Saturday, September 1, 2018

August 31, 2018

This was a day the f**k ups kept going.  All started silent, but almost felt a chill passing a few people, feeling like a freak, unlike last week.  As I approached Ashmont station, I saw a man looking for something past the fences.  As I looked on his sleeve, it looked like a police banner, so I let him do his job.  Things got more interesting as I walked down.  As I past a restaurant that was closed I noticed a group hanging together.  It turned out to be a family, ready to be closed for the night.  I managed to make it close to the other T station, then the fun started.  As I passed a park on Fields Corner, I saw two men; one white, mid forties, brown or light tan leather jacket, a little thick, black tam, salty grey hair; holding a trash bag small enough to be a small black plastic shopping bag towards a guy, I believed in a black hoodie.  They spotted me & said, "You're as normal as f**k!"  I was so f*****g stupid, I just passed them as they wished me a horrible day.  The plastic bag, two men meeting at a park at midnight, even if it might be nothing, that was probable cause.  The Powerpuff Girls, The Three Stooges, as superheroes & as themselves; could see it a mile away.  I was kicking myself.  But I had to stop, as I returned back, a lady spotted me & asked if the convenience store was open.  I wasn't sure, but I did see some customers past there on my way back.  I told her I was a real life superhero, and she said that was awesome.  We both wished each other to stay safe.  Then, the kicker, a man,was drunk and ill, on the side passed Ashmont.  As I heard a noise, I checked.  He was leaning on a fence looking drunk.  I checked on him & soon called 911.  As I called, explaining to the operator where I was was almost like explaining to Ed from Ed. Edd, N' Eddy; how to cross the maze to get the cereal (Good episode by the way.)  I was lucky the security guard came by and gave me an exact address, but soon the guy ran away.  I was pissed at myself.  A day from hell in which I should do better next time.