Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 8, 2018

I am growing more confident with each step I take in Boston.  I was in Dorchester.  I am thinking of losing the horn.  It does nothing but look like a hood ornament.  I also didn't bring any granola bars.  I thought I could live without giving myself more gas (no sick jokes, please.)  I played Triple H's music "The Game" to get me in beast mode.  That song always gets me in beast mode.  As I walked past a street.  Three guys in an SUV yelled noticing me.  They said, "Are you going to save the universe?"  They said as if they were either drunk or in awe, I'll take the latter.  I said, "No, I'm saving Dorchester."  They said they saluted me & took cell phone video of me.  That's when you made the big time, when amateur paparazzi take pictures of you while you work.  I did pass the train station.  And three more men, who were hanging around, looked at me.  A scary moment came when one of the men, who was either drunk, high, or both, demanded that I kill him.  This was like when Geroge Reeves was Superman, & he was doing an event.  A young boy wanted to prove Superman was bulletproof, so he brought a gun to prove that theory.  As was stated Reeves had to talk the child down from doing so (he had a gun!) but at the same time stilL be in character.  That is very tough for anybody.  He did so, Thank God!  I had to do the same thing.  I told him his life was worth living.  However, unlike the boy, he was yelling more & more irrattically.  "Kill me!  Kill me, n*****r!"  This demanded my attention.  Whether or not he really meant it, this man asked to die.  He didn't do a crime or threaten anyone, he asked to die.  I tried talking him out of it, saying he has worth, but he was being more irrational.  His friends were busy a shooting a video of this as it was nothing, & a man came up & separated us.  He asked where I was from, & if I had a cigarette.  He soon took the man I was concerned of in.  The other two talked, I was more concerned about the suicidal man.  But they said he was alright.  They looked at my belt, & asked about the air horn.  I told them it was for emergencies, but they told me to use it to show them.  They were about my age or older, & they were acting less than their shoe size.  Our teachers for the next generation, ladies & gentleman!  They took a cell phone video of me (gosh I'm getting famous)  I think the mask needed work.  They could barely hear me.  Need to work on it.  But I felt more confident.  I went deeper into side streets feeling I can do this!  I am more confident now that this job is for me!