Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 6, 2015

My first late night patrol I worked on Plymouth Center again.  The warmer weather brought out more activities, but the snow & ice was still slippery.  There was a little more action in the short patrol, but not much.  As I passed a pub, I noticed some friends helping a young lady who was intoxicated.  I asked to see if assistance was needed, but all was somewhat stable.  Even thou little happened, it was sure victory for myself to show how I would handle myself in a situation.  I went down Water Street, thinking of that child who was hit by a plow in Quincy as the sidewalks were still covered with a hard snow & I had to walk on the streets.  Fortunately, I was walking towards traffic so I could see the vehicles coming.  As a change of pace, I went up North Street.  A man dressed in all-black & a leather jacket saw me.  He asked why I wore sunglasses at this time.  I just replied I have good night vision, as I saw a car heading down.  We engaged in conversation in which I showed I was friendly.  We exited wishing each other to stay safe.  However, I didn't get to cover the parking lot in the area, something I will focus on, in the next patrol.  A short patrol, but a good & ACTIVE one.
It's not quantity, but quality.