Monday, December 25, 2017

December 24, 2017

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  In my early years, I gave toys to under-privileged children knowing blessed my Christmases was, to make sure I sure I spread the love.  But this is the first Christmas patrol I ever spent as a real life superhero.  I almost was questioning my sanity, why I would do this, when everyone would be asleep to wait for Santa.  But remember, the good boys & girls wait for Santa, while the bad ones just don't care.  And anyway, the holidays have always proven to be the most worked, because of arguments, ER visits, & fights done by people who never grew up.  Oh Stevie Wonder, "Someday at Christmas..."  First thing I noticed was what sounded like a small dogs yelping outside.  Of all nights to see that, it broke my heart.  Yes, I could've reported or knocked on the door.  But at the time, letting that be known would've been a big mistake in a legal aspect.  The most heart-breaking thing about this, there are those you can't save not because you won't, but you can't.  I've encountered people like that before.  Those that want to help, but aren't in the position to do anything.  Those you can't sin, only those who say they help, but choose to ignore.  As I crossed one street, there were small signs that almost seem like an omen.  An ambulance was parked next to where I was waiting for the lights, a bus having the words "Rest in Peace," on its sign.  It was comforted by a man in his car honking and waving, at least you know you're doing your job.  Then I passed a convenience store (I will be vague only because of what comes next)  Two homeless men looked at me & asked for a smoke.  I had some granola bars I usually give homeless people and I use for energy.  He wasn't appreciative of the granola, since he can't smoke it (True, but if crushed with yogurt and fruit it makes a damn good parfait)  Then he said, "Do you have dope?"  I had to listen to be clear.  Everything was vague in whether they were looking for dope or if the had it.  Knowing that dope is marijuana, a Class D drug, it did raise some eyebrows.  As I walked away, I remember the Halloween patrol a couple of years ago, where I let a potential burglar get away because I felt I wasn't worthy to confront or call 911.  Knowing that I dialed 911 to be certain.  Since my mask made it hard to hear the phone, I had to put it on speaker.  The guy soon came up in my face accusing me of placing fake charges.  Crying out saying I was falsely accusing him & about my mask.  I can tell you at that moment, even thou no weapons were used, no physical contact was done, I felt I was about to die.  But I remained totally calm.  I didn't attack, 911 was still on & recording, & the ladder of violence that all real life superheroes & police officers have to abide by; all he did was verbal threats, not physical.  I had to remain calm, & look at the threat straight in the eye.  They soon left and I explained to 911 what happened.  The police who were there I explained everything.  And I will say this right now, the 911 operator did an excellent job on the call.  She remained calm & professional, knowing my life was in danger, & knowing whose voice is which.  The police were professional & respectable.  They even asked about my uniform.  All involved were very understanding.  I know I have to keep this vague, but if their bosses would see this blog right now, all I can say please give them an extra Christmas bonus.  I ended early thou, first if I would've ran into them again, I would've been dead, or if I was on such a high, I would've been reckless.  But for the first time in my career, I felt I honestly had my Gotham City.  Merry Christmas!