Saturday, August 25, 2018

August 24, 2018

After a hiatus, I was back to walking the eat.  It may've been long but from getting the uniform to getting to my patrol is starting to feel like second skin.  You know things are going well when someone says they spotted Batman.  But Batman never had to worry about parking the Batmobile in a garage, unless it was Police Headquarters (God, I miss the Arkham games.)  Anyway it also helps when you get a compliment on the cape.  I managed to pass a pizza joint near a club where a man eating a pizza stopped me.  I asked if he needed help, and he laughed as he choked on a pizza (great an interacting and you feel you have to do a Heimlich manuever)  However we had a picture.  He was going to offer me a piece, and I know it;s damn good pizza, but I'm on the clock.  Maybe next time.  I managed to pass three old men who appeared either drunk or high who spotted me.  I told them not to get in trouble and they said vice versa, saying I might get into a fight with SpiderMan or Catwoman.  I managed to get into new routes.  I started learning how to change course quickly.  I felt more comfortable in my patrol, but more cautious.  My observations were aware of things that could be an easy danger.  It's those you have to have a poker face.  Otherwise, you will be seen as a loonatic.  I feel I could do more patrols in the same area, just to try different routes so not to seem mundane.  Otherwise, a great patrol.