Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 21, 2018

This was a rarely patrolled area in a mask that was newly tried, what can possibly go wrong?  I parked so far back, that even at night it felt while it was like a long distance.  Hard thing when you go thru a "baptism of fire," second chances get a lot harder.  Knowing the route I had to take & wondering if it would be troublesome.  I had to walk in a pattern that would arouse less suspicion.  Even when there were some that involved an official building and a train station.  That is like being between a rock & a hard place.  Even when I managed to get to my destination it felt harder finding a diversionary street to attract less suspicion.  It will take some time to understand routes better, but that would take time, & toughening up my self confidence.  There were a little more people than the last patrol, obviously more night spots did show to attract others, & the time was a lot earlier than last.  However I felt less comfortable than last.  Hearing sirens made me wonder if I was in trouble.  But danger is like a shark, if it smells the blood of fear, you're lost.  I managed to do some side streets to be more exact.  I managed to go a different route back.  I heard a man yelling angrily on the other side, waiting at the employee door at Dunkin Donuts.  I would've waited but there was someone behind me, so I had to leave.  Disappointed, but a wise move.  Would've again another couple of hours, but that would've been involved backtracking.  A successful patrol, even getting a glove out of the trash.