Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 6, 2015

I started my patrol late.  I noticed a man with the blinkers on parked on the side of a building.  I asked if everything was okay.  He was, he was loading for the night.  As I walked past the water, I noticed a couple walking out of a tavern.  I also noticed a guy in a hoodie pass me by.  He also walked past the couple.  In many ways, it could've been a prevention of a crime.  No time, to loolygag, time to move on.  I walked a little bit farther farther a while.   I managed to work with the cane, so it wouldn't appear as a threat.  I started stopping and asking if someone is alright, not the negative with are you in trouble.  As I went back more ideas came into me, on how I can make more of my patrols.  A very good patrol!