Sunday, May 27, 2018

May 26, 2018

A patrol on Saturday on Memorial Day weekend.  Due to for an unforeseen circumstance, I had to adjust my uniform a tweek.  I managed to find a side street off Mattapan, which was close to the main street.  I managed to find a dive the first place I passed.  And I can tell you, it's not like what you see on entertainment or even Guy Fiori.  I managed to walk around, feeling more confident since Christmas Eve.  I had to cut it short due to that of the unforeseen.  When I was walking down past an alley, I ad to change course as I saw a person, walking cocky but drunk.  Nothing to get from.  But when I crossed another street.  was the biggest adventure in the shortest time;  Looking at the area of litter, I would love to picture Project HOPE or Superheroes Anonymous pick up the litter.  However it would probably more the extreme edition, but it comes with the business.  A man standing on the street spotted me & asked for a smoke or money for one.  Had to refuse, but all of a sudden, I heard a cry for help.  A man was pushing his old car, heavily breathing, with the car door open, hell for the weather we are having today.  I managed to go behind & pushed behind the trunk.  Another person was asking if we needed help but I told him to ask the man.  I told the man to tell me where to stop, fortunately it was a short distance.  He thanked me, I asked if he needed as call to get a tow or a ride, but he refused.  I heard broken english, maybe Cape Veredian.  He said, "God Bless You!"  And for the first time in a while, I felt that.  I was going to cover more, but the street was crazy with reckless drivers for the holiday weekend, so I followed on the road of caution.  When I went back, I saw a man, but the car, but he had his phone on him.  The car was working perfectly.  Thank God!