Sunday, September 30, 2018

September 29, 2018

A silent patrol can mean many things.  No crime, no activity.  It feels like a brisk walk.  But a level of complacency can a lead to somewhat of a disaster that no one expects.  That patrol was a quiet one.  Even thou it was fall, there was a full crescent moon, something that reminds that anything can happen.  As I crossed one street, someone called "Batman."  If I keep hearing that, I'll start thinking I'm my personal hero.  I passed Ashmont Station, & I saw a gathering.  However the T Inspector was handling it.  What add too much cooks.  I decided to try different routes.  A street I never been on, stuff like that.  As I crossed an area, I was about to cross the street, however I saw a young man walking hastily.  Knowing his body language I knew he was very nervous.  If I crossed I would've continued down, but at the same time I would make that person so uncomfortable he'd do something reckless.  And the way I'm dressed, I would spook Luke Skywalker (or the Joker, depending on Mark Hamill's wishes.)  So I cut it off.  I managed to go down a side street besides the park at Fields Corner.  My previous patrols in that area showed some kind of activity, I thought I'd give it a better look.  Fortunately, nothing happened, it was as silent as Royals Stadium during the postseason.  I managed to pass a man who heavily smoking a cigarette as an older man wearing noise proof headphones was heading out.  He said, I wasn't that scary.  I said, "Maybe I should try harder."  He said thou, "You look cool thou." As I passed Ashmont Station I saw a Table Talk box on the bench.  I picked it up & put it in the trash.  The first thing I thought, was Spongebob Squarepants impressing the Jellyfishers saying, "Everybody like pie." (God! that was awful.). I looked at areas where I could improve & I feel stronger that I can be better.  I hope next time I don't fall into a false sense of security.

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