Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 7, 2013; 5th Annual Toy Drive Part One

I started by giving a sack of toys to a Christmas tree farm in Plympton, Massachusetts for their Toys for Tots campaign.  I received a huge amount of thanks.  I got pictures with kids and delivering the goodies.  I have high hopes as always.  As well, I went to my old stomping grounds of Taunton to deliver something to the Patriots Cheerleaders, as a sign of thanks, not just to them, but cheerleaders in general.  I donated and had a couple of photos taken.  Yes, I did bow, but deep down, if you know me, they all deserve it.  I hope both drives and the one next goes well.  As well, I hope one day to go back to patrolling Taunton once in a while.  I honestly love that city and always have it in my mind.