Sunday, September 9, 2018

September 8, 2018

As I managed to pump myself up with P Diddy Come with Me, I managed to unleash my inner Triple H.  As I patrolled, I felt more in tune.  As well, I noticed less people in shock.  That's when you feel like one in the crowd.  I managed to get into more detail, more bars on the border to cover, more streets to check on.  It felt like I knew exactly what I was doing.  I was going to do Chinatown, but I found out Friday there was an event as told by the flags.  As I noticed parked cars as I was crossing the common, but they were ride-sharing cars like Uber, I still have butterflies.  As I was crossing one corner, a homeless man came up to me.  It doesn't matter if you are a civilian or Darth Vader, a person in need is always welcome help from anyone.  He asked for a sweater, due to the weather becoming increasingly colder.  I wish could've helped him.  Even removing a mask I would stand out in the stores, but nevertheless, they would be closed.  I told him to go to St. Anthony's Shrine.  It was a hunch, but I thought they would take in homeless people.  I pray I was right, as he crossed St. Francis House, it was closed.  I told him he had worth.  It gave him hope, but unfortunately it was very little.  I saw it was hard for him to cheer up.  I doubt a granola bar would make him feel better.  I did what I could, but I wasn't satisfied.  That man needed help.  I remember a comic book, Heroes For Hunger.  It talked about people in Ethiopia who were starving, and even the combined forces of Superman, Batman, & Lex Luthor couldn't help.  There are some things superheroes can't do, an unfortunate reality, but we should always strive to better.  That's the true super.  I am pushing harder and I feel more confident.  I feel like my time will soon come.  Hopefully, it won't be like last week.