Saturday, September 9, 2017

September 9, 2017

There is a story I want to start of with that is totally different, but has an eire similarity.  Years ago, a few months after the injury, I was supposed to go to the Boston Comic-con.  I got tickets, I was in uniform.  But the sad thing was there was no parking spaces in the area.  Frustrated, we cancelled the trip.  I was to suggest with my family, that I can still make a mini-patrol, since I was in uniform.  Remembering the injury, my relative was livid, banging on the steering wheel saying another injury WILL occur.  I decided to nix the idea.
Come to today.  I was going to do an area, but I couldn't find an parking garages in the area, since they were full.  Disappointed I stopped that area patrol.  But as I head back, I remembered that I had another area in mind.  So I went to the other area.  Driving there was tricky, but thru the seat of my pants, I made it.  Find a parking space in that situation was hard, but I soon managed.  I was nervous being in it.  I managed to do about a half an hour, quality not quantity.  Nervous about the car was making me edgy.  I passed by lights at a house that was blarring loud hip-hop music.  I head fire engines, or it might be ambulances going past.  I cut off when I approached the restaurant, but then things got interesting.  As two girls were walking, I noticed to boys walking with an aggressive body language.  All I did was give an evil stare, & they went into the house.  I think I might've prevented a mugging or worse because hooking up at this hour was fool hardy.  I noticed a group of kids laughing as I past.  What would've been a great opportunity at networking was missed.  A learnable moment.   I feel the body language learning when it comes to knowing suspicious behavior mixed with my confidence has to be taken up a notch in order to be effective.   As I went back, I found more ways to better.  This is a teachable moment, as tomorrow I will do some more exploring to get to know the area next.  "Are you ready for some RLSH?"