Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 2, 2013

Patrolled in Plymouth Center today.  Tried to vary my route even more to cover more area.  Saw a paraplegic in a neon orange shirt waiting on the corner.  Asked if he needed help, kindly denied.  Told him, "I hope you don't get too thirsty," since he was carrying a bottle of Diet Pepsi.  Saw tow males and a female hanging around a smoke shop, saw no need to say.  Walked passed a guy dictating on a phone near a coffee shop.  Saw a quiet person waiting on a bench.  Had to walk by, cautious people tend to be more of a wild card.  Saw a teen waiting outside a community sent.  He coughed, but I said "Kazoombteit." anyway.  Saw a many holding a big-screen television outside the store.  I offered to help, but he kindly refused, so I said be careful.  Saw a guy hanging around a black pick-up truck saying to the one inside, "You fucking slut!"  Took a peek, no female, so I had no choice but to walk away.  Other than that, a good patrol.