Sunday, September 16, 2018

September 15, 2018

It was a while since I covered that area, but the first with an area of confidence.  As I exited my car from the garage.  I felt more confident than usual.  The interactions with people were starting to get easier.  First person I saw was a bouncer who reminded me of Bowzer from Sha Na Na only more mature and more put together (God I missed when he tried to put his fist into his mouth.)  We nodded then we gave a fist bump wishing each other well.  Next I came upon a group of kids.  One noticed me, "BATMAN!"  As I was introducing myself, he said, "Not now.  I'm texting."  THE FUTURE GENERATION LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!  A real life superhero right there and he's still typing on his phone at night.  I was going to continue on Broadway, but I felt burned when a bouncer at one of the clubs looked at me with suspicion.  Continuing to go down the other side would bring unwanted attention.  So I went the usual turn.  One of the girls who was with her friends came up and said, "Love your outfit."  I said, "Yours isn't bad either."  I soon met two gentlemen, salt of the earth fellows.  One said, "Who are you supposed to be?"  I explained who I was.  The guy was rambling as if he was drunk.  The sober one told him to move.  Too bad it was close to another bar.  Speaking of which, there was a man who with an intoxicated lady holding a bag.  I was concerned, not knowing if there was foul play.  I came and asked if everything was alright.  He said, "I wish."  Now, I could intervene.  But if it was worse, there was no cause for citizen's arrest as the case would be thrown out and he would sue for false arrest.  But no foul play.  But even if I did help him, it would look like I would be tripping over him making things worse.  Begrudgingly, I had to leave it.  I hope all is well.  As I walked there were two men one who looked like one of the current cast members from Saturday Night Live looking like he was camping at Fenway Park.  Even with the confidence asking questions I still felt awkward, something I have to work on.  But a non call I was proud of was there were three boys who was new this nice new sports car, one who was without a shirt.  I have never seen the Fast & the Furious movies, & I don't intend to, but I know Vin Diesel wouldn't be so stupid to invite three passengers into a vehicle to steal to drag race.  Like I said, I never saw those movies so I wouldn't know.  I hope all is well.  This was the first time thou I actual made the full route, which felt refreshing.  As I made it back I made an observation of what is open and what isn't, besides bars & clubs.  One thing that was something I'll work on is going on another side of the street.  There was more activity, & it would make for sense to patrol there.  Otherwise, an excellent patrol.

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