Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015

I started my patrol with a learning experience.  Normally, for the last few, I walked in a quick motion without stopping.  As I heard a noise, I managed to stop, think, access.  Stopping, nuff' said; thinking & accessing, listening to the situation to see if it warrants my attention.  I heard a noise.  I stopped to see if help is needed.  But the car passed and it was silent.  No need for work, even thou the technique might need a bit of tightening.  I did a different route.  Once again I heard a noise, I stopped.  But I heard kids laughing and hanging out.  No danger problem, no need to work.  I walked on the opposite side of the street, with few people around.  It felt like the eyes of a hawk.  As I passed kids doing tricks on their bike, possibly the only time to do so in the area this time of year.  I noticed a dead end on my route.  I thought to stop the patrol, but I remembered the question on how many times to defeat an opponent.  So I walked another route.  I was going to continue, but I noticed nature calls.  I am starting to think about an hour fasting before patrols.  As I passed a store, I looked at a window as a car was running at the door.  I noticed the cashier calm as I stop on the other side of street.  A calm cashier, no hints of danger.  It was learning patrol that leapt by bounds, even thou I wished it was longer.
I thought of was Hero Man said about uniforms not looking suspicious, like a hoodie and sunglasses.  But I remembered if it wasn't for my sunglasses, I would be more suspicious.  So I'm proud of my uniform, even in my uniqueness.