Sunday, October 14, 2018

October 13, 2018

On my patrol to South Boston, I tried something new, I was trying a longer cape.  A little more controllable than the last one.  I managed to try it on a baptism of fire, or in this case, the wind.  I was going to South Boston.  I was trying the longer route, only because going the expressway was confusing.  So I went at a local McDonald's to go for a real what they don't have, something with nature (I joke, they do have apples.  no sick jokes!)  I ordered a lemonade in which my body was doing a riot like in the episode of Batman '66 where the Riddler was into silent movies & everyone was drinking poisoned lemonade.  Imagine in Batman today had the responsibility of West & controlled a riot like that.  Not that good.  Anyway, I managed to head there no worse for wear.  Still have to work on the cape.  I noticed an area I used to pass now transformed into a neuvo-night club.  The love of Southie!  Once again, no action.  Worries me.  But I had enough on my mind.  One of the negatives about being a real life superhero at night is that there is no bathrooms.  You can't always ask a business or a residence to let them use theirs.  First, I'm a freak! what do you expect?  Second, it's unconstitutional.  If a soldier can't go into another person's home and forces hospitality, then what business does a real life superhero have?  At least, that's what I think.  I can tell you you can always see a person true colors when they see great joy or great pain.  I was lucky.  I was prepared.  But it is something to look out for.  Damn my age!  Anyway, the silence is still unsettling.  I know the Red Sox are playing the American League Championship against the Houston Astros.  Very unsettling.  Anyway, work has to be done.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

October 12, 2018

After a hiatus, I went back on the field.  Due to the recent violence last week, I covered Dorchester.  I managed to cover more of an area this late at night.  It started relatively quiet.  I always get funny feelings about places that are apparently bare.  When I passed Ashmont Station, there was a person hiding in the corner.  It would've been hard to see, until I saw him puff a cigarette.  Observation is one of the real life superheroes' most important assets.  Something to look at one the way back.  I managed to nod at one of the people hanging around the station.  I also managed to dip my toe deeper in the side streets.  One of which, I saw a person ran outside.  I made a mistake of walking on the same side.  Which lead to one of them saying, "Yo!"  I turned around & he asked if I had a light.  I was too basic when I said, "Don't smoke." & left.  I noticed a lot of people were wearing hoodies, hiding their head.  Except one person, who was wearing a hat that was very furry.  Whoever being in the inner city fashion is key.  As I passed a strip mall, I saw a lady with something on the ground.  She was frantic & yelled, "Por Favor" which, even if you don't know Spanish, you had an idea what she wanted.  So I walked to the area, only for a car to come by & talk to her, which I had to go back.  As I approached a turn I saw a father with his baby child.  I also noticed a police car riding while on patrol.  I had to approach it with the upmost caution.  If I went too fast, it would've been ultimate chaos.  Fortunately, he crossed by the time I was going in the opposite direction.  A breath of fresh hair.  On the way back, I managed to go to check another parking lot.  I heard some music that was very loud.  However, it was from a check cashing place.  I do admire the fact that work even in the late hours.  But something to watch out for just in case there's a robbery.  As I headed back.  I noticed a parent bringing a car seat with a baby & a small child running in him.  I saw somebody that might be a grandmother watching outside, so I'd feared I'd be burned, so I walked immediately back.  I also noticed what I believed to be a "Community Watch" van, probably Social Services.  When I managed to pass Ashmont Station again, I didn't see the guy.  I maybe wrong, but with the way I was observing, a ninja wouldn't hide from me.  AND NINJAS DON'T SMOKE!  I did notice a lot more people.  They always come out when you least expect it.  But empty patrols worry me.  Especially, with Red Sox in the playoffs (if you know me, you'd know what I'm talking about.  And I won't get more into that.). Something to watch out for next time.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

September 29, 2018

A silent patrol can mean many things.  No crime, no activity.  It feels like a brisk walk.  But a level of complacency can a lead to somewhat of a disaster that no one expects.  That patrol was a quiet one.  Even thou it was fall, there was a full crescent moon, something that reminds that anything can happen.  As I crossed one street, someone called "Batman."  If I keep hearing that, I'll start thinking I'm my personal hero.  I passed Ashmont Station, & I saw a gathering.  However the T Inspector was handling it.  What add too much cooks.  I decided to try different routes.  A street I never been on, stuff like that.  As I crossed an area, I was about to cross the street, however I saw a young man walking hastily.  Knowing his body language I knew he was very nervous.  If I crossed I would've continued down, but at the same time I would make that person so uncomfortable he'd do something reckless.  And the way I'm dressed, I would spook Luke Skywalker (or the Joker, depending on Mark Hamill's wishes.)  So I cut it off.  I managed to go down a side street besides the park at Fields Corner.  My previous patrols in that area showed some kind of activity, I thought I'd give it a better look.  Fortunately, nothing happened, it was as silent as Royals Stadium during the postseason.  I managed to pass a man who heavily smoking a cigarette as an older man wearing noise proof headphones was heading out.  He said, I wasn't that scary.  I said, "Maybe I should try harder."  He said thou, "You look cool thou." As I passed Ashmont Station I saw a Table Talk box on the bench.  I picked it up & put it in the trash.  The first thing I thought, was Spongebob Squarepants impressing the Jellyfishers saying, "Everybody like pie." (God! that was awful.). I looked at areas where I could improve & I feel stronger that I can be better.  I hope next time I don't fall into a false sense of security.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

