Monday, July 13, 2015

July 12, 2015

To define heroism nowadays feels like the ultimate taboo.  Nobody wants to be called a hero, but when they're on the 6 o'clock news, they just have the press say it for them.  Even things like calling 911 or asking people to jump out a window of a burning building instead of going inside makes it look heroic.  One is the norm & the other is from the Jackass Manual of Heroism.  As for me, I am proud to be a real life super hero, an RLSH, but that goes to name only.  For me, I look at myself as a public servant, the kind that doesn't get paid.  A hero, yes that's what I do, but don't expect me to want giant statues.  If we do it for every hero, all it would is a planet of stone.  In other words, anyone can be a hero, they just got to have the heart to do it. Tonight I patrolled Boston for the second time.  Same area, but covering some of the Back Bay as well.  Covering new areas always has a magic to it, like a child going to DIsneyland for the first time.  I know I'm going to get a lot of gruff from some of the other RLSH, but I happy with outlay of my uniform.  Known that I'm seen as dangerous keeps me honest & humble, which makes me keep focus & never have myself corrupted.  I was able to cross some risky territory, & feel no ill wills at it.  Then as I was rounding up, I crossed a fruit stand that was open at night, & there was a homeless man holding a trash bag wearing those modern earphones.  I noticed a tractor trailer coming in.  Of course it was the corner, but at the speed it was going, even slow, no action would've hit the man, probably fatally.  In my patrols, I kept solemn but focused, not talking to anyone, concentrating on my work.  But then all I did was jumped grabbed his arm to move him out of the way.  He resisted, which is a natural action, but I also pointed why I did it.  Even when I explained to him afterward, he said thank you and shaken my hand.  My first life saved as Basilisk, no big deal.
Now I know I'm putting this in my blog & you're asking isn't doing this showing that you think it's a big deal.  That's not the reason I'm doing this blog.  This is supposed to be a teacher, a way to teach others looking at this work as unique perspective & how to be in certain situations./  Actually, it really is no big deal.  Anybody can do it, or at least should.  I think basically it takes hero to show that taking an extra step shows that people should care, rather than taking a picture of a person drowning & send it to the police.  If we need to show love, we have to prove we can love.