Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 30, 2018

As I started my stretch out, I thought I felt more confidant in who I am.  This was something where I will say yes AND no.  I managed to cover more of the area of Mattapan, which gave the confidence to be in my own skin.  But when I passed by a church, in the parking lot, there was a car with their lights on, looked like sports car.  There were five to seven people around it hanging around but here was no service.  I couldn't approach for two reason.  If there was nothing wrong, then I would be seen as a threat.  But if they were up to no good,  that's five to seven people against one.  I would get my ass kicked.  So I walked to a safer area and called 911.  The operator felt there was no reason to worry, which basically got egg on my face.  I complied & moved on.  I managed to cross two more groups of people within a block.  The first ones were too stoned to figure anything out.  The second was more concerning.  They were talking about being oppressed, then they looked at me & wanted to know who I was.  I explained, & they felt that I wasn't fit to patrol there.  They asked if I had weapons, I was nervous in saying anything, feeling less is more.  That turned out to be a mistake, because now I felt I went out of Fenway Park with them.  I left instead of stayed, feeling like I was in the way.  The next group was some bouncers & patrons near a dive bar.  I explained who I was & at first things went well, then as heard behind my back, they felt I was a freak.  As I went back, an unmarked cruiser stopped, rolled their window & asked some questions.  I explained who I was & we both told each other to be careful.  My compliments to the two police officers in Boston for being professional & treating me with respect.  But in many ways, as there have been some good moments, I have to get my A game on, before I get to the big situations coming up.