September 21, 2018

I was supposed to meet with Dirty Water TV for an interview we agreed to.  More on that later.  As I approached & passed the Haymarket MBTA station, I noticed a couple spotting me (it's amazing how many times I'm compared to my favorite hero Batman.)  I explained who I was & it was a good start.  But when I went to the Greatest Bar, after confusion with bouncer (in which I think he did an excellent job.  Guys give that man a raise!) I found out there was no set.  It turned out it was more sports fare than Dirty Water.  Undeterred, I'd make the most of it by doing what I do best, doing a patrol.  As I crossed, I met this lovely homeless woman named Olive.  She was sweet as I explained who I was.  I wish I still had the granola bars that I could give her, but I am glad that I made her day.  As I crossed towards Downtown in Boston Common, a lot happened.  I was lucky since when I cross it, it's usually closed, but to take advantage of the opportunity was golden.  First ones to pot me was a couple doing a moonlight serenade.  The woman spotted me.  I explained who I was & I apologized for interrupting their romance.  But they didn't mind, they wanted to know more about me.  It felt good that people don't feel weird with me there.  A touching moment came as a woman named Stormy came up to me & asked for a hug.  I hugged her & she asked me to promise her that every time I see her that I give her a hug.  It was touching & made me feel good.  A scary moment came when I was passing a group of youths & they were asking me questions.  Some standard, but they soon asked me what I would do in a knife & gun attack.  It even went so far as he showed a knife in the conversation.  I told the boy to put the knife away or else there would be legal trouble.  They soon asked me to leave, saying I was "Strange as f**k."  I covered new areas, as I soon found out for a bad situation I made good on it.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

September 15, 2018

It was a while since I covered that area, but the first with an area of confidence.  As I exited my car from the garage.  I felt more confident than usual.  The interactions with people were starting to get easier.  First person I saw was a bouncer who reminded me of Bowzer from Sha Na Na only more mature and more put together (God I missed when he tried to put his fist into his mouth.)  We nodded then we gave a fist bump wishing each other well.  Next I came upon a group of kids.  One noticed me, "BATMAN!"  As I was introducing myself, he said, "Not now.  I'm texting."  THE FUTURE GENERATION LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!  A real life superhero right there and he's still typing on his phone at night.  I was going to continue on Broadway, but I felt burned when a bouncer at one of the clubs looked at me with suspicion.  Continuing to go down the other side would bring unwanted attention.  So I went the usual turn.  One of the girls who was with her friends came up and said, "Love your outfit."  I said, "Yours isn't bad either."  I soon met two gentlemen, salt of the earth fellows.  One said, "Who are you supposed to be?"  I explained who I was.  The guy was rambling as if he was drunk.  The sober one told him to move.  Too bad it was close to another bar.  Speaking of which, there was a man who with an intoxicated lady holding a bag.  I was concerned, not knowing if there was foul play.  I came and asked if everything was alright.  He said, "I wish."  Now, I could intervene.  But if it was worse, there was no cause for citizen's arrest as the case would be thrown out and he would sue for false arrest.  But no foul play.  But even if I did help him, it would look like I would be tripping over him making things worse.  Begrudgingly, I had to leave it.  I hope all is well.  As I walked there were two men one who looked like one of the current cast members from Saturday Night Live looking like he was camping at Fenway Park.  Even with the confidence asking questions I still felt awkward, something I have to work on.  But a non call I was proud of was there were three boys who was new this nice new sports car, one who was without a shirt.  I have never seen the Fast & the Furious movies, & I don't intend to, but I know Vin Diesel wouldn't be so stupid to invite three passengers into a vehicle to steal to drag race.  Like I said, I never saw those movies so I wouldn't know.  I hope all is well.  This was the first time thou I actual made the full route, which felt refreshing.  As I made it back I made an observation of what is open and what isn't, besides bars & clubs.  One thing that was something I'll work on is going on another side of the street.  There was more activity, & it would make for sense to patrol there.  Otherwise, an excellent patrol.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

