Sunday, July 16, 2017

July 16, 2017

I took the bus to my patrol route.  For that section, it was the longest routed patrol for it.  I had to adjust.  Since I took the bus before, some adjustments had to be made.  When I got off the stop, I got ready.  As I past a park, I noticed to young teenaged boys looking like they were about to follow a couple there.  All I did was give them an evil eye, earning the name "Basilisk," and they stopped in their tracks.  Hopefully, they stopped their possible crime.  Adjusting to the route was nervous and exciting.  As I passed a convenience store, I noticed two young men, hanging around, where they were not to be loitering.  But someone else I caught their eyes.  I was an old man walking funny.  We looked at each other.  He said all is good, he was waiting for his daughter to get him some cigarettes.  I passed a fire station and there were three firefighters sitting by an engine.  In honor of their service I saluted them.  They were very appreciative as I left.  As the sun set and night fell, I felt more comfortable.  I noticed a couple of ladies in a heated argument.  From the way it looked, it was going to get volatile.  I knew any involvement, however mandatory was going to be prepare, but when I did get involved something amazing happened.  They stopped their argument, and they were concerned about me.  They told me to be careful, I introduced myself and ended with a handshake.  What would've ended in a mess ended in peace.  Adjusting to the new route may take time, but I am prepared for the task.