Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 28, 2017

Managed to do something new.  Patrol for the first time in the new mask.  I can tell you from all the negatives I heard, it was misproven.  Sight wasn't an issue, hearing was perfect, & since the lenses were removed, it was easy to take care of the sweat around my eyes.  The only thing, remember in an old Avengers comic when Daredevil & Iron Man were turned to stone, Iron Man was cognizant but couldn't scratch his nose because his armor was stone, that's how I felt.  So far it went well.  I managed to help a couple of tourists with directions twice & a couple of guys interacted with me as if I was one of the boys.  I even gave a granola bar to a homeless lady.  But even with Halloween, where adults dress up in costumes as well, let's just say my mask worked TOO WELL in putting the fear in the hearts of people.  I got a lot of remarks like, "Scary as fuck," "That's creepy.  Keep walking fast."  From the start things went well, but all of a sudden, I felt so out of place.  One of the things I got to work on is feeling comfortable in my own skin.  I had this problem even before Day 1.  To any real life superheroes, rookies, middle, or veterans, never feel scared about laughing about yourself.  Think Joan Rivers.  I managed to do a driving patrol of another part of Boston.  I felt more calm as I got a better perspective of what to look for the second time.  More to fuel in.  All in all, a very informative patrol.  I am debating whether to use the helmet again, but I don't have long to figure out as I hope my next patrol is soon.