Saturday, September 15, 2018

September 14, 2018

Working a little later than usual.  Felt like I left in a rush as I left one of my phones behind.  I was lucky I had one, as you see later, I really needed it.  I was starting to develop more of a Triple H vibe to myself, which helped.  As I passed Ashmont Station with smell of barbecue, I almost felt like having a rack of baby back ribs.  It didn't help that someone screamed, "Monster!" as I walked.  "Boogeyman in Boston.  More at 11."  As I walked I noticed an ambulance turn down a side street with sirens, I think it was Dix Street.  The was an a police car there which meant a crime scene.  I may look like Batman, but I don't have pull like the Dark Knight.  I passed by some young men having drinks outside a business.  They said I was Batman.  I explained who I really was and what I do.  I feel like I developed a little bit of street cred, especially when they say they know where to turn when there's trouble.  As well, as I passed another street, I noticed a lot of honking in which people cried, "SUPERHERO!"  I waved like the Adam West Batman in the start of the Batman '66 movie.  I decided to turn back when I saw a pizza man and others looking at me oddly.  Last thing I want to do is be burned.  A couple of mistakes soon followed.  One as a pitbull came up to me as I was walking, he tried to sniff me.  I had a feeling he knew I was friendly, but I couldn't stop.  I wasn't worried about Mr. 305, I was more worried about Ms. 911.  As I passed a park on Fields Corner, I noticed some serious screaming.  One person was extremely agitated.  The other was trying to calm him down.  But from what I noticed it wasn't working too well, as the angry one was yelling obscenities.  I noticed the non-verbal communication, & I knew it was close to dangerous.  I soon had to intervene.  I didn't like the way I started as I went in like Mr. Rogers.  I felt like I lost control from the get-go, as the non-aggressor told me to back off as the violent one started spewing barks.  I soon left as I knew I lost control.  But unlike the last time as I let it be, this time I walked a distance as I heard more violent yelling and called 911.  I hope that the handling by the police would be a lot better than the way I did.  But this was something I knew I could handle.  I have to develop a bad-ass attitude if I am to be taken truly seriously.  Crap like what I did almost put me out 8 years ago.  A repeat would've been a lot closer.  I know the next time, I have to do better than settling for field goals.