Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015

I was back at Plymouth patrolling, perhaps for the last week-end.  Not much happened.  As I walked past the park again, it felt like a parade.  The only thing noticeable was picking up a discarded can in the garbage, & fixing a "No Parking" sign.  But as I passed & let others go by, not all were receptive.  Actually, only one group.  I cut early to prevent suspicion.  A quiet patrol, but very heartfelt.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 13, 2015

This was my first scheduled Boston patrol.  So to make this as broad as possible, I looked into the center of the city.  I meditated along the way, so I wouldn't be so nervous.  As I was walking I noticed that even thou the tempo was up, as well as my focus.  I soon felt comfortable in the area.  I managed to get down streets I never suspected I'd go.  I was well coordinated with m bearings.  Nobody flinched when they saw me, which makes my work easier.  As I went back, I noticed a man, resembling that of Ron Pearlman of Hellboy fame, who was wearing new florescent sneakers that look like the colors of professional football team the Denver Broncos.  He was wandering aimlessly on the train.  I couldn't confront him, because that would be make things worse because all was based on  suspicion.  A citizen's arrest wasn't possible because even thou it was suspicious, there was no witness of a crime.  911 would be a waste of time as well, since all it would look like was needless worrying.  I focused my eyes, but not looking at him directly, because he changed his shirt mid-way, showing a campfire tattoo on his left bicep.   A couple soon talked to this guy.  Which comforted me a little bit, until the man in the group left for a stop, leaving the lady with this guy.  I hoped they would get off at different stops, as they continued to talk seemingly knowing each other but yet a little green.  They get off at the same stop as well as another witness, in which I pray that this whole thing is really nothing but circumstance.  Other than that, a great patrol for future times.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

I did a shortened fill-up patrol to cover the other half I missed last night.  I was much more focused than last time.  As I passed a karaoke-lip-sync battle at the sports bar.  Something I might want to try in the future.  I noticed a conversation, as it turned out it was a bunch of kids hanging out.  As I walked down a path, a couple of girls was going for a run in fun, & stated that they were going to be pooped when climbing the stairs.  As I let them passed, they asked what I was doing with sunglasses on?  I said I was at work, & moved on.  I managed to cross much soon.  As I went for the second half I noticed a hooded man walking & swearing.  The minute he spotted me, he apologized.  Another sign of respect.  I was going to the park, I heard sirens.  SAo I re-routed back.  As I went back, listening to "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra, I noticed some screams.  I walked towards the danger, but as I saw nothing I heard, I went back.  Another sign of progress, by being alert to the situation.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6, 2015

Not much happened on tonight's patrol.  As I walked down a street, I noticed three young men in black shirts walking down a sidewalk (I know.  I should talk.)  As it turned out they were just heading home. As I was walking I noticed some kids, knowing its graduation weekend, one of them jumping foolishly like he was high.  I was lucky I didn't say anything either way, because knowing that situation it could get especially worse.  The rest was relatively quiet.  Daydreaming while patrolling can mean two things, it's getting way too easy & I'm getting reckless.  Something I have to focus on.  Had to end the patrol early.

Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015

I tried a couple of new techniques with my uniform.  For my feet, I put socks inside my boots & under my feet for some cheap comfort (still needs work).  As well, I had one glove that was my padded glove and another that was the glove I come use with handheld devices on either hand.  At least they are the same color.  I meet a lady that I met since the first time I patrolled since Supermom's passing.  She was glad to see me, & asked why I had the cane.  I told her it was for protection & anything else would look foolish.  She saw my article in Wicked Local & was impressed.  What's better, even much more than pronouncing my name right, she's no longer homeless!!!  She has a place to live with her family & a job.  That was welcome news with a fist bump.  As I walked, I noticed a man walking with his T-shirt covering his mouth as I passed a couple.  I stopped & looked at the man with a glance.  He crossed the street away from the couple.  I was able top use diversions to show that I wasn't a threat to slow me down.  A funny moment came when walked by a house & the sprinklers went off automatically.  I didn't get wet, but that was a laugh.  I managed to do a second look when I saw a car with the engine running near a closed business with no lights around.  By the time I came back it was gone.  Probably a coincidence.  As well, as I passed a bar, a big man who looked at me just walked out of my way.  It felt l like it was a sign of respect.  If I use it as confidence but don't let it go to my head, it'll boost my self-esteem in the long run.  I did the longer route again.  It felt more at home this time.  As I passed an area I heard a long bang.  I turned to investigate but saw nothing suspicious, so I moved on.  One way I check was the two probable eyewitnesses at a nearby restaurant not flinching.  I managed to make a new route back which'll help in the long run.
It was a huge boost to my work tonight.  Still need to work out a few kinks, so I don't stand out as just a hood ornament.  But otherwise, I am finally earning my name.  Next, my title.