Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015

Managed to do a patrol for the first time in the warmer weather.  Wore a lighter hoodie, with the hood down.  I tried some alternative routes.  With all the concern, & second looks, it turned out better than I thought.  As I walked by a park, I heard some noise.  Turned out to be laughter and having fun.  Might be a future checkout thou.  As I walked by I notice a man hanging with a man in the car.  Too soon and premature to jump to any conclusions.  They were gone by the time I returned.  I also saw a car engine running in a pizzeria.  Turned out to be nothing.,  I passed an event at the Hall.  Fortunately no problems.  I managed to make the most of my patrol.  As it turned out, it turned into a great patrol.