Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29, 2014

I did a civilian patrol by Plymouth Center.  I noticed a person taking pictures of the First Parish of Plymouth.  Probably an advertiser for the church or the local news photographer.  After a quick coffee break I headed on my walk.  Nothing much to report other than the fact along the way, I noticed an open car door with two people talking on their smartphone, one male one female.  It looked like they were texting and I don't think there was a thing for credit cards on smart-phones so it wasn't anything devious, presumably.  A woman getting ready for her wedding was taking home her wedding gown.  With the weather coming later, I hope it doesn't get ruined. I would've went to the corner, by Massachusetts State Police were at Memorial Hall with lights & sirens on.  I detoured.  Whatever there it was for the best, because I was a civilian & even if I was in my work clothes I haven't developed a rapport so that they can trust me with my knowledge & sleuthing.  I do have detective skills, but all relationships take time to form and develop.  As I crossed on the other side, I noticed a man in a blue hooded sweatshirt looking behind me.  Best to remain silent, especially as he said hello to two men.  I saw my old teacher (name confidential to keep privacy) as we talked about old times and today.  Pretty quiet patrol, but working.