Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 17, 2015

On my St. Patrick's Day patrol, I wanted to cover a large area.  Twice I went around a partial area to get an idea of where to patrol.  I was a cold night, not that I wouldn't stop the green party-goers.  As I walked, I knew that I would blend in with everyone wearing green, even thou I was black & blue.  I passed a couple of men hanging around Kiskadde's Coffee Shop.  I would've asked but didn't want to arouse suspicion.  As I crossed the street, I let some people walk on by.  So far, no suspicion.  I wished them a Happy St. Patrick's Day and moved on.  I passed Main Street Sports and a couple of men, one of whom wore Boston Celtic Rajon Rondo jersey, talked to me as if they knew me.  I acted natural as one of them gave me a "bro-hug."  I soon passed by know that so far, things were going well.  I walked down North Street.  I noticed the wind getting bitter as I crossed Water Street.  There wasn't people there, but at least there was sidewalks.  As I passed by the Governor Bradford Hotel, I spotted a man smoking a cigarette wear a bluish grey shirt see me.  I acted natural and moved on.,  Then I saw a car with their back lights on.  Immediate concern filled my head, mostly thoughts of date rape might be happening.  But with the man at the hotel, and knowing that an assumption can easily be disproven, I decided to err on the side of caution.  I was going to go passed the mini-rotary, but soon decided to go up Memorial Drive,l which proved to be the wiser.  I soon increased the patrol by crossing Court & Samoset Streets.  My next part, as thou it maybe boring, it was exhilarating.  I walked and noticed there wasn't as many street lights in the area.  A note of concern for anyone traveling here at night, especially with a New Moon.  As I walked I noticed there wasn't as much activity as there was in the other part.  There was a man entering a Liquor Store.  I figure next time, I'll Google, "How to Spot Signs of a Robber,"  Might be more helpful.  Crossing back was tough.  Especially with the remaining snow, but it was like Styrofoam.  I managed to help pick up a down trash barrel.  I even tried to cover a possible high area corner I made a promise of doing.  All and all, an excellent patrol.  One of the best!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14, 2015

I decided to go for trial run with the cane, even thou the weather was anything but.  I had to work on rhythm, so as to not inhabit suspicion.  When I heard a group of rowdy kids passed by, all I did was let them pass by, then move on.  That is if it was they were suspicious, I would know.  Luckily they weren't as they were too busy having a good time.
Even thou there was rain, there was plenty of activity.  People walking on a Saturday night, joking and cuddling with a loved one.  I played calm as to not inhibit that I was paranoid.  Admit-tingly, I was a little nervous.  I noticed a man in a Bruin cap in a spot up by T-Bones hanging around.  Looked like Morgan Freeman, only shorter.  Looked suspicious as he was watching the action at the adjacent roadhouse.  An approach would've been possible.  But since nothing happened, the only thing that would do is make myself look like a fool, especially with bouncers and patrons lining up.  "A guy dressed strangely looking suspicious with an old man?"  Not something you can explain, even if you had inhibitions.  I cut across North Street, down to Water.  This time, no distractions.  As I walked with the cane, I felt a sense of comfort.  I had adequate protection, yet I didn't look threatening.  As I crossed by the Bradford Inn.  I noticed a car with its lights on.  Looked like a smart car.  Not anything anyone suspicious might use, especially with the miles per gallon.  Then again, when you a drug dealer in a Corvette, some people like to go for looks rather than performance.  All in all, even short, a good patrol.  Hopefully ready for St. Patrick's Day, in which my horizon would be larger, since the cane passed the test.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 6, 2015

My first late night patrol I worked on Plymouth Center again.  The warmer weather brought out more activities, but the snow & ice was still slippery.  There was a little more action in the short patrol, but not much.  As I passed a pub, I noticed some friends helping a young lady who was intoxicated.  I asked to see if assistance was needed, but all was somewhat stable.  Even thou little happened, it was sure victory for myself to show how I would handle myself in a situation.  I went down Water Street, thinking of that child who was hit by a plow in Quincy as the sidewalks were still covered with a hard snow & I had to walk on the streets.  Fortunately, I was walking towards traffic so I could see the vehicles coming.  As a change of pace, I went up North Street.  A man dressed in all-black & a leather jacket saw me.  He asked why I wore sunglasses at this time.  I just replied I have good night vision, as I saw a car heading down.  We engaged in conversation in which I showed I was friendly.  We exited wishing each other to stay safe.  However, I didn't get to cover the parking lot in the area, something I will focus on, in the next patrol.  A short patrol, but a good & ACTIVE one.
It's not quantity, but quality.