Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015

I managed to muster up something to do the patrol tonight.  I was trying to go another route, but declined to use it for focus reasons.  As the Memorial Day crowds came alive with music, I managed to walk by unseen (not literally).  There was a night tour in which I might've thought I was part of the exhibit (I was spooky enough.)  I was just not thrilled they did it in the center of town.  I once again tipped my toes to a nearby park, knowing the summer is coming and activity is bound to happen.  I noticed a car parked funny with their lights on, but it turned out the driver was just going to run in the house for a short while.  Ironically, one side was quieter than another, which should go topsy-turvy.  I noticed three young men walking in a group as they passed a parked car along the way, but it turned out the car was for sale at the station.  I was going to go the alternate route, but right now I'm not focused.  That has got to shape up soon, or I will lose sight while I am deflected by the clouds.