Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 21, 2018

This was a rarely patrolled area in a mask that was newly tried, what can possibly go wrong?  I parked so far back, that even at night it felt while it was like a long distance.  Hard thing when you go thru a "baptism of fire," second chances get a lot harder.  Knowing the route I had to take & wondering if it would be troublesome.  I had to walk in a pattern that would arouse less suspicion.  Even when there were some that involved an official building and a train station.  That is like being between a rock & a hard place.  Even when I managed to get to my destination it felt harder finding a diversionary street to attract less suspicion.  It will take some time to understand routes better, but that would take time, & toughening up my self confidence.  There were a little more people than the last patrol, obviously more night spots did show to attract others, & the time was a lot earlier than last.  However I felt less comfortable than last.  Hearing sirens made me wonder if I was in trouble.  But danger is like a shark, if it smells the blood of fear, you're lost.  I managed to do some side streets to be more exact.  I managed to go a different route back.  I heard a man yelling angrily on the other side, waiting at the employee door at Dunkin Donuts.  I would've waited but there was someone behind me, so I had to leave.  Disappointed, but a wise move.  Would've again another couple of hours, but that would've been involved backtracking.  A successful patrol, even getting a glove out of the trash.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

April 13, 2018

This the first time I ever did a patrol late at night.  I truly feel like Batman in that sense.  As well, the first time with a new mask, with the do-rag & the sunglasses.  But now I added a beanie helmet to it for head protection.  I was going to add the mouth mask for originality, but it went apart as soon as I put on the beanie helmet, so I took it off.  I also added a better bluetooth earpiece for better calling of 911.  Thanks Recluse! for introducing me to that website Wish.  It was inexpensive, but so effective.  I also wore a cape for the first time today, not counting the last time one to two weeks ago where my old mask became street pancakes.  I will show a picture of my modified uniform in future posts on Facebook.  Feel free to input.
I can honestly tell you I had a feeling walking out that I never had, EVER in my RLSH career, confidence.  I felt like Triple H of WWE as I walked the streets feeling like I deserve to be there.  Spider Knight & Shadow Wolf made me feel like I can embrace who I am & be proud of it as I showed with each step I took.  Not a lot happened, I can honestly tell you it felt quiet.  Yes it was late at night, but it felt like it was so empty.  Odd on a Friday night that it was supposed to warm up.  It was a supposed to be a short patrol because I got out of work earlier so I didn't know my energy level.  It was good that it lasted a couple of hours thou.  I began noticing the small things.  A wreath on fence near a school on the street where I parked.  A sad reminder for those of a bad memory of the loss of a loved one thru unpredictable circumstances.  I think the only thing I did was pick up a discarded paper bag & put it in a trash barrel.  The little things count.  There was many people there, if I did rarely did I see any stay in one place.  I did look over a 7-Eleven nearby.  There were instances of panhandlers being aggressive to customers, especially recently.  Fortunately, there were no problems.  As I walked I noticed Dunkin Donuts was even closed, yes! it was that late.  I also noticed there were some closed businesses that left lights on.  I know it's supposed to be a deterrent but I think it does the opposite.  A smart criminal would study the layout of the place only to ransack it.  Alarms, closed circuit cameras, those wouldn't be a factor at all.  To anybody thinking anything stupid, this isn't Jackass, this a warning to those who do use this method, that it maybe more harm than good.  And to an real life superheroes, watch out for these places & anybody late at night looking in the windows.  I decided to alter the route a little bit.  I was a little nervous when I saw a paddy wagon (one I work in Boston; two I'm Basilisk! I'm not PC) & I thought, "Yeah, I'm screwed!"  But it passed so far from me, that's when you know you can officially embrace who you are.  I managed to make incredible distance.  But as I turned back, only to make sure I wasn't tired if needed.  I noticed a lady with a watch, phone, or book outside sitting on a bench with a table.  Asking questions would be a wise thing to do, sitting that latte at night.  But knowing who I am, & my history of people seeing things that are different, I rolled on the side of caution.  I think time will make me more confident & wiser.  But I did keep an eye on a suspicious boy walking that way.  I took a look back to make sure nothing goes wrong.  As I crossed the street.  I noticed the same man cross in a jaywalking fashion, which is the norm at night in the city.  I used cautionary step to assure the person I wasn't following them.  But he managed to lean on the wall, & let me pass.  I looked back to make sure he didn't do anything stupid.  As I passed another place.  I noticed a man in a suit walking as a young man who looked suspicious walking close by.  I did take a look see to make sure there was no mugging.  But they soon passed parallel to each other, knowing there was no problems.  I did walk on the other side of the street, but I had to go back to the same side, because the sidewalk was closed on that side.  Last thing you want to be is dragon burgers.  I felt confident afterwards that I could do another couple of hours.  Nothing happened but I feel confident that this was an excellent patrol, & good step to a prosperous future as a real life super hero in Boston.