September 14, 2018

Working a little later than usual.  Felt like I left in a rush as I left one of my phones behind.  I was lucky I had one, as you see later, I really needed it.  I was starting to develop more of a Triple H vibe to myself, which helped.  As I passed Ashmont Station with smell of barbecue, I almost felt like having a rack of baby back ribs.  It didn't help that someone screamed, "Monster!" as I walked.  "Boogeyman in Boston.  More at 11."  As I walked I noticed an ambulance turn down a side street with sirens, I think it was Dix Street.  The was an a police car there which meant a crime scene.  I may look like Batman, but I don't have pull like the Dark Knight.  I passed by some young men having drinks outside a business.  They said I was Batman.  I explained who I really was and what I do.  I feel like I developed a little bit of street cred, especially when they say they know where to turn when there's trouble.  As well, as I passed another street, I noticed a lot of honking in which people cried, "SUPERHERO!"  I waved like the Adam West Batman in the start of the Batman '66 movie.  I decided to turn back when I saw a pizza man and others looking at me oddly.  Last thing I want to do is be burned.  A couple of mistakes soon followed.  One as a pitbull came up to me as I was walking, he tried to sniff me.  I had a feeling he knew I was friendly, but I couldn't stop.  I wasn't worried about Mr. 305, I was more worried about Ms. 911.  As I passed a park on Fields Corner, I noticed some serious screaming.  One person was extremely agitated.  The other was trying to calm him down.  But from what I noticed it wasn't working too well, as the angry one was yelling obscenities.  I noticed the non-verbal communication, & I knew it was close to dangerous.  I soon had to intervene.  I didn't like the way I started as I went in like Mr. Rogers.  I felt like I lost control from the get-go, as the non-aggressor told me to back off as the violent one started spewing barks.  I soon left as I knew I lost control.  But unlike the last time as I let it be, this time I walked a distance as I heard more violent yelling and called 911.  I hope that the handling by the police would be a lot better than the way I did.  But this was something I knew I could handle.  I have to develop a bad-ass attitude if I am to be taken truly seriously.  Crap like what I did almost put me out 8 years ago.  A repeat would've been a lot closer.  I know the next time, I have to do better than settling for field goals.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

September 8, 2018

As I managed to pump myself up with P Diddy Come with Me, I managed to unleash my inner Triple H.  As I patrolled, I felt more in tune.  As well, I noticed less people in shock.  That's when you feel like one in the crowd.  I managed to get into more detail, more bars on the border to cover, more streets to check on.  It felt like I knew exactly what I was doing.  I was going to do Chinatown, but I found out Friday there was an event as told by the flags.  As I noticed parked cars as I was crossing the common, but they were ride-sharing cars like Uber, I still have butterflies.  As I was crossing one corner, a homeless man came up to me.  It doesn't matter if you are a civilian or Darth Vader, a person in need is always welcome help from anyone.  He asked for a sweater, due to the weather becoming increasingly colder.  I wish could've helped him.  Even removing a mask I would stand out in the stores, but nevertheless, they would be closed.  I told him to go to St. Anthony's Shrine.  It was a hunch, but I thought they would take in homeless people.  I pray I was right, as he crossed St. Francis House, it was closed.  I told him he had worth.  It gave him hope, but unfortunately it was very little.  I saw it was hard for him to cheer up.  I doubt a granola bar would make him feel better.  I did what I could, but I wasn't satisfied.  That man needed help.  I remember a comic book, Heroes For Hunger.  It talked about people in Ethiopia who were starving, and even the combined forces of Superman, Batman, & Lex Luthor couldn't help.  There are some things superheroes can't do, an unfortunate reality, but we should always strive to better.  That's the true super.  I am pushing harder and I feel more confident.  I feel like my time will soon come.  Hopefully, it won't be like last week.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

August 31, 2018

This was a day the f**k ups kept going.  All started silent, but almost felt a chill passing a few people, feeling like a freak, unlike last week.  As I approached Ashmont station, I saw a man looking for something past the fences.  As I looked on his sleeve, it looked like a police banner, so I let him do his job.  Things got more interesting as I walked down.  As I past a restaurant that was closed I noticed a group hanging together.  It turned out to be a family, ready to be closed for the night.  I managed to make it close to the other T station, then the fun started.  As I passed a park on Fields Corner, I saw two men; one white, mid forties, brown or light tan leather jacket, a little thick, black tam, salty grey hair; holding a trash bag small enough to be a small black plastic shopping bag towards a guy, I believed in a black hoodie.  They spotted me & said, "You're as normal as f**k!"  I was so f*****g stupid, I just passed them as they wished me a horrible day.  The plastic bag, two men meeting at a park at midnight, even if it might be nothing, that was probable cause.  The Powerpuff Girls, The Three Stooges, as superheroes & as themselves; could see it a mile away.  I was kicking myself.  But I had to stop, as I returned back, a lady spotted me & asked if the convenience store was open.  I wasn't sure, but I did see some customers past there on my way back.  I told her I was a real life superhero, and she said that was awesome.  We both wished each other to stay safe.  Then, the kicker, a man,was drunk and ill, on the side passed Ashmont.  As I heard a noise, I checked.  He was leaning on a fence looking drunk.  I checked on him & soon called 911.  As I called, explaining to the operator where I was was almost like explaining to Ed from Ed. Edd, N' Eddy; how to cross the maze to get the cereal (Good episode by the way.)  I was lucky the security guard came by and gave me an exact address, but soon the guy ran away.  I was pissed at myself.  A day from hell in which I should do better next time.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

