Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 16, 2017

On Tuesday seven years ago, I faced a major change in my change in my life as Basilisk.  I was injured severely after a mugging from what I found out to be a drug dealer.  I ended with fifteen staples to my skull, with one and a half inches close to death.  Supermom, who & a good samaritan saved my life, with Supermom ending with a heart attack & being on life support.  When she came to, she ended up losing the ability to drive, work, & walk normally.  My family finds "Basilisk" as the black sheep of myself.  I never forgot that moment & I still live it to this day.
Which shows that this patrol is especially important.  I did a new area, I recently "re-toured."  Parking was surprisingly easy.  Coming out, a lady looked at me & said my coat looked like the one from Lawrence Fishburne from "The Matrix."  The patrol was short, especially doing a new area at night, but it was productive.  I looked at a few people standing around, it was hard to tell whether there was evil afoot, as to say.  That's where observation & alertness has to reach the next level.  I did watch as an old man was walking back with groceries & looked as a man who was very dazed was walking towards him.  I kept looking until the dazed man passed the elderly man.  I noticed I was extremely calm throughout the whole thing.   Noticing I had a short patrol, I decided to a car patrol.  Big mistake!
As I drove, I felt more alien in the new area.   I wanted to end the patrol.  I unwittingly turned the wrong way on a one way street.  I was more scared, but I had to chin up.  I was lucky, the worst thing was I was scolded by a driver as I passed him by.  I didn't feel as bad, as I knew it was a teachable moment.  But I felt more revved up for the next patrol.  BUt I still have a lot to learn.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

September 9, 2017

There is a story I want to start of with that is totally different, but has an eire similarity.  Years ago, a few months after the injury, I was supposed to go to the Boston Comic-con.  I got tickets, I was in uniform.  But the sad thing was there was no parking spaces in the area.  Frustrated, we cancelled the trip.  I was to suggest with my family, that I can still make a mini-patrol, since I was in uniform.  Remembering the injury, my relative was livid, banging on the steering wheel saying another injury WILL occur.  I decided to nix the idea.
Come to today.  I was going to do an area, but I couldn't find an parking garages in the area, since they were full.  Disappointed I stopped that area patrol.  But as I head back, I remembered that I had another area in mind.  So I went to the other area.  Driving there was tricky, but thru the seat of my pants, I made it.  Find a parking space in that situation was hard, but I soon managed.  I was nervous being in it.  I managed to do about a half an hour, quality not quantity.  Nervous about the car was making me edgy.  I passed by lights at a house that was blarring loud hip-hop music.  I head fire engines, or it might be ambulances going past.  I cut off when I approached the restaurant, but then things got interesting.  As two girls were walking, I noticed to boys walking with an aggressive body language.  All I did was give an evil stare, & they went into the house.  I think I might've prevented a mugging or worse because hooking up at this hour was fool hardy.  I noticed a group of kids laughing as I past.  What would've been a great opportunity at networking was missed.  A learnable moment.   I feel the body language learning when it comes to knowing suspicious behavior mixed with my confidence has to be taken up a notch in order to be effective.   As I went back, I found more ways to better.  This is a teachable moment, as tomorrow I will do some more exploring to get to know the area next.  "Are you ready for some RLSH?"

Thursday, September 7, 2017

World War Tothian

I know this is going to get me in trouble with the real life superhero community, but with the current situation with Tothian, I couldn't stand by the sidelines anymore.  But first I want to give my observances of comic book history in the nineties.  In especially Marvel Comics, there were heroes like Punisher, Ghost Rider, Palidin, & especially Wolverine.  These were heroes who took their crime fighting to extreme.  All the status quo heroes found them to be freaks & disgraces.  I always found it frustrating when heroes like Spider-Man scolded heroes like Punisher for taking to the next level.  Of course, DC had their fair share, especially my hero Batman with Huntress.  Even with their history pre-Crisis, everything changed.  It was depressing.  Granted I will never take that level, & the world we live in nowadays, I hope any RLSH will never take it the fatal level.
My point, there has been reports that people want Tothian to step down as a real life superhero.  Hell, there was a petition for it.  I remember one Facebook post, one of the sad many, that in summary his methods are no longer welcome.  First, remember our times when we go on patrol in our uniforms.  One of the things we always worry about police, when they feel that we are "threatening" the status quo.  It is one of scariest feeling any real life superhero goes thru.  To have fellow heroes face that same judgment is blasphomous.  Looking at shows like CW's Arrow or Flash, for example, we see how the heroes each season goes down a peg because their "friends" feel like the heroes are embarrassing themselves, when they really feel the embarrassment that never hit them.  Quality suffer, as well as self confidence.  I believe that's one reason that super heroes do get the same aurora like they used to & how we, as real life super heroes, have to step up to keep that drive going.
Now I know some of the criticisms of Tothian, and some of them are correct.  But even thou he may have belamouses, but I'm not perfect, & neither are all of you.  We're human, we're superheroes, but we're human.  If it gets to point where we get rid of someone we disagree with, we maybe just as much next.  After all Tothian did some great things as well.  He got us a focus in our community as real life superheroes as he found the Heroes Network, where we would have our own community of acceptance.  He was thru it all.  Destroying that, would be destroying our history of who we are.  And we could be next.  And what's left.  The bald Superman before the one in Action Comics #1 (look up your comic book history)
You guys are my family.  I think being a real life superhero is the best, even better than in the comics, cartoons, television, & movies.  We need to keep thing going so the next generation can be inspire & aspire to greatness.  And to those who don't like what I say, don't blog it, don't post it on social media.  Say it to my face.  I'll give you more respect for that.  Let's not have another Marvel Civil War.  If we don't, it could be a lot worse than in the mini-series.  How's that for "One More Day?"