Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 29, 2016

There is always that moment I think every real life super hero goes thru called "The Uncle Ben Moment."  If you don't know what that is, remember how in the history of the Marvel Comics superhero, Spider-Man; there was that moment when Spidey failed to stop a robbery, the same robber who killed his beloved Uncle Ben.  I think, & I pray I'm wrong, I went thru that moment.
Halloween patrols are always fun in Boston.  Since many go on parties, mainly "Pub Crawls," it was a good time to experiment on patterns that I would normally not do.  However, this was a few days to "All Hallows Eve," so caution had to paid especially.  I went a little too early, which in RLSH terms is like, well, an odd response if you don't mind people looking at you in a strange get-up.  I was expecting a longer patrol, but to be honest the time spent was quite decent.  I managed to get one route better than I did in the last patrol.  I noticed two men cat-calling some people, so I looked.  They liked my uniform (Take that Octavious Fong!)  They even gave me a new name "B-Money."  They asked for money but I had some granola bars I keep for fuel.  They thanked me & I had friends for life.  I saw people in costumes.  Seeing WWE costumes makes me wonder why that federation ever had a "Do Not Try it At Home" promo.  Maybe the emphasis on WWE is on the E rather than the second W.  I wanted to hit the far end, & I noticed a lady walking with two boys right behind.  As I was going to wait for the walk signal to start, by the way kids, real life superheroes don't jaywalk.  I waited a few seconds after the light turned to walk to makes the guys didn't do any funny business.  As I was walking thru a glitzy section of Boston, here's my "Uncle Ben moment."  I walked I saw two burglars,a man & a woman fumbling thru tools at night.  The bag looked like a tool bag made with a burlap sack.  They were fumbling thru it like in those cartoons I saw when I was a child of the bumbling burglars.  I watched, they were committing a crime on site, a lot of tools were out that made it look out-of-place, even the clothes they wore were out of place.  Yet, I felt like I couldn't do anything, like I didn't deserve to be there and help.  Let me remind you that in order to do a citizen's arrest, one must be witness to a crime that is a felony.  And from what they were doing it was a Breaking & Entering, whether it was a car or a building, in which mostly it is a felony with a rare misdemeanor now & then.  That lack of insecurity helped two crooks get away, & leave a family, who would & should feel safe in that area, feel violated.  By any means that is unacceptable.  I would rather go thru "The Injury," getting in trouble, even getting mauled, than to pull the stunt, or lack thereof I did.
Before I go on beating myself with my own cane, more on.  I was walking thru the park.  I felt nervous on time, but looked & I was just getting started.  I remembered one patrol which I wanted to get to a certain spot, I stop for fear I'd be in trouble.  Recalculating my walk route, I found a better way to get there.  I noticed a homeless lady begging for food.  I also gave her another granola bar.  She showed her friends, & I had another friend for life.
I walked the watered area, but noticed with the bridge there, it would be hard not to arouse suspicion, so I left it at that.  It was a long route, but my "Uncle Ben Moment" will haunt me now just as much as seeing Supermom in a coma after I had fifteen staples placed in my head from a mugging as she saw me afterwards.