 28, 2016

Today was my baptism of fire.  I went, to me, into one of the toughest sections in Boston.  As I walked, I saw a Cape Verdean couple arguing I think with a driver.  Nothing to notice.  There were couples there, which made me feel good.  A buddy system is very necessary.  I heard a conversation between a group.  Since there was no immediate need for me, I moved on.  What shocked me was that there were three children, not even tweens, running at night to their home.  I was saddened.  As well, I noticed a police car turn on their lights, BUT NOT SIRENS, when passing a red light, & shut it off again  I felt sad when we have those that serve 24/7 about their public service abuse their gift & makes their impressions worse plus those who do things by the book & with heart.  As I noticed people in the playground, it feel like a blue collar Los Vegas.  I passed two people sleeping on the bench.  I checked on them, & I think they were in a middle of a dream.  I also a man sitting on a shopping cart very hungry.  I gave him my last granola bar and we talked about the weather.  How lucky we felt we didn't have to deal with hurricanes, alligators, or sharks.  We laughed & fist bumped our good byes.  Another person gave me a cheer.  My only complaint is that it didn't last long.  I think next time, I'll measure walking time on Google Maps before I go on patrol for longer times.