August 24, 2018

After a hiatus, I was back to walking the eat.  It may've been long but from getting the uniform to getting to my patrol is starting to feel like second skin.  You know things are going well when someone says they spotted Batman.  But Batman never had to worry about parking the Batmobile in a garage, unless it was Police Headquarters (God, I miss the Arkham games.)  Anyway it also helps when you get a compliment on the cape.  I managed to pass a pizza joint near a club where a man eating a pizza stopped me.  I asked if he needed help, and he laughed as he choked on a pizza (great an interacting and you feel you have to do a Heimlich manuever)  However we had a picture.  He was going to offer me a piece, and I know it;s damn good pizza, but I'm on the clock.  Maybe next time.  I managed to pass three old men who appeared either drunk or high who spotted me.  I told them not to get in trouble and they said vice versa, saying I might get into a fight with SpiderMan or Catwoman.  I managed to get into new routes.  I started learning how to change course quickly.  I felt more comfortable in my patrol, but more cautious.  My observations were aware of things that could be an easy danger.  It's those you have to have a poker face.  Otherwise, you will be seen as a loonatic.  I feel I could do more patrols in the same area, just to try different routes so not to seem mundane.  Otherwise, a great patrol.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

July 20, 2018

This was going to be my first team up in Boston.  One mental note, always anticipate that public transportation isn't foolproof, it maybe done by fools.  As was stated that my bus was twenty minutes late.  I was fortunate that my fellow hero, Shadow Wolf was very understanding.  As I managed to get to him on time, with what little time we had we made the most of it.  He managed to keep himself busy with homeless outreach, public interactions, &helping where he can.  We managed to meet at Park Street.  Even thou, I had more years on him, he showed wisdom, helpfulness, and teamwork; the markings of a great leader and a great real life superhero.  We kept focused on the area, as he even ehlped me thru some tough spots.  We exchanged ideas, stories, and map directions as he gave me some great ideas for future patrols.  As he had to leave due to the train, I managed to do a little on my own.  I was discovered by a couple of people.  One did a Snapchat interview (I'm on social media and I didn't expect it.)  And a group of girls spotted me, as one took my picture.  I am feeling more confident being in this.  I look forward to future team ups as I am feeling more confident as a real life superhero.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 15, 2018

It was a few days a go I saw a poster of missing person.  She was about my age, maybe less.  But she had so many people concerned about her.  There were three phone numbers.  I knew the area, as well as the area concerned.  I thought I could help.  In so many ways, I had so many plans.  But by the time I called one of the numbers.  I soon found out she died.  I was too late.  I still keep kept the photo I took on cell phone as a reminder.  Yes, the pain of failure is normal in the real life superhero community.  We are superheroes, not gods.  Yet I prefer being the former, rather than the latter.
Bring on today.  With all the hells I've been thru, & the ones that I am facing now.  This was my first Sunday patrol in Boston at night.  I felt a load on my shoulders.  Then I looked at that photo.  She, and the people like her, the victims; why I have to fight, why I have my soul on the line.  And I went the same area.  And I felt confident.  Every fear I had was gone.  It was silent.  Rarely did I meet people, the closest someone called me Count Dracula, at least it wasn't Team Edward or Team Jacob.  But I got smarter, I got braver, I got wiser.  For the first time, I faced the devil's mighty men, & won.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

July 7, 2018

I did the same area because the last patrol, however fruitful, was very short.  I felt I didn't give it enough quality.  However, to spice it up, I tried a different direction by trying a different street.  It was a baptism of fire.  As I walked down the new air, I felt an air that I never felt before.  The smell of barbecue of hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken filled the air from the holiday weekend cookouts.  I even saw something beautiful, a subway train sleeping when it's not at work.  It was a thing of beauty and silence that words can't describe.  As I made it down the end, I passed an area with some bars.  Already, I had a feeling of an old fifties art deco painting come to life.  I would go down further but it was my first time.  For personal reasons, I decided to head back.  As I did I saw a man drunk yelling at his cell phone.  He crossed the street recklessly, as a car almost hit him because of it.  He got angry back.  I would help but I remember one time I did, let's say I was lucky he was coherent enough to see.  Would I go down that route of a street again?  Sadly, no.  For "personal reasons."

Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 4, 2018

This was ironically a short patrol on the big day.  The day was surrounded by the sound of fireworks.  It was hardly a time for people to be around especially with rockets blazing.  I soon saw the fireworks for the distance as I passed the train station, so I decided to stop early.  I remember Halloween 2009 too well.  However, I introduced myself to the firefighters hanging around outside & I' say we have good relations.  My progression is going slowly, but surely.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 30, 2018

