Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15, 2015

Not much on this patrol.  I was trying a new area, but noticed a huge presence with security after the recent crimes in Boston.  As much as I tried to compensate, I didn't want to get into too much risk.  I was also trying new head gear used by athletes.  After that my head felt waxed.  Something for future consideration thou.  A huge advancement was as that I covered much more of an area as well as knowing how many roads I could travel.  A huge laugh came when I saw a lady wearing a hat & scarf you would see from the granny of the old Combat Zone.  As much as I tried, I had to cut it short.  But facing myself under pressure & surmounting to it shows huge promise in future patrols, & shows that I have my head in the game.

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 2, 2015

As I was feeling draining I was pondering whether to grab something.  Worried I would basically get unwanted attention.  I went to the same stand that was near where I saved a life.  I grabbed an apple and gave the man an extra dollar.  He kept calling me sir & I replied, "I am no sir, you are more sir than I.  Call me friend."  The apple was the best apple I ever had in a while.  Generosity always makes food better.  I was going to do a certain section, but there was a festival.  Once again, I backtracked to avoid unwanted attention.  I noticed a lot of new areas, as I was getting more and more acquainted As I crossed an area, I heard some Hispanic kids walking around going in my direction.  They crossed the street, and IU as I saw the passing car I screamed "Vamanos!"   As I crossed section & the park, I heard a town play.  I passed on the back side.  I heard some kids acting fresh so all I did was walked across them,  No trouble.  As I went back, and this is important.  Always be as if the whole area is under your protection.  I noticed a man with two bags.  He slipped inside his jacket like Napoleon.  So I made the ultimate chess match.  I kept my on him, knowing any move too soon could cause bigger legal problems.  I noticed his body language.  I even saw him leave the bag  my eyes were fixed. Getting a description and setting a plan, if he left the bag as he got off.  One was jumping as I got off the final stop and tell an officer, I don't have the expertise in possible bomb disposal.  He got off with the bag at another stop & I felt sure victory.  Always act as if you are always on patrol.