Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015

As I walked, I noticed a couple of men talking.  As I turned out they had a large, friendly husky which made them safe.  As well, I passed some people on the outside of a Mexican restaurant, with one of them drunk.  I took a look, to make myself aware upon return.  When I did, I noticed a neon-garbed man looking like a Pauly Shore fan from MTV was drunk with two men smoking cigarettes, and a woman,  The woman was close to the neon man and there was no threat, just a guy acting as if he was macho.  I walked down the street.  I was going to extend it, but inside I felt I had to make it short.  So I walked as far as the park.  Along, the way, I noticed a car in the nearly abandon for the time industrial park with lights on.  It was safe since it was at the door, but I looked to see if there was anyone else waiting and there wasn't.  So I walked on.  My patrol techniques are improving.  For a shortened patrol, I improved by leaps & bounds.