As I started my stretch out, I thought I felt more confidant in who I am.  This was something where I will say yes AND no.  I managed to cover more of the area of Mattapan, which gave the confidence to be in my own skin.  But when I passed by a church, in the parking lot, there was a car with their lights on, looked like sports car.  There were five to seven people around it hanging around but here was no service.  I couldn't approach for two reason.  If there was nothing wrong, then I would be seen as a threat.  But if they were up to no good,  that's five to seven people against one.  I would get my ass kicked.  So I walked to a safer area and called 911.  The operator felt there was no reason to worry, which basically got egg on my face.  I complied & moved on.  I managed to cross two more groups of people within a block.  The first ones were too stoned to figure anything out.  The second was more concerning.  They were talking about being oppressed, then they looked at me & wanted to know who I was.  I explained, & they felt that I wasn't fit to patrol there.  They asked if I had weapons, I was nervous in saying anything, feeling less is more.  That turned out to be a mistake, because now I felt I went out of Fenway Park with them.  I left instead of stayed, feeling like I was in the way.  The next group was some bouncers & patrons near a dive bar.  I explained who I was & at first things went well, then as heard behind my back, they felt I was a freak.  As I went back, an unmarked cruiser stopped, rolled their window & asked some questions.  I explained who I was & we both told each other to be careful.  My compliments to the two police officers in Boston for being professional & treating me with respect.  But in many ways, as there have been some good moments, I have to get my A game on, before I get to the big situations coming up.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 16, 2018

On the heels of trying new safety equipment & the news about the situation with the attack of a pervert on the T (the kind that was really that) and the arrest of a good samaritan in that area, I knew I would have a lot on the line.  As I was driving down a major street, rather slow since it was a hot Saturday night summer in Boston, I noticed a light that said "O/D off."  I thought, "oh, s**t!  Another problem?"  As I found when I got back, it was the overdrive was off because I was going so slow on the street.  Thanks new law, which said 25 miles per hour is now the major speed limit in Boston.  I made it to a new garage, which was quite different from the last one, but also cheaper (no offense guys.)  You know you feel awkward when the door felt like a back alley (Trust a guy in a do-rag!)  As I walked I managed to made it the street I wanted to cross to continue the patrol, but I noticed I was in back of a group of guys acting like they were ready for a night out on the town.  I thought, "No problem.  They weren't high risk.  They were in a large group.  They WERE AWARE OF THEIR SURROUNDINGS;  but the last one, THEY WERE AWARE OF THEIR SURROUNDINGS.  That cost me.  As I passed by they were like Statler & Waldorf on the Muppets.  They were heckling me on my patrol.  I managed to cross opposite the street.  It made me nervous, especially for earlier.  I even made the mistake of missing an opportunity to help, fortunately someone came to pick up the slack.  As I walked I felt more awkward, especially with new equipment acting funny.  As I managed to go down the street, I noticed I was behind someone.  I tried walking slow or even going down side streets.  The sirens did n't make things easier.  I managed to go down one side street.  From the start it looked like I was walking down an alley.  I spent time observing every side alley, every small parking lot for any trouble.  Then I was in trouble.  What that side street led to was a housing area in that section of the city.  I just pulled a Bee Sting! a hero who was in trouble for an encounter in an area like that in Michigan.  Fortunately I knew that that street was going to lead me to the main road, so all I had to do was walk down & hope for the best.  It almost didn't.  A paddy wagon came up & was flashing their lights as I was there.  I stopped so not to cause trouble.  Fortunately, the wagon didn't stop.  I was relieved.  It turned out it was at a house, possibly a house party gone wrong.  As I made it the main street, I noticed how much the mistake it was as the donut shop that I passed was to my left, as last time I was passing it.  In other words, I panicked too soon for nothing.  I managed to walk back to the car.  As I headed back, I put the A/C on as a precaution.  This was a learnable patrol where the next time I would have to study my routes a little more carefully, as well as not panic way too easily.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 8, 2018

I am growing more confident with each step I take in Boston.  I was in Dorchester.  I am thinking of losing the horn.  It does nothing but look like a hood ornament.  I also didn't bring any granola bars.  I thought I could live without giving myself more gas (no sick jokes, please.)  I played Triple H's music "The Game" to get me in beast mode.  That song always gets me in beast mode.  As I walked past a street.  Three guys in an SUV yelled noticing me.  They said, "Are you going to save the universe?"  They said as if they were either drunk or in awe, I'll take the latter.  I said, "No, I'm saving Dorchester."  They said they saluted me & took cell phone video of me.  That's when you made the big time, when amateur paparazzi take pictures of you while you work.  I did pass the train station.  And three more men, who were hanging around, looked at me.  A scary moment came when one of the men, who was either drunk, high, or both, demanded that I kill him.  This was like when Geroge Reeves was Superman, & he was doing an event.  A young boy wanted to prove Superman was bulletproof, so he brought a gun to prove that theory.  As was stated Reeves had to talk the child down from doing so (he had a gun!) but at the same time stilL be in character.  That is very tough for anybody.  He did so, Thank God!  I had to do the same thing.  I told him his life was worth living.  However, unlike the boy, he was yelling more & more irrattically.  "Kill me!  Kill me, n*****r!"  This demanded my attention.  Whether or not he really meant it, this man asked to die.  He didn't do a crime or threaten anyone, he asked to die.  I tried talking him out of it, saying he has worth, but he was being more irrational.  His friends were busy a shooting a video of this as it was nothing, & a man came up & separated us.  He asked where I was from, & if I had a cigarette.  He soon took the man I was concerned of in.  The other two talked, I was more concerned about the suicidal man.  But they said he was alright.  They looked at my belt, & asked about the air horn.  I told them it was for emergencies, but they told me to use it to show them.  They were about my age or older, & they were acting less than their shoe size.  Our teachers for the next generation, ladies & gentleman!  They took a cell phone video of me (gosh I'm getting famous)  I think the mask needed work.  They could barely hear me.  Need to work on it.  But I felt more confident.  I went deeper into side streets feeling I can do this!  I am more confident now that this job is for me!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

