Saturday, September 22, 2018

September 21, 2018

I was supposed to meet with Dirty Water TV for an interview we agreed to.  More on that later.  As I approached & passed the Haymarket MBTA station, I noticed a couple spotting me (it's amazing how many times I'm compared to my favorite hero Batman.)  I explained who I was & it was a good start.  But when I went to the Greatest Bar, after confusion with bouncer (in which I think he did an excellent job.  Guys give that man a raise!) I found out there was no set.  It turned out it was more sports fare than Dirty Water.  Undeterred, I'd make the most of it by doing what I do best, doing a patrol.  As I crossed, I met this lovely homeless woman named Olive.  She was sweet as I explained who I was.  I wish I still had the granola bars that I could give her, but I am glad that I made her day.  As I crossed towards Downtown in Boston Common, a lot happened.  I was lucky since when I cross it, it's usually closed, but to take advantage of the opportunity was golden.  First ones to pot me was a couple doing a moonlight serenade.  The woman spotted me.  I explained who I was & I apologized for interrupting their romance.  But they didn't mind, they wanted to know more about me.  It felt good that people don't feel weird with me there.  A touching moment came as a woman named Stormy came up to me & asked for a hug.  I hugged her & she asked me to promise her that every time I see her that I give her a hug.  It was touching & made me feel good.  A scary moment came when I was passing a group of youths & they were asking me questions.  Some standard, but they soon asked me what I would do in a knife & gun attack.  It even went so far as he showed a knife in the conversation.  I told the boy to put the knife away or else there would be legal trouble.  They soon asked me to leave, saying I was "Strange as f**k."  I covered new areas, as I soon found out for a bad situation I made good on it.