Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 16, 2017

On Tuesday seven years ago, I faced a major change in my change in my life as Basilisk.  I was injured severely after a mugging from what I found out to be a drug dealer.  I ended with fifteen staples to my skull, with one and a half inches close to death.  Supermom, who & a good samaritan saved my life, with Supermom ending with a heart attack & being on life support.  When she came to, she ended up losing the ability to drive, work, & walk normally.  My family finds "Basilisk" as the black sheep of myself.  I never forgot that moment & I still live it to this day.
Which shows that this patrol is especially important.  I did a new area, I recently "re-toured."  Parking was surprisingly easy.  Coming out, a lady looked at me & said my coat looked like the one from Lawrence Fishburne from "The Matrix."  The patrol was short, especially doing a new area at night, but it was productive.  I looked at a few people standing around, it was hard to tell whether there was evil afoot, as to say.  That's where observation & alertness has to reach the next level.  I did watch as an old man was walking back with groceries & looked as a man who was very dazed was walking towards him.  I kept looking until the dazed man passed the elderly man.  I noticed I was extremely calm throughout the whole thing.   Noticing I had a short patrol, I decided to a car patrol.  Big mistake!
As I drove, I felt more alien in the new area.   I wanted to end the patrol.  I unwittingly turned the wrong way on a one way street.  I was more scared, but I had to chin up.  I was lucky, the worst thing was I was scolded by a driver as I passed him by.  I didn't feel as bad, as I knew it was a teachable moment.  But I felt more revved up for the next patrol.  BUt I still have a lot to learn.