May 26, 2018

A patrol on Saturday on Memorial Day weekend.  Due to for an unforeseen circumstance, I had to adjust my uniform a tweek.  I managed to find a side street off Mattapan, which was close to the main street.  I managed to find a dive the first place I passed.  And I can tell you, it's not like what you see on entertainment or even Guy Fiori.  I managed to walk around, feeling more confident since Christmas Eve.  I had to cut it short due to that of the unforeseen.  When I was walking down past an alley, I ad to change course as I saw a person, walking cocky but drunk.  Nothing to get from.  But when I crossed another street.  was the biggest adventure in the shortest time;  Looking at the area of litter, I would love to picture Project HOPE or Superheroes Anonymous pick up the litter.  However it would probably more the extreme edition, but it comes with the business.  A man standing on the street spotted me & asked for a smoke or money for one.  Had to refuse, but all of a sudden, I heard a cry for help.  A man was pushing his old car, heavily breathing, with the car door open, hell for the weather we are having today.  I managed to go behind & pushed behind the trunk.  Another person was asking if we needed help but I told him to ask the man.  I told the man to tell me where to stop, fortunately it was a short distance.  He thanked me, I asked if he needed as call to get a tow or a ride, but he refused.  I heard broken english, maybe Cape Veredian.  He said, "God Bless You!"  And for the first time in a while, I felt that.  I was going to cover more, but the street was crazy with reckless drivers for the holiday weekend, so I followed on the road of caution.  When I went back, I saw a man, but the car, but he had his phone on him.  The car was working perfectly.  Thank God!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

May 5, 2018

I did a beat on Cinco de Mayo.  I was covering a main corner, knowing bars have a tendency to have rowdy customers during drinking holidays.  I was barely noticed in the first half, one being that it was night, and two, there were a lot of evil eyes.  I managed to avoid them.  I was exact on patrols, even more than my rookie year, covering side streets and alleys.  Ironically, in an alley I lost my bluetooth earpiece.  Not necessary, knowing I have a mouth and an ear to use.  I walked down & noticed a bike officer listening to a local street performer.  Who knew community policing would save my life?  As well, as I came at certain section.  One of the kids looked at me with my new mask & said I looked like a motorbiker.  We became friends.  However, when I walked down however I heard, "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!"  I looked nothing.  Then I heard it again, "PUT YOU HANDS UP M****RF*****R!"  I turned around agin, nothing.  A police officer would be so brazen as to say that with so much space afar, especially with people watching, & all I've done so far is walked on a patrol.  I managed to go down a side street & a homeless man came up to me, "Do you have some money so I can get something to eat?"  I replied, "No, but I have a granola bar..."  He denied immediately & walked away.   What I wouldn't understand, is that the food is there but to deny it, ironic.  I soon saw two people.  And old man pulled an envelope out of his waistband.  I thought it was a drug deal, & asked what was in the envelope.  The old man showed that it was a passport.  He wanted no trouble & thought I was the police.  I calmed his fears & picked up his dropped sunglasses.  There were some people who even called me a stormtrooper.  "May the Fourth Be With You."  As I walked back, I asked who would someone be sneaking a passport as if it was considered unlawful?  These will be considerations I will look at for future patrols.  I did improve my route which made me more confident.  I feel more at home with my patrol & look forward to doing another one soon.  But there will be improvements.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 21, 2018

This was a rarely patrolled area in a mask that was newly tried, what can possibly go wrong?  I parked so far back, that even at night it felt while it was like a long distance.  Hard thing when you go thru a "baptism of fire," second chances get a lot harder.  Knowing the route I had to take & wondering if it would be troublesome.  I had to walk in a pattern that would arouse less suspicion.  Even when there were some that involved an official building and a train station.  That is like being between a rock & a hard place.  Even when I managed to get to my destination it felt harder finding a diversionary street to attract less suspicion.  It will take some time to understand routes better, but that would take time, & toughening up my self confidence.  There were a little more people than the last patrol, obviously more night spots did show to attract others, & the time was a lot earlier than last.  However I felt less comfortable than last.  Hearing sirens made me wonder if I was in trouble.  But danger is like a shark, if it smells the blood of fear, you're lost.  I managed to do some side streets to be more exact.  I managed to go a different route back.  I heard a man yelling angrily on the other side, waiting at the employee door at Dunkin Donuts.  I would've waited but there was someone behind me, so I had to leave.  Disappointed, but a wise move.  Would've again another couple of hours, but that would've been involved backtracking.  A successful patrol, even getting a glove out of the trash.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

