Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 2, 2016

I concentrated on a section of Boston I knew well of but wanted to cover new territory.  As I passed a darker section, I noticed an odd man who was behind a young woman.  I looked to check to make sure there's no problem.  As it turned out he put his cigarette on the ground to snuff it out, keeping the path farther.  All's well.  I mismanaged one of the streets to go to, a mistake that would soon be a pattern.  The street that I was going to go up, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how to look, was occupied with construction.  I soon cut thru the middle in a park, where I heard Shakespeare, hopefully not a tragedy.  As I crossed a section, I noticed a young man having an evil eye, & holding his cell phone.  Talking was out of the question, since he would feel it would a threat or an attack.  Ignoring was the only option, & remembering a statement I always give to my fellow real life superheroes, "Act & feel as if you have a bull's eye all over your body with everyone as the hunter but never feel inclined to have an itchy finger to make things worse,"  Words now that I was living by.  I really wanted to go to a certain section to avoid problems, but I kept running into dead ends.  And asking for directions, imagine a guy dressed funny asking a total stranger how to get some place.  Awkward!   As I reached one part, I noticed very dim lights along the path.  Near future, I'm getting head lamps.   As well, I saw a drunk black man, rambling using the "n-word" in the end of all his phrases.  As much as I wanted to calm him down, I felt he was on a hair trigger, to do anything that would make things worse.  So I kept one eye open until we were far apart.  I kept walking farther from my destination.  But I soon got a sign that reminded me of a story a while ago with a friend talking about the origins of the word, "Hell."  As it described not a pit of fire with the devil & eternal damnation, but a valley where people dumped garbage, waste, & unwanted people in there, forgive me it was a while since I heard the story.  But what I firmly remember saying is that, "Hell is a state of mind."  The same can be said of fear.  As I crossed an alley with two groups of people hanging out.  Trouble or no, reporting it would be hard since at the time, until I realized, I didn't know where I was.  I found the nearest train station & my patrol ended.  "As I crossed the valley of death, I shall fear no evil."