Sunday, July 8, 2018

July 7, 2018

I did the same area because the last patrol, however fruitful, was very short.  I felt I didn't give it enough quality.  However, to spice it up, I tried a different direction by trying a different street.  It was a baptism of fire.  As I walked down the new air, I felt an air that I never felt before.  The smell of barbecue of hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken filled the air from the holiday weekend cookouts.  I even saw something beautiful, a subway train sleeping when it's not at work.  It was a thing of beauty and silence that words can't describe.  As I made it down the end, I passed an area with some bars.  Already, I had a feeling of an old fifties art deco painting come to life.  I would go down further but it was my first time.  For personal reasons, I decided to head back.  As I did I saw a man drunk yelling at his cell phone.  He crossed the street recklessly, as a car almost hit him because of it.  He got angry back.  I would help but I remember one time I did, let's say I was lucky he was coherent enough to see.  Would I go down that route of a street again?  Sadly, no.  For "personal reasons."