Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 15, 2018

It was a few days a go I saw a poster of missing person.  She was about my age, maybe less.  But she had so many people concerned about her.  There were three phone numbers.  I knew the area, as well as the area concerned.  I thought I could help.  In so many ways, I had so many plans.  But by the time I called one of the numbers.  I soon found out she died.  I was too late.  I still keep kept the photo I took on cell phone as a reminder.  Yes, the pain of failure is normal in the real life superhero community.  We are superheroes, not gods.  Yet I prefer being the former, rather than the latter.
Bring on today.  With all the hells I've been thru, & the ones that I am facing now.  This was my first Sunday patrol in Boston at night.  I felt a load on my shoulders.  Then I looked at that photo.  She, and the people like her, the victims; why I have to fight, why I have my soul on the line.  And I went the same area.  And I felt confident.  Every fear I had was gone.  It was silent.  Rarely did I meet people, the closest someone called me Count Dracula, at least it wasn't Team Edward or Team Jacob.  But I got smarter, I got braver, I got wiser.  For the first time, I faced the devil's mighty men, & won.