Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 16, 2015

My first encounter came when I saw a dog inside an SUV in the night.  Looking at the dog it looked like it was alright.  I looked at the license plate number.  I called 911, knowing that knocking a window would make the situation worse.  Fortunately, as I called, the owners came as I heard a car alarm  start (don't worry.  I didn't touch the car.  It was a key trigger.)  I hung up & told them my concern.  They said they were out for a few moments.  As I felt fortunate for their sakes that I didn't fully reach the call, I felt that they were lucky it was a cool day in May & not a hot day in July.  Later, I noticed a car parked on the sidewalk.  I thought that the car was in need of repairs.  But it turns out the person had to move the car quickly.  As seen, myself in situations that were handled well.  I think longer patrols would provide better results.  In time, I know I can get to top notch.