Sunday, February 18, 2018

On the Parkland shooting

When I first heard the Parkland shooting, I was beyond words, beyond thought.  Looking at how a teenager got an AR-15, brought into a school on Valentine' Day for God's sakes, & shoot & kill people.  It breaks my heart.  As real life superheroes, we try to make sure we help the community.  But this is no comic book, this is no movie, this hell of no CW show, this is reality.  I always believe that you can be part of the problem or part of the solution, & I also believe that evil triumphs when good people do nothing.  Which hardens me when I see people argue over whose truly to blame, what they feel can be done.  Dammit!  When is the Arguments going to stop & we are going to work together like adults.
For me this strikes personally.  I heard that the shooter had emotional problems, and that there were times to help, but nobody came.  I remember when I was in high school., being bullied and felt alone.  There were cries for help, there moments of action I took, but nobody came.  I remembered how comic books helped me out tremendously.  Reading Batman gave me hope of the person I can be, but there was something else.  I remember going thru tough times, teachers told me to just be quiet.  Not everyone was assholes, mind you, but took away my coping devices, said I was too weird, & that made me feel more isolated.  I remember crying in a guidance counselor's office, & guidance counselor came, & said be quiet.  But I also remember after a practice I had in wrestling, of being bullied by JVs on my senior year.  I cried & prayed to God for miracle, I got a "spirit."  The cheerleading coach at the time, one of the few good people that I can count was there, comforted me until my mother got me & drove me home.  That helped me tremendously.  I thought about it a lot, especial after the Aurora shooting, the what if if it wasn't her but Sue Sylvestor from Glee, what if?  I could never find a way to thank her & all cheerleaders everywhere for that one moment where I felt like I was a human being.  We need heroes, like me & her, to help other people, those in mental distress & those who need help in that situation.  So the arguers, grow up!  Stop saying you're right, & find a way to work together to end this war.  I don't want to patrol a war zone, but everybody is closing in on making that we are in one.