Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015

I tried a couple of new techniques with my uniform.  For my feet, I put socks inside my boots & under my feet for some cheap comfort (still needs work).  As well, I had one glove that was my padded glove and another that was the glove I come use with handheld devices on either hand.  At least they are the same color.  I meet a lady that I met since the first time I patrolled since Supermom's passing.  She was glad to see me, & asked why I had the cane.  I told her it was for protection & anything else would look foolish.  She saw my article in Wicked Local & was impressed.  What's better, even much more than pronouncing my name right, she's no longer homeless!!!  She has a place to live with her family & a job.  That was welcome news with a fist bump.  As I walked, I noticed a man walking with his T-shirt covering his mouth as I passed a couple.  I stopped & looked at the man with a glance.  He crossed the street away from the couple.  I was able top use diversions to show that I wasn't a threat to slow me down.  A funny moment came when walked by a house & the sprinklers went off automatically.  I didn't get wet, but that was a laugh.  I managed to do a second look when I saw a car with the engine running near a closed business with no lights around.  By the time I came back it was gone.  Probably a coincidence.  As well, as I passed a bar, a big man who looked at me just walked out of my way.  It felt l like it was a sign of respect.  If I use it as confidence but don't let it go to my head, it'll boost my self-esteem in the long run.  I did the longer route again.  It felt more at home this time.  As I passed an area I heard a long bang.  I turned to investigate but saw nothing suspicious, so I moved on.  One way I check was the two probable eyewitnesses at a nearby restaurant not flinching.  I managed to make a new route back which'll help in the long run.
It was a huge boost to my work tonight.  Still need to work out a few kinks, so I don't stand out as just a hood ornament.  But otherwise, I am finally earning my name.  Next, my title.