Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14, 2015

I decided to go for trial run with the cane, even thou the weather was anything but.  I had to work on rhythm, so as to not inhabit suspicion.  When I heard a group of rowdy kids passed by, all I did was let them pass by, then move on.  That is if it was they were suspicious, I would know.  Luckily they weren't as they were too busy having a good time.
Even thou there was rain, there was plenty of activity.  People walking on a Saturday night, joking and cuddling with a loved one.  I played calm as to not inhibit that I was paranoid.  Admit-tingly, I was a little nervous.  I noticed a man in a Bruin cap in a spot up by T-Bones hanging around.  Looked like Morgan Freeman, only shorter.  Looked suspicious as he was watching the action at the adjacent roadhouse.  An approach would've been possible.  But since nothing happened, the only thing that would do is make myself look like a fool, especially with bouncers and patrons lining up.  "A guy dressed strangely looking suspicious with an old man?"  Not something you can explain, even if you had inhibitions.  I cut across North Street, down to Water.  This time, no distractions.  As I walked with the cane, I felt a sense of comfort.  I had adequate protection, yet I didn't look threatening.  As I crossed by the Bradford Inn.  I noticed a car with its lights on.  Looked like a smart car.  Not anything anyone suspicious might use, especially with the miles per gallon.  Then again, when you a drug dealer in a Corvette, some people like to go for looks rather than performance.  All in all, even short, a good patrol.  Hopefully ready for St. Patrick's Day, in which my horizon would be larger, since the cane passed the test.