Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 29, 2015

As I started I noticed a lady who was taking out the trash.  I decided to help her.  First, I held the trash can steady.  But as I noticed she was having a harder time still picking it up.  So I decided to to pick it up  help put it in the bigger trash barrel.  J*** was so enthused by what I did she shook my hand and asked my name.  I told it to her.  She had a hard time pronouncing it thou.  I wonder if it would go against anyone to go for name change because of hard pronunciation by others.  Works for Cher.   Naaaah!!!'  I noticed four men dressed very preppy possibly doing trouble.  All I did was give a quick stare at them.  After all, I'm Basilisk.  It was getting easy doing my patrols as I walked down & people were starting to get comfortable with me being there.  I noticed a lady cold with her date where a hoodie worrying if she looked like a hoodlum.  I told her not to worry.  Her date said I looked like a hoodlum.  So much for gratitude!  I walked down another area as I was looking at dates sitting on the bench.  I felt like I was in awkward place, looking like I was very out of place in the situation.  But two words soon came to mind reaffirming my presence there: DATE RAPE!  I managed to check the park a little deeper.  MAking more progress.  I walked down as I looked at a few hanging around.  Might be looking for trouble.  But I don't want to end up making myself look like a fool with a false citizen's arrest, or them calling me a stalker.  So I walked.  I will be wary for them on the next patrol.  I managed to walk the new route.  As I crossed a pass, I heard i a loud voice, "GET OUT OF THE FUCKIN' WAY YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!"  I immediately stopped, not knowing if it was meant for me or a victim.  As it turned out it was three young men acting very immature.  As I crossed the new area I noticed some of the obscenities were getting louder.  Definite possibility for a patrol area.  As I crossed the park, I had a sense of wonder and confidence as I passed it without fear.  As I crossed the threshold, I stopped and walked thru, imagining if I was surround by soldiers as I marched.  It was a very successful patrol.  No crime fighting, but my help as public servant made it sure that my presence was felt.  And for that I am proud!