Saturday, October 14, 2017

October 14, 2017

My first official solo drive to a patrol (I think.)  I had to park on a side street not to arouse suspicion.  I was going to wear my new helmet, but I felt I need to wait until I got used to treating it like second skin, even with the new modifications.  I was wearing my duster, which proved to be a mistake in a balmy sixty-three-degree October night.  I should've wore the sleeveless trench-coat, more fitting to the warm temperatures.  It felt like Labor Day 2009 in my old uniform.  I managed to walk the side streets, or at least "dip my toes in the water."  It got easier as it progressed.  As I walked passed a side street, I noticed a pick-up truck closely blocking a driveway.  One of the websites I follow would call this illegal parking."  I didn't have the app for the phone to take a picture.  All it would've come down to is a ticket.  It's a pain in the ass, but it isn't a felony which is mandatory for our patrol work.  I don;t think RLSH gets involved in traffic matters, but I will check for future reference.  As I passed a barber shop, I noticed for young men, possibly Latino, hanging around in the parking lot.  It looked suspicious to have that much outside at night & no cigarettes, but I had little to prove other than mere suspicion.  I still fear that I have a feeling of being a freak.  I was going to check on the way back if they were still there.  Another thing, was a young African-American man was leaning to the car talking to the driver while the ignition was on.  Once again suspicious, especially since they looked at me as if they had guilty feelings.  But once again, only a hunch, nothing to prove probable cause.  As I was going farther I passed a strip mall near a traffic light where I was going to cross.  I heard yelling at me, but when a man came up to me, asking if he would take a selfie with me, how can I refuse.  He made me feel comfortable as we talked.  He said he was heading to Burlington to see his girl.  As the light came on, I said my good byes.  As I was walking, I noticed it was getting hotter & hotter, so I turned back, damn!  A couple saw me, & thought I was a mix between Dracula & Batman.  I explained myself, & we left on good terms.  I felt more comfortable in my own skin, no matter how hot I felt.  As I came back, there was none of my suspicions.  At least I didn't make a fool out of myself.  The patrol felt longer, & even thou there was no conflict, I felt more comfortable in my own self.