April 13, 2018

This the first time I ever did a patrol late at night.  I truly feel like Batman in that sense.  As well, the first time with a new mask, with the do-rag & the sunglasses.  But now I added a beanie helmet to it for head protection.  I was going to add the mouth mask for originality, but it went apart as soon as I put on the beanie helmet, so I took it off.  I also added a better bluetooth earpiece for better calling of 911.  Thanks Recluse! for introducing me to that website Wish.  It was inexpensive, but so effective.  I also wore a cape for the first time today, not counting the last time one to two weeks ago where my old mask became street pancakes.  I will show a picture of my modified uniform in future posts on Facebook.  Feel free to input.
I can honestly tell you I had a feeling walking out that I never had, EVER in my RLSH career, confidence.  I felt like Triple H of WWE as I walked the streets feeling like I deserve to be there.  Spider Knight & Shadow Wolf made me feel like I can embrace who I am & be proud of it as I showed with each step I took.  Not a lot happened, I can honestly tell you it felt quiet.  Yes it was late at night, but it felt like it was so empty.  Odd on a Friday night that it was supposed to warm up.  It was a supposed to be a short patrol because I got out of work earlier so I didn't know my energy level.  It was good that it lasted a couple of hours thou.  I began noticing the small things.  A wreath on fence near a school on the street where I parked.  A sad reminder for those of a bad memory of the loss of a loved one thru unpredictable circumstances.  I think the only thing I did was pick up a discarded paper bag & put it in a trash barrel.  The little things count.  There was many people there, if I did rarely did I see any stay in one place.  I did look over a 7-Eleven nearby.  There were instances of panhandlers being aggressive to customers, especially recently.  Fortunately, there were no problems.  As I walked I noticed Dunkin Donuts was even closed, yes! it was that late.  I also noticed there were some closed businesses that left lights on.  I know it's supposed to be a deterrent but I think it does the opposite.  A smart criminal would study the layout of the place only to ransack it.  Alarms, closed circuit cameras, those wouldn't be a factor at all.  To anybody thinking anything stupid, this isn't Jackass, this a warning to those who do use this method, that it maybe more harm than good.  And to an real life superheroes, watch out for these places & anybody late at night looking in the windows.  I decided to alter the route a little bit.  I was a little nervous when I saw a paddy wagon (one I work in Boston; two I'm Basilisk! I'm not PC) & I thought, "Yeah, I'm screwed!"  But it passed so far from me, that's when you know you can officially embrace who you are.  I managed to make incredible distance.  But as I turned back, only to make sure I wasn't tired if needed.  I noticed a lady with a watch, phone, or book outside sitting on a bench with a table.  Asking questions would be a wise thing to do, sitting that latte at night.  But knowing who I am, & my history of people seeing things that are different, I rolled on the side of caution.  I think time will make me more confident & wiser.  But I did keep an eye on a suspicious boy walking that way.  I took a look back to make sure nothing goes wrong.  As I crossed the street.  I noticed the same man cross in a jaywalking fashion, which is the norm at night in the city.  I used cautionary step to assure the person I wasn't following them.  But he managed to lean on the wall, & let me pass.  I looked back to make sure he didn't do anything stupid.  As I passed another place.  I noticed a man in a suit walking as a young man who looked suspicious walking close by.  I did take a look see to make sure there was no mugging.  But they soon passed parallel to each other, knowing there was no problems.  I did walk on the other side of the street, but I had to go back to the same side, because the sidewalk was closed on that side.  Last thing you want to be is dragon burgers.  I felt confident afterwards that I could do another couple of hours.  Nothing happened but I feel confident that this was an excellent patrol, & good step to a prosperous future as a real life super hero in Boston.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 17, 2018

