Saturday, July 21, 2018

July 20, 2018

This was going to be my first team up in Boston.  One mental note, always anticipate that public transportation isn't foolproof, it maybe done by fools.  As was stated that my bus was twenty minutes late.  I was fortunate that my fellow hero, Shadow Wolf was very understanding.  As I managed to get to him on time, with what little time we had we made the most of it.  He managed to keep himself busy with homeless outreach, public interactions, &helping where he can.  We managed to meet at Park Street.  Even thou, I had more years on him, he showed wisdom, helpfulness, and teamwork; the markings of a great leader and a great real life superhero.  We kept focused on the area, as he even ehlped me thru some tough spots.  We exchanged ideas, stories, and map directions as he gave me some great ideas for future patrols.  As he had to leave due to the train, I managed to do a little on my own.  I was discovered by a couple of people.  One did a Snapchat interview (I'm on social media and I didn't expect it.)  And a group of girls spotted me, as one took my picture.  I am feeling more confident being in this.  I look forward to future team ups as I am feeling more confident as a real life superhero.