As I wanted to go later, a severe guilt of conscience I wanted to go early.  After all it's St. PAtrick's Day, a day where bar chaos reigns supreme.  I felt awkward.  It was the first time I ever did a day patrol in over four years, so the goosebumps were there.  But already felt right at home.  As I left, a girl came up to me & said, "Cool helmet!"  I looked at her & said thanks.  ALready then I felt at home.  I decided to walk by the outside of the bars, inside would've been harder.  And anyway bouncers usually send the overly rowdy ones outside.  Already everybody said cool costume.  They shook my hand, gave me fist bumps, I even had conversations with them.  There were these three guys who were asking who I was.  All was well.  But one man let out a Fruedian slip, they pushed me away.  Should I have pushed a little into what he was saying?  Probably, but it would've looked more awkward.  Anyway, what might have been criminal could've just been admitting an embarrassing moment for the people involved, so why push it.  A strange moment happened.  There was this a guy in a bright green T-shirt, yelling at somebody on the other side.  From the way he was point to his body language, non-verbal communication, & words said, I knew it was going to start trouble.  So, Like the argument between the two ladies months ago, I decided to calmly intervene.  But this didn't end in a handshake, & I could tell you, both were really at it.  It started with me asking, "Is there a problem?"  He replied angrily, "Is there a problem?"  The started was like an argument with Joe Pesci in Goodfellas, only he was more casual dress & he was taller.  He then said that I had no right asking him because I was dressed in a "Batman costume."  I was calm, & continued asking him, fearing for someone to be hurt."  We ended in a so-so answer, but he got the last laugh by saying, "Good luck holding up that black trench coat in court!"  A@****e!  Later I looked on how I woould've ended it differently.  I would've remained calm but I would've been firmer.  My problem at the time was I didn't embrace who I was & I felt I didn't belong.  There was no why, there was a feeling I was soft, which is what you shouldn't be.  Like Mrs. Roper in Three's Company, Bea Auther's Maude, & Cher during the Sonny & Cher Show, I should embrace who I am with =out belittling anyone else.  It should've been like this:
B: Is there a problem?
S: Is there a problem?
B: You were yelling at that man as if you were starting a fight?  So once again, is there a problem?
S: You have no right asking me in a Batman costume!
B: Maybe, but do you have a right in possibly starting a fight that could end up with both of you in trouble?
That technique was assertive, but respectful & not in anyway hostile.  It's pointing out the reason why, without looking stupid in asking the question.  Now I felt a little awkward afterwards, but I remained professional.  There praise & critics, & I dealt with a care.  I was going to pass one of the places, but there were fire engines in that area.  Why make a situation even worse?  I made the right choice but I felt guilty because if I was there sooner I might've helped in some way.  Yes, it maybe unrealistic, but as football is a game of inches, being a hero is a job of seconds.  There was an occasion were I saw a  couple arguing.  From the body language on the argument, the male seemed overpowering & dominant, almost as if belittling the spouse.  I would've intervened, but there were three people heading by the door they were beside.  An action would've ended messy.  Once again, I had to leave.  There was a moment, where a man was passed out, probably sick.  I ran up to try to help him, but the group with him, that was a hard time helping decided & told me to stop, because he was too sick to be helped normally.  I asked if anyone called 911?  They said an officer was arriving, so I had to leave.  I did have to cross that area again.  But I had to go the long away, not crossing paths with the aggressor, fearing he might call the police.  I managed to meet with another hero, Shadow Wolf, who was doing his patrol.  We talked, exchanged notes.  It went well.  He's a great RLSH, & a better person.  After I went to a cafe to order a sandwich & an iced coffee, a homeless man came up to me & said, "Thank you for your service."  That felt pretty good.  I managed to walk to South Boston.  I got some critics & some praise.  However it was shortened.  I noticed blue lights down the street, so I had to do a short one, without causing trouble.  I went back feeling proud.  Like Belichek, I knew I did good, but I can do better.  There was one thing thou that felt pretty good.  I managed to give a homeless man in a wheelchair a cereal bar.  Yes, it wasn't much, but heroism isn't always about the big battles, it's helping in the smaller ones.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

On the Parkland shooting

When I first heard the Parkland shooting, I was beyond words, beyond thought.  Looking at how a teenager got an AR-15, brought into a school on Valentine' Day for God's sakes, & shoot & kill people.  It breaks my heart.  As real life superheroes, we try to make sure we help the community.  But this is no comic book, this is no movie, this hell of no CW show, this is reality.  I always believe that you can be part of the problem or part of the solution, & I also believe that evil triumphs when good people do nothing.  Which hardens me when I see people argue over whose truly to blame, what they feel can be done.  Dammit!  When is the Arguments going to stop & we are going to work together like adults.
For me this strikes personally.  I heard that the shooter had emotional problems, and that there were times to help, but nobody came.  I remember when I was in high school., being bullied and felt alone.  There were cries for help, there moments of action I took, but nobody came.  I remembered how comic books helped me out tremendously.  Reading Batman gave me hope of the person I can be, but there was something else.  I remember going thru tough times, teachers told me to just be quiet.  Not everyone was assholes, mind you, but took away my coping devices, said I was too weird, & that made me feel more isolated.  I remember crying in a guidance counselor's office, & guidance counselor came, & said be quiet.  But I also remember after a practice I had in wrestling, of being bullied by JVs on my senior year.  I cried & prayed to God for miracle, I got a "spirit."  The cheerleading coach at the time, one of the few good people that I can count was there, comforted me until my mother got me & drove me home.  That helped me tremendously.  I thought about it a lot, especial after the Aurora shooting, the what if if it wasn't her but Sue Sylvestor from Glee, what if?  I could never find a way to thank her & all cheerleaders everywhere for that one moment where I felt like I was a human being.  We need heroes, like me & her, to help other people, those in mental distress & those who need help in that situation.  So the arguers, grow up!  Stop saying you're right, & find a way to work together to end this war.  I don't want to patrol a war zone, but everybody is closing in on